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Men's Eyebrow Grooming | How to Thin, Tweeze, and Shape Eyebrows

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http://gorillakilla.com/ Tweezers: http://gorillakilla.com/apex-original-round-tip-tweezers Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00HEW78R0 Nose Hair Trimmer: http://gorillakilla.com/apex-precision-nose-hair-trimmers My Website: http://www.iamalpham.com The Alpha M. Style System (NOW ONLY $75!) http://aaronmarino.com/alpha-m-style-system/ In this video professional male style expert and men's grooming guru, Aaron Marino, shows you how to groom your eyebrows. You will learn how to trim men's eyebrows, pluck men's eyebrows and how to shape men's eyebrows. Learn how to groom your eyebrows with this simple tutorial designed to get your eyebrows looking great and groomed. The products used in this eyebrow grooming how to video: ApeX Original Round Tip Precision Tweezers and the ApeX Precision Nose Hair Trimmers and can be found on http://gorillakilla.com
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Text Comments (1296)
Adrian Ronaldo (2 days ago)
Damn man I watch your work out videos and now now this. What a channel lol
Calle Bdahl (7 days ago)
Ty Mac (9 days ago)
Ty Mac (9 days ago)
Lol...your one cool cat! Funny.....informative!
colomblanco (11 days ago)
Please don't shape the arch of your eyebrows if you're a man. Just skip that step.
Ryan Rollins (12 days ago)
Thank you alpha
Ha I use my manual razor forget a wax and tweezers I don’t use the comb and scissors technique I end up miss shaping it and over cutting it
J W (15 days ago)
Thanks Bro.. 🙂
Fardeen Khaliqi (18 days ago)
Bro you talk to much hate your video
Rey Needs A Hug (18 days ago)
Just get the glue
Josh Nelson (21 days ago)
How to be an alpha m. Don’t fucking judge other men for the way they look
John Nault (21 days ago)
I went to a professional once and had angry eyebrows for a month. Never again...
Lil Mex (21 days ago)
I’m not gay I just want my eye brows better😂
T Roll (26 days ago)
What if you can't grow eyebrows
Mathieu Gionest (26 days ago)
And... his brows looks like shit.
Jordan Wadkins (29 days ago)
your eye brows are weird dog
Jam (1 month ago)
1:05 start of eyebrow 2:20 end of eyebrow 2:53 how to get under eyebrow 3:18 leave top of eyebrow!
Romeo Manza (1 month ago)
Now I remember I have eyebrows 😂
Matt Tomson (1 month ago)
u got a black hole in your left eye buddy
Aaron Bell (1 month ago)
Every time I search up grooming advice, I see your video.
james fortnite (1 month ago)
When I try in my Eyebrow now I shave it .
Janandre De Ugarte (1 month ago)
Anyone 2018?
rabih eid (1 month ago)
Wow this has been for over 5 years almost 6??? What if the method changed???
Trimming messed up my eyebrows thanks
Justaburgscuzzin (2 months ago)
What is the dot to the right of his left iris?
WhatADadd (2 months ago)
I messed up my eyebrows :)
Younesplayzz (2 months ago)
Every tweaser is good boys i just bought an tweaser and its how you position the tweaser
Jahod Davis (2 months ago)
I rather get my eyebrows done ✅
Md.Manik Miah (2 months ago)
Please make a vedio of Dark cercle.
Jason Archdeacon (2 months ago)
Can someone answer my question? where he trims the tops of his eyebrows with his comb do you need to trim the bottom also with the scissors? he did this in his previous eyebrow video however in this one he leaves that out so what do you do?
arriz arriz (2 months ago)
I cut all my unibrow
MrJohnySolo (2 months ago)
6 inch long eye brow? :)))
killerzz b (3 months ago)
I felt like gay when watching him
ATB (3 months ago)
This is just a big advertisement for apex wonder how much they pay him
Ijlal A (3 months ago)
Hello women
George Moody (3 months ago)
But your eyebrows do look girly :/
joaago1 (3 months ago)
No discount? :(
Zachyii (3 months ago)
I messed up.
JPILLA GAMES (3 months ago)
What if you use the trimmer by starting from ur For head going dow ??? Yeaaaaaa or no
Hamza Aman (3 months ago)
Does plucking make the hair thicker? Please help....
Joey Hooks (2 months ago)
No, plucking will have it grow in lighter since it'll grow to a point as compared to shaving which makes them thicker and darker.
Savage (3 months ago)
If i cut the hair between the eyebrows it will create more hair?
TheGreatDavid (3 months ago)
After hearing twice "*HIGH-QUALITY TWEEZERS*" I was like "Hmm is this sponsored?" And then for the third time ".....Yeah this is 110% sponsored"
AshToxin (3 months ago)
Robert Young (3 months ago)
Now what if my eyebrows grow only up to the outer corner of my eyes?
