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This Is Something You Really Need To Hear! Sadhguru - Eye Opening Speech

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99% of people will ignore this. Sadhguru - Eye Opening Speech ►This video was uploaded with the permission of the owner. Special thanks to Sadhguru for providing amazing content: https://www.youtube.com/user/sadhguru ► If you struggle and have a hard time, consider taking an online therapy session with our partner BetterHelp. http://tryonlinetherapy.com/beinspired ►Motivational Alarm Tones https://beinspiredchannel.com/alarms ================================================================================================================ ►Follow us http://www.facebook.com/BeInspiredChannel https://www.instagram.com/beinspiredchannel/ http://BeInspiredChannel.Com ================================================================================================================ ►SUBSCRIBE TO MY OTHER CHANNEL FOR WORKOUT MOTIVATION https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsC9Y1KhOw-aKSUBE0F_ikQ ================================================================================================================ ►Speaker: Sadhguru https://www.youtube.com/user/sadhguru ►Footage All the footages was license through filmpac.com and videblocks.com ►Music from Audiojungle Help us caption & translate this video! https://amara.org/v/mAgo/
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Text Comments (739)
Mujahid SHAH (2 days ago)
Ido Davni (6 days ago)
Love the editing bro, but please pay attention to the words because this kind of mistakes can distort the whole message... 2:19 *Not yet fully there
Mayank Yadav (8 days ago)
God plays miraculousley, that is why man is not god 😉 simple 😄
arjun Bollam (1 month ago)
From Sad Guru to SADHGURU!
Majin Buu (1 month ago)
This video made me so motivated to do something that I robbed my own house
Raavanan (1 month ago)
Aum namah shivaya🔱
sharan shyam (1 month ago)
What is the proof that there is no interstellar influence. Actually we do not know that. Then how we believe something we don't know?
Niskarsh Dwivedi (1 month ago)
Well, life is not about people u want... Life is all about u :)
James Wiliams (1 month ago)
My good friend Recognize the wisdom and SAVE your self. In Greek Orthodox Christianity the word SAlvation means salvation from death and th word death means the eternal separation of man from God! THE TWO WAYS OF ACQUIRING KNOWLEDGE [Colossians 2-8] “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit after the tradition of man.” There are two ways by which man can acquire knowledge. The first way is known as Philosophy and is described to be begotten “a man-centered way” because man has always the first word to his own understanding, his own mind, his own logic that in many times is accompanied by man’s fantasia. Man’s logic and thinking process have the first word in formulating ideas in order to express ideas, opinions or visions, or in order to further benefit mankind in medicine and science. The second way in acquiring knowledge needed for the Heavenly Truth for Salvation is thought Revelation by the Holy Spirit and it is known as receiving knowledge the -Christ centered way. The precondition of acquiring knowledge the Christ center way (Revelation) is that religious Life is practiced according to the Will of the Triad God as delivered for the Salvation of man 2000 years ago with 85 Holy Apostolic canons (rules). Cannons of the Apostles http://www.holytrinitymission.org/books/english/canons_apostles_grabbe.htm#_Toc68522491 These Holy Apostolic Cannons that enable the presence of Lord Jesus as the “head of His Body the Church” and as a High Priest and Mediator to His Father for each and every one, ensures man’s freedom, because they were set forth to free man from his biggest tyranny that is SIN, and they are aimed to set man free from his biggest tyrant who is the devil. (Α Colossians 1:18) “He is the head of his body, the Church; He is the source of the body’s life”. http://orthodoxinfo.com/general/stjohn_church.aspx The TRUTH is revealed ONLY to those who have properly prepared to receive it those who love Him by obeying His commandments and it is RECEIVED PERSON to person, meaning that the TRIAD God delivers the knowledge personally to man just like he delivered Moses the Ten Commandments. [John 14:2] “He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him” Salvation means Salvation from death, and death means the Eternal separation from God. GOD IS LIGHT AND THE SAINTS IN THE HOLY SPIRIT BECOME LIGHT The Image and Likeness of God https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezItFNpdnVY&feature=youtu.be God bless
UTLF (1 month ago)
Wannabe Osho.... lol
Nahom Hailu (1 month ago)
NO!! Some time there is time's when you can not give it a mining where scientists can not answer. Like how can African people like me not now but LIVE with Poisson's snacks, lions, elephant naked and not dies how can you answer that? Its because GOD Dr sebi lessons
Maxx's Life (1 month ago)
Shut the f up dirty cult.
