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Thievery Corporation - The Temple of I & I 2017 (Full Album)

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I started a new channel and your support means a world to me! You can subscribe here: https://youtu.be/J_zwBzzT0ss One love, Haris Label: Eighteenth Street Lounge Music Country: US Released: 02.2017 Genre: Triphop, Ambient, Reggae, Bossanova 1. 00:00 Thief Rockers (feat. Zee) 2. 03:25 Letter to the Editor (feat. Racquel Jones) 3. 07:19 Strike the Root (feat. Notch) 4. 10:49 Ghetto Matrix (feat. Mr. Lif) 5. 14:33 True Sons of Zion (feat. Notch) 6. 18:36 The Temple of I & I 7. 22:54 Time and Space (feat. Lou Lou Ghelichkhani) 8. 27:26 Love Has No Heart (feat. Shana Halligan) 9. 31:50 Lose to Find (feat. Elin Melgarejo) 10. 35:05 Let the Chalice Blaze 11. 39:49 Weapons of Distraction (feat. Notch) 12. 44:54 Road Block (feat. Racquel Jones) 13. 48:30 Fight to Survive (feat. Mr. Lif) 14. 52:24 Babylon Falling (feat. Puma) 15. 56:19 Drop Your Guns (feat. Notch) I do not own any of the songs nor the image featured in the video. All rights belong to it's rightful owner/owner's. No copyright infringement intended. For promotional purposes only. Support the artist/s by purchasing their album.
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Seven Beats Music (2 days ago)
*Hello everybody, I started a new channel and your support means a world to me! You can subscribe here:* https://youtu.be/J_zwBzzT0ss One love, Haris
Tamarindo Sound (18 days ago)
Excelente disco!! Muy mal los anuncios, es horrible tratar de escucharlo con tanta basura...
loewe 1975 (25 days ago)
absolute genius album.
David's piano (1 month ago)
Tim is gay
edwindmunoz (1 month ago)
Thanks for the upload.
Pejman (2 months ago)
good music by fuck Minister farakhan
MGZC Media (2 months ago)
Our heroes. Our radio network (http://mgzcom.net) exists because we support "the other music" and artists that are not heard or given the love they deserve. Keep the groove beautiful! -- Ear candy for the soul.
Alexandro Gianes Cardozo (2 months ago)
Amazing Sound !
Maria Meque (3 months ago)
That amazing, definitely on the favorites 🤗
sonahawk (3 months ago)
cool song !!! I liked it!!!
Landon Stainbrook (3 months ago)
Blueprint sample 🤙
Anthony Cabrera (6 months ago)
Cbra Systems (6 months ago)
Very Nice Mix Thnx
Christian deBlanc (7 months ago)
777 my brethren
DavidsonLoops (7 months ago)
It's like they went back to their pre-Culture of Fear roots here. I think CoF was a very different album.
isobel64 (7 months ago)
This is an excellent album. Hope to hear alot of the songs live!
absoftitanium (8 months ago)
I and I be likin' dis band!
PIEPIE (8 months ago)
didn't you guys make a bunch of amazing albums. how is this so good? how is this possible?
Stanislaw Kuczera (8 months ago)
an eye pleasing, alternative video version of "love has no heart" song.............https://youtu.be/dvp-qHGBtqU?t=297
hit dbs (9 months ago)
Barber Shop in Berlin mucke
Log Chop Productions (10 months ago)
This is sublime , im a conservative Christian as well
Michael Yakson (10 months ago)
Cant get enough
ღ K a - r u T --🍼 (10 months ago)
Cool album cover .nice vocals chears.
Seven Beats Music (2 days ago)
Good stuff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jz_au4r-TRM
Dirk Wolf (10 months ago)
AT is best.
WSM (11 months ago)
the best artwork I've ever seen,i love the whole album,especially the intro and first song and those that follow
WSM (10 months ago)
heheh...much love!
