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Nice shoes look so good clean not so much when they are dirty. No worries I will show you how to clean them so they can stay new. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!! I don't own any Music in the video.
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Daryon Finks (1 year ago)
They was never dirty
Daryon Finks (1 year ago)
super jaylyn bbut they still clean i aint hatin
Vaident (1 year ago)
I got he same pair of shoes and they need to be clean
Ajay D (1 year ago)
I can't afford to lose toothpaste my guy...it's hard in the hood fam
Low Budget Grow (1 year ago)
bro good looks
nice vid i will try it to clean my shoes. keep up the videos
Jc wompo (1 year ago)
Good shi bro
Cyber Axis (1 year ago)
will this work for a pair of air mags!?

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