Spartan Spartanov (1 month ago)
SADGHURU is machine ! REally smart man !
Spartan Spartanov (1 month ago)
Thats true !
Jeremy Mettler (1 month ago)
This why need to be work Every day making sure you not seeing mirror image . Lose way as we born half the whole pupils here to right book of life . Without doubt God must see eyes mature be whole of knowledge from tree of knowledge I am returning whole in known gender son daughter return all I am home .
Saadiq Mohamed (1 month ago)
Please write a clearly what you writting it
AI Jon Garrison Bot (1 month ago)
This man is a witchdoctor. 👴
Focus on your surrounding & use your senses
Giuesppina Leo (1 month ago)
Joycelyn Alexander (1 month ago)
I totally agree with this teaching!
Tae Namo._ (1 month ago)
Your part of this 1% feel special
Max ime (2 months ago)
bs! what we make out of it is not in our hands because what we are is not in our hands
KruNosLaV Lucky **Man (2 months ago)
!!! Sve je to ok,samo da nije ovog pustog,bestijalnog materijalizma...koji proždire,drobi sve pred sobom! Ili si predator ili lovina,a ono "treće" je najteže
gundu madri (2 months ago)
Thank u so much sadguruji👏👏
Vlad's vlogs (2 months ago)
Who else clicked just to be the 1%
Aurora9990 (2 months ago)
Cooper Morton Lol
Adarsh Naidu (2 months ago)
Only here because of Sadhguru
TheMarker2015 L.S (2 months ago)
Barbara spectre has a huge plan for the caucasionoid species, and the Sadhguru is trying to bring light out of the darkness informing people.
Aurora9990 (2 months ago)
Subha Malik (2 months ago)
Very true!!
Intuitive Goddess Missy (2 months ago)
#karma #purpose #life #power #consciousness
Michael Redondo (2 months ago)
You know, like magicians, everyone knows, that they use tricks to make us believe s'thing. So ... guru of whatever .. why should I record 25 different smells in my environment? I'm blessed that I can't do such stupid things, really! Or like you pray ... why should I record 100 different sounds around me? This would make me crazy. It doesn't make any sense to me, what you are saying. Our body, mind, spirit saves us from needless things ... When you think we're doing 99% unconscious ... it's maybe you, who doesn't understand anything. You are like a rat catcher for stupid people. Yeah, there a lot of stupid people out there. And if you find just 1 person who does 99% of it's life unconscious (I never met one) ... even a baby does a lot more than 18% conscious (it's a fact) ... then start looking into your soul - maybe it's you! And like in your commercial for rat catchers ... your intelligence "it's well below 1%!" Get out of your cave, old man, ... and get facts!!! Not stories. You are a deceiver, in my opinion. And I'm sure you're making good money out of it.
Michael Redondo (2 months ago)
Sorry, guru. What you are saying is like a kindergarten story. I don't think that 99% of the people are unconscious in their life. What you are saying I learned when I was 15. You have to bring a lot of better wisdoms to convince me. You are just a storyteller with facts that every average being allready knows. The world is not that stupid like you pray. The world is in better balance than ever (it's a fact). So, what about rebirth ... one of the stories you tell. Have you expierienced it? Besides of rebirth ... there could be 100 or 1000 other possibilities. An intelligent mind would say "I just don't know". You look like a copy of something ... and I don't like copies. I like the real stuff!!!
Ed Walter (1 day ago)
This exactly is the problem with western world.
Pavone Christophe (2 months ago)
Boudha its like Kaiser sose....and love make the CosmoseeEEe....
Dreams (2 months ago)
Thank you
Greg Espinoza (2 months ago)
I like in the movie The Grey where Liam's character yells for a sign from God and there's no answer.
GOLDEN HAWK (2 months ago)
Hi* Dawn* here* golden* hawk* good show*
Arjun Singh (2 months ago)
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anonacc (3 months ago)
It's well below 1% that is why people influence others by announcing shit theories like new world order, illuminati and mind control. And idiots listen to them rather than raising themselves from their current low life stances.
