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Trying out FreeBSD 12 Alpha 2 64 Bit - Please Read The Description!

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Taking a light look at FreeBSD ALPHA 2. I normally don't touch Alpha software, but this time I made an exception... It is a long video, and is really just to show that installation, logging in and installing a Desktop Environment went smoothly and was stable. So, I don't expect you to sit through it....just to show that even at this early stage, FreeBSD 12 is looking good! *This was installed into VirtualBox, 4GB ram and 20 GB HDD space.
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ximalas (2 months ago)
The last few lines in the viddy is a known false positive lock order reversal.
RoboNuggie (2 months ago)
Ok, sounds kike something out of Star Trek :-)
ximalas (2 months ago)
freebsd-update is for -RELEASE only, not -ALPHA nor -BETA as they are virtually -STABLE.
RoboNuggie (2 months ago)
Yup... :-)
ximalas (2 months ago)
My laptop switched to stable/12 on Oct. 19, 2018, the very same day that branch was created. It was a bit up and down during the first few weeks. OpenSSL 1.1.1 (and later 1.1.1a) made its debut at the time and it caused some headaches with some of the ports I use. My experimental box at $WORK switched to stable/12 in early December and the transition went rather well, and I continue to use OpenSSL from base. The remaining boxes at $WORK switched to stable/12 in late February and all is well.
RoboNuggie (2 months ago)
Isn't nice that you can upgrade FreeBSD with no headaches.... I have never had a problem with the base system in all the years I have been using and upgrading.....third party software sometimes, but very rare. The last time was 11.1 to 11.2 and the Nvidia drivers b0orked but was easily fixed. Also, glad to know you have an experimental box... and not test things on production machines....
Jeremy Leik (6 months ago)
I've got a FreeBSD 12 ISO downloading as I type this. I'm interested to see how well I can integrate it into my network, which is mainly Linux and macOS. I'm planning to start working with Ansible in the near future, and want to get FreeBSD in on the ground floor of the new project.
RoboNuggie (6 months ago)
Hi Jeremy, Well, you will have no problem - FreeBSD is fully covered. There are many guides for you about.... Try this one, it may be a good ref. https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/how-to-prepare-freebsd-server-to-be-managed-by-ansible-tool/
Daniel (9 months ago)
Yes! Now do Openbox! I would love to have NomadBSD's set-up on my desktop, not just my keychain USB.
RoboNuggie (9 months ago)
Hi Daniel.... I think the easiest option to have the NomadBSD on your desktop would be to get GhostBSD, then load-in Openbox... Here is is a list of the software packages installed in NomadBSD... https://github.com/mrclksr/NomadBSD/blob/1.1/pkg.list If I get a spare day or so, I'll try to put together a quick vid...with Ambient music....
Paco Falcón (9 months ago)
Gracias RoboNuggie!! Sigo muy de cerca tus videos y aprendo bastante con tus aportaciones !! Ánimo y que estés bien !! 😉👍🏿
RoboNuggie (9 months ago)
Gracias Paco! Me alegra que te gusten los videos, me hace feliz escuchar eso. Gracias Paco por comentar
SlackCliMax (9 months ago)
Yes those minor FreeBSD error messages are just an annoyance with little to no impact on the OS. My messages are usually GEOM related and confined to the initial install. Missed the password or was that an itchy trigger finger?
RoboNuggie (9 months ago)
Hi Slack... yes....I had an itchy trigger finger.... It's the first time I had tried an Alpha.....had some spare time, thought why not. For such an early release, it seemed very stable...so I'll have a more indepth look when the Betas come out... I'm looking forward to 12....many new additions, plus there will be a RPI3 image that will hopefully fully work ;-) Thanks for commenting Slack ;-)
tegesno (9 months ago)
Ok ... 😎
tegesno (9 months ago)
I am happy to... :-) Reg
RoboNuggie (9 months ago)
Dokey.... 😎 Thanks tegesno, that made me chuckle.... :-)

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