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AJS 37 Viggen 16-2 Red Flag Campaign - Mission 1

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Mission one from the Jan 2018 DCS Viggen single player campaign
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Victor Malhard (2 months ago)
Jimmy (4 months ago)
6:25 gotta love dcs. i cant see shit
phil style (4 months ago)
It is true that DCS has some contact spotting issues - I've made videos about that on this channel. HOWEVER; that doesn't explain why you apparently can't see the contacts in this video. I just opened the video in full screen on my work laptop at 1080p and I can see them even with the yoututbe compression.
Jimmy (4 months ago)
nah dcs has huge problems with spotting , its been well documented for years
phil style (4 months ago)
Probably bcasue you're watching on youtube. Youtube compresses the video. It was very easy to spot the contacts in the game itself ..   hence why the narration is discussing having seen them.
richard bagshaw (5 months ago)
I thiink you can lower your seat a little that helps with the hud
Beerpig (1 year ago)
Looking forward to this series.
Simple Matt (1 year ago)
Do you have a pilots license?
JuanFrank (1 year ago)
Good video!!
Heatblur Simulations (1 year ago)
Stormsquad (1 year ago)
Awesome, btw still waiting for that Sabre video ;)
Stormsquad (1 year ago)
phil style Aah dangit, oh well, that's awesome too lol
phil style (1 year ago)
Stormsquad won't be started until after 2.5 comes out

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