Ace Hardy (3 months ago)
Katelyn Rodrguez (3 months ago)
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Wiggemseenot (3 months ago)
Sure, if you believe in reincarnation, the powers of life (universe) may allow you to be reincarnated, for the sake of your belief and that judgment, but that doesnt mean acting like a dog wont have you return as a dog, simply because you dont think it's part of the pool of things you can come back as.
Wiggemseenot (3 months ago)
So, there is judgment
Wiggemseenot (3 months ago)
To say that all people who suffer do so because of spiritual error within themselves, is false. It could be the spiritual error of others. No, it has to be the spiritual error of others. Even considering karma, a man cannot suffer alone, without outside influences, because who can tell him what to do, and what can he do that he is not willing to do, when he is alone?
Wiggemseenot (3 months ago)
No one was able to think there way out of the WTC either. There are multiple examples in this world of sufferings endured by people who could not escape the will of others. But in guess you could say, the Jews and the people in the WTC "had it coming", but.. someone would hate you for that. If an idea is not always true, it isnt true.
Wiggemseenot (3 months ago)
Millions of Jews were imprisoned and murdered, there was no way for those people to "will" themselves into a better life, they just died. Sometimes, it's not your fault that you are where you are, it's just simply because people are fucked up
Wiggemseenot (3 months ago)
This is true, regarding the inability of people to live conciiusly. It's not so in that we can control our future or where we end up in life, externally. No matter what a man in a cage thinks or believes, he is a man in a cage, until the evil that pit him there releases him, or he dies.
reshab haarshon (3 months ago)
Lots of love and respect from Kerala guruji😍😘 may the Almighty bless you and guruji may lead this path with all energy you posses to others .bless me too guruji💓
Mosi :DaDa (3 months ago)
A great man indeed
photographerjonathan (3 months ago)
I love listening to his wisdom. I wonder how he got so wise
John Saint (3 months ago)
INDIAN SINCHAN (3 months ago)
Sadhguru 👦🙇🙇🙇🙇
MALCOLM X (3 months ago)
This GURU is a JINN worshipper i.e MAGICIAN 🎩, who's paid to brain wash dumb bastads who believe his nonsense bullshit lol if this GURU really had a drop 💧 of knowledge an wisdom then he would ask himself WHY ARE ALL MUSLIMS & JEWS CLEAN SHAVEN AND CIRCUMCISED!!!!! It's because JEWS & MUSLIMS know an have the true knowledge!!!! Lol 😂😎
Random Video's World (3 months ago)
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SRM ANIMATION (4 months ago)
Ch Viswa Prakasha Rao (4 months ago)
Let the title be informative and not teasing. This is not a commercial movie.
AshhadASLAM DAHRI (4 months ago)
okay now anyone will tell me how to be conscious all the time as everyone says cons cons cons.... but no one tells us how to be conscious? quickly reply or else Yankees will nuke you
Shantanu. (4 months ago)
I talking says first time Indian latest political religion problem it for ignoring.
Walker (4 months ago)
Sadhguru is a gift to humanity. Now all we need to do is get the world to listen. How do we do that?
Shantanu. (4 months ago)
Probably problem your religious fact. This for ignore.
Maureen Macias (4 months ago)
I am getting luckier > https://t.co/wWKAHmx3M7?-4-lawww-of-attractionn-meditationnnn
engadge (4 months ago)
What if I put in my 100% on something and yet I fail? Happened to me... I was depressed for 7 months and then thought maybe it's God's will that I failed and maybe something even better is around the corner... This thought made me stand up again and work towards my goals... Sometimes even if u put in ur 100% if something is not in your fate it won't happen... We should learn to be unfazed
Kieran Knowles (4 months ago)
Kiran bhai (4 months ago)
Thank you sadguru
Lili (4 months ago)
You are so right Sad Guru, I am one of the 99%.
jyothiprasad kr (4 months ago)
sadhguru's insights are thought provoking. He is a Mystic
Marijn Graat (5 months ago)
【I ammm 🅃🄷🄰🄽🄺🄵🅄🄻 forrrrr 𝓮𝓿𝓮𝓻𝔂𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓷ggg I have in ᒪⒾ𝐟€.  ☹💘 > https://bit.ly/2Ccdva5?sd3sdfr7Igrsd3EkadxIuUsa 7330
This man helps alot.