Seven Beats Music (11 months ago)
did you see the other side of the CD case, it's front side of the plane :-)
Great McLuhan's Ghost (11 months ago)
the ultimate velvet revolutionaries: "cause I'm a fighter, yay-ay"
ARID FooL (11 months ago)
Walter P. (1 year ago)
Perfect. Love it.
monica cantele (1 year ago)
💚 from Italia
Karliban Pančić (1 year ago)
bland , repetitious...would have been ok 12 years ago - but back then we had The Cosmic Game , Radio Retaliation, etc....
daniel93ss (1 year ago)
Time and space 22:54 my fav.
D I G (1 year ago)
Omg this is MUSIC.
Arne Verboom (1 year ago)
Knew Thievery Corporation for some time but didn't knew this. Fu ckin nice Tell me more!
Noradrenalin (1 year ago)
Babylon fallin'....fallin' down...
Aleksandar Arsic (1 year ago)
and... only one beerpipe!
Fanis Delegado Cero (1 year ago)
iwconfig (1 year ago)
kayak ranch (1 year ago)
jah bless
novak ilic (1 year ago)
loving the woman vocalls off thovery corporstion bynoldzajelena
molly maul (1 year ago)
Fela Kuti at the beginning
the best!!!!!
Amber Taylor (1 year ago)
nice to hear full blast in my new headphones and am smoking the last of the herb. thanks so much #420
News today (1 year ago)
fuckin awesome chill TC !!
brit o (1 year ago)
look at that album cover.. they know what they're on. its a plane. coolest mother fuckers right here. everything they make is from heart. a couple of the members came up and talked to my sis and i, in Nevada city Ca, at a bar before their show that night. there were few people around the stage area so its not like we were that special.. they know how to treat fans and people in general. real eyes
Live slow, enjoy now! (1 year ago)
punch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_11BVBKTB0&t=77s
По вкусу taste (1 year ago)
super music
Marco Pieper (1 year ago)
No their best work
Catalin Marcu (1 year ago)
daniela lo reto (1 year ago)
Love it!
Jeff Sherman (1 year ago)
Sounds great! This is like reggae lounge music. A new genre.
Music- Man (1 year ago)
Zezva Shubitidze (1 year ago)
discovering TC is like way to the new world. they make my life colorful <3
Ilya Simk (1 year ago)
Yes yes yes i missed good sound thank you brings me back fuuuuuuk love it
Ilya Simk (1 year ago)
Much much love always since back to day one. Keep up the good luv and work!
Media Master Jones (1 year ago)
I think "The Richest Man In Babylon" was a better album by thievery corporation!
Just got the album, I love it
Long Board (1 year ago)
Great music. Hard to listen to with 28 minute long adverts though. Thanks for ruining it
Arne Verboom (1 year ago)
Put adblocker on chrome as extension as solution, have a listen too it without commercials :)
Seven Beats Music (1 year ago)
no problem :)
Long Board (1 year ago)
Seven Beats Oh dude, it wasn’t meant to target you at all. I know how it goes. It was more directed at the adverts. Sorry for the misunderstanding. 🤙
Seven Beats Music (1 year ago)
Long Board as I wrote before, i did not put the. Thievery has copyright over the material so i presume that Google puts the ads and Thievery gets the revenue while Google probably takes percent. But it's not me man :)
Huffin Doobies (1 year ago)
Classic Youtube problem... I can't turn this album up high enough
Seven Beats Music (1 year ago)
Hey everybody, what's your favorite track from this album? :)
klauszelm (7 months ago)
Elena Alexiou: Love has no Heart is great, the singer Shana Halligan surprised me. I checked her out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shana_Halligan
isobel64 (7 months ago)
Weapons of Destruction.
ღ K a - r u T --🍼 (10 months ago)
The one in the bigining is very good love her voce 3:23 .
Maninder Singh (11 months ago)
Fight to survive
Georgios Staikos (11 months ago)
Weapons of Distraction (feat. Notch) and Time and Space (feat. Lou Lou Ghelichkhani)
stejnaci (1 year ago)
Amazing vibes. I Love all Thievery tunes but these are even better. It perfectly fits my mood when I do snowkiting my the most favourite hobby..