Eunice Deines (5 months ago)
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Prince (5 months ago)
Where you were #beinspire , I searched aNd watched many videos on YouTube which are great and this too...but I got you today ..feeling great by connecting with you ..#beinspire ..😊
RAKHI BHARDWAJ (5 months ago)
I think really gyan guru Sadhguru guru
prity kumari (5 months ago)
100 % right guruji
Oruvilaatha Rudthiran (5 months ago)
Karmaa means = Actions. whose actions.....? your actions.🙏🏿😎
GOEEYCAT 98890 (5 months ago)
नमस्कार सदगुरु । कृपया आप अपना video हिंदी मे भी डलवाये बहुत सारे लोग हिंदी भाषी हैं ।
The Golden light (5 months ago)
Yes we are here because we have entement our creator
The Golden light (5 months ago)
Any one who have physical body part of the game
Srecko Bozic (5 months ago)
Not all have to entertain him,those unawere do it,while those aware dont even care )
Aashish shrestha (5 months ago)
This guy talks right but he only sorts out the problems never tells what is the solution. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Srecko Bozic (5 months ago)
He doesnt tell it directly,but he rather explains it indirectly.
Ash Pu (5 months ago)
No words to praise sadguru
Madhav Bhattarai (5 months ago)
Sadguru <3
Vidhan Tiwari (5 months ago)
when you took a good start, of course if without a person to guide you, and if you had an accident unknowingly in early age due to your good start, and suffering many years from that, where no one is there to have a knowledge to cure you, how well and satisfactory you will live your life with this compromise. Definitely, it will not be as you wanted to do...
Srecko Bozic (5 months ago)
But even that itself happened to help u,u may no been able to see it like that back then but as u get older and more spiritual u will see it helped u found yourself more effeciently.
Vidhan Tiwari (5 months ago)
when your decisions are made under pressure of your loved ones, should you think of own or them ?
Galactic Being (5 months ago)
This working westerners propaganda of making people slaves through work is horrendous. Humanity has to come out of it to learn and enjoy their life. SAY NO TO WORK , WORK FOR YOURSELF ONLY. That’s what Indians has been doing for thousands of centuries, WAKE UP , Britishers and Muslim invaders have made a big dent in all of Indians. But the good thing is we still have what we want to make our lives better than others. So SAY NO TO BRANDS AND JOBS. MAKE YOUR OWN WORK AND WORK FOR YOURSELF. Be innovative, it’s in our blood.
Kanton Kaiit (5 months ago)
That was great.I think is the truth
THE EXPLORER (5 months ago)
Jessica Finkel (5 months ago)
Edward Taylor (5 months ago)
What is his definition of ' success ' ? .... inspiring talk but of limited use to those with limited resources.....
Srecko Bozic (5 months ago)
Well u dont really need to be bothered even with what he says even if it is truth,what for u and only u is most important is that u stay true to yyourself,listen to your heart and ur most deepest feeling inside u and u will never be wrong.
Rinku Rajput (5 months ago)
Absolutely 100 % truth satguru ji
herman sohier (5 months ago)
Utter bullshit,who is that I he is refering to?That's the question.He is someone who had an experience and is still talking about it .And makes a lot of money of it,that's all.
soumen sen (5 months ago)
I am overwhelmed
Clara M (6 months ago)
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Vex tract (6 months ago)
Yup. Where's my guitar...?.. ....oh right in my hands!
philip gray (6 months ago)
thank you mr guru
BMR (6 months ago)
amazing video
Celena Markham (6 months ago)
Sadhguru. You the reason I changed my life. Your the reason I appreciate waking up every morning. Cuz we're alive. Thank you. Livenlight 💞🌏
Zhen (6 months ago)
diya tripathi (6 months ago)
Excellent sadguru ji pranam
"They threw stones at me and I turned them into milestones" - "Sachin Tendulkar"
Mr Shailesh (6 months ago)
I am in love with hinduism
Kusuma L (6 months ago)
Absolutely 👏👏👏
Simply defined by Quran: A man gets what he strives for
Patricia Macário (6 months ago)
'Your Life is your karma' definitly true
epic passion (6 months ago)
Totally agreed 👍
Marek Lis (6 months ago)
Hmm, I think Sadhguru is partially right. I see it like a building. There are things which we can't change in our lives, it's like the base and construction of the building, there are things which will and must happen to create the base of our presence here in this body and time, but there are many things which we can change, making our lives the way we want like interior walls of the building, design of the rooms the space.

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