C C (1 year ago)
asia eve (1 year ago)
Love it
Dave Barber (1 year ago)
Such a good sound they have got so nice to chillout to and i am straight no weed
Marcin Świerzyna (1 year ago)
check KEPX radio show of TC
yomi f (1 year ago)
Miezer Part von der Frau, sie hat auf jeden Fall flow.
ChocFiend (1 year ago)
Who else is listening in Melbourne?
sande1ad (1 year ago)
Thief Rockers is DEEP, idk if you guys are really with this !
yomi f (1 year ago)
Best beginning, Jah rastafari
yomi f (1 year ago)
Life is changing, for all of us. The technical empire takes power. Many working ppl get no job anymore in #15 years, cause of robotic science
yomi f (1 year ago)
Jah ,the most high!
Dave Barber (1 year ago)
This is new to me and i can see (hear) this once it totally sinks is will have me well and truly hooked luvin it
Manuel Arellano (1 year ago)
Tyler Bahadir (1 year ago)
Name of the song anyone 20.00?
Ime i Prezime (1 year ago)
chill so real
Ron Rigot (1 year ago)
irie jah musixxxx i love it irony HIYRIE
Richard Herrera (1 year ago)
Does anyone know where I can find the lyrics to some of these songs? I can't find lyrics for the third song, Strike the Root. Great song, great music. Thanks!
Marco Pieper (1 year ago)
try genius.com
artificial (1 year ago)
its funny, because when i first listened to this album, i thought of it as nothing new or special.... but now i see how good it is, actually...
Stu Pickles (1 year ago)
tune that goes over the 10.00 minute part of the video sounds like star wars reggae melody haha :)
Stu Pickles (1 year ago)
strike the root
Scarawezii M (1 year ago)
anyone knows where i can find the lyrics of Road Block (feat. Racquel Jones)?Google did not helped me too much:(
bazaar Progresso (1 year ago)
S u a v e _ Ma ri j u a a n a
Mary Reed (1 year ago)
Dude wtf a commercial between every song? You are now considered to be an unpleasant name
Li Dee (1 year ago)
mr. lif !!!!!
Xisco Zapatero (1 year ago)
All these years i thought they were French..... then I watched this interview and live set with them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eK6SYVyZRk&t=1507s
Xisco Zapatero (1 year ago)
Thank you.
Jared Hempfield (1 year ago)
Xoom needs to go away! Such a video buzzkill! TC vids deserve better ads than these fucking psyops!
François Schaumburg (1 year ago)
Just only already for the title "The Temple of I&I" I bought it double in respect for this 💎
Jason Kraiger (1 year ago)
Watt it izzz beige chocolatre errr sum shittt%$$$
This album is a masterpiece. The album theme song literally takes me to another dimension. Actually I'm typing from here 😎✌🏽✨🌅🕉
Chris Greene (1 year ago)
They still make good music after nearly 20years
Dylan Wii expert (1 year ago)
Thanks Thivery for keep on making our life soundtrack Happy! Peace and Love
Novak Ilić (1 year ago)
P. (1 year ago)
What a tribute to independat music scene of jamaica..respect!
Mike T. (1 year ago)
consciousness expansion at its finest - bravo well done!
Fredy Cat (1 year ago)
Music for the soul, very clever the mix between roots, dub fading in ambient Lounge resulting a perfect DOWNTEMPO, perfect with the best company or simply for enjoy yourself.
Ryan Hager (1 year ago)
NAS?! Am I hearing this right? This album is ripe.
pirmas paskutinis (1 year ago)
Its funny, how the Big long Jamaican plane is flying through the dancing loop :D
TheTranceCartel (1 year ago)
Just saw Thievery live at the Masonic Temple in SF last night--for some reason I was one of the youngest there (must have been the venue ) but I loved every minute
Seven Beats Music (1 year ago)
everyone, check this one out, simillar to Thievery: https://youtu.be/LmH3flL-iq8
Richard Mann (1 year ago)
Seven, you are da man, wicked recommendation, thank you very much.
Daniel Mart8 (1 year ago)
Aulus Muniz (1 year ago)
Tks rob and eric, always great. Good vibes from brazil!

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