Slav (3 months ago)
What is the thing in his eye
Pros4vage (4 months ago)
When he say slow 🤣🤣
Hu Kares (4 months ago)
Great advice, but I’ve had success by marginally thinning my eyebrows. I used to teach dudes how to do this when I was in the Navy. Hard asses who were always scared to ask questions for fear of being called a fag or some shit. Dumb shit.
Creator Sun (4 months ago)
When your dad prefers shaving over plucking 😭
117rebel (4 months ago)
I just pluck the few hairs that grow longer than the others. There’s one hair in particular I’ve named Frank that grows way longer than the others. I think 3 inches is the longest I’ve let it grow. None of the other hairs get anywhere near that long. It’s just him. He’s the only hair that does that.
Crystallized (4 months ago)
The ending tho 😂😂😂
frank mendez (4 months ago)
His voice like tom holland
StoneBrain (4 months ago)
Man i'm gonna age well watching this guy
Every man who does this GAY ass shit is fucking GAY. No way to justify this sissified shit. I don't care if you have a unibrow....be proud of being a MAN! Ronald Isley had a whole lot of brows and he never was ashamed. Men today even shave their legs and wanna be called the "man of the house". No motherfucker, you're sincerely GAY! GAY GAY GAY!
Countess' Slave (4 months ago)
IT'S HIM you’re telling yourself. You’re busted as fuck.
Countess' Slave Bitch, I am FINE! I resemble a MAN! Keeping up with the times? I'm assuming you are what you assume as "cool". Smfh.
Countess' Slave (4 months ago)
IT'S HIM at least he’s attractive and don’t stereotype people. You and your ugly ass can drop dead if you can’t get with the time.
Moses Darnei (4 months ago)
Gay version of Hugh Jackman.
Cloud Connected (4 months ago)
I love this guy. He cover the topic we came for throughly, he make money for himself by doing add that are useful for us and don't make it annoying in process and cover good stuff we need. Way to go bro, well earned subscribe.
Hs ємρєяσя (4 months ago)
"Without looking like a drag queen" lol
Jamie Chambers (4 months ago)
and....I just accidentally chopped a chunk out of my left brow trying to trim with scissors whoops!
max cooke (4 months ago)
I shaved my eyebrows once and it looked shit
Young Breezy (4 months ago)
What was that in his eye
Altharrion (4 months ago)
If only my eyebrows grew properly. They pretty much stop growing a little over halfway to the sides...
Scott Craig (4 months ago)
Omg! Thank you so much. This was so helpful. Thank you.
Night Hawk (4 months ago)
You used to be a little serious haha but awesome content since day one!
Gameonbros (5 months ago)
Ur the only fashion guy I watch it awesome
China Town (5 months ago)
Alpha M is the type of zuniga to try to sell you tweezers
Goran Marjanovic (5 months ago)
Ugh he irritates me. Can’t stand guys who talk In a way that screams I want everyone to know I suck cock for a living so sad
Kalu Chigo (5 months ago)
My eyebrows don't grow"
vmlenigma (5 months ago)
MAS PUTO....i would be surprised if you drop the soap on purpose.
PogiKo 09 (5 months ago)
Thank u it's a big help!
xC0o0rdinate (5 months ago)
It hurts like hell though
Sean Avena (5 months ago)
This man is fantastic
Diamond Emerald (5 months ago)
The eyebrow hairs near the center of my forehead point upwards while the rest are leaning in the direction they are supposed to.
The Lone Wolf Gaming (5 months ago)
IT IS HAIR********
Diamond Lewis (5 months ago)
Fuck ads
Momo Lacoste (5 months ago)
i have like so many hear above my eyebrow and thats why i clicked on this videi what should i do
Underground Rap (5 months ago)
Sorry but I'm not gay
Nurlan Nadirli (5 months ago)
pox gününə saldıne gijdıllağ
mama koala (6 months ago)
i am sorry but i had to dislike cause your eyebrows are a bit effeminate to be described as masculine although good tips for tweezers and such
Jesus El bg (6 months ago)
Ouch. I cut on the top of my brows but not underneath, i dont plug i groom and i didnt respect the v line aand i use electric razor when u use scisors i think im fucking great
Kafeel Ahamd (6 months ago)
just lost my eyes
joules (6 months ago)
thank you
ChAcE (6 months ago)
Am i the only one becuase he's saying hairs and hair itself is plural so who made the words hairs?
Tedd NG (6 months ago)
Eidor M. (6 months ago)
Well... dear Alpha. I have fucked up. Big time. Luckily, I didn't pluck the hair, rather I shaved it (some of the hair above my eyebrows - the exact part I just heard you say that shouldn't be touched). Is there a way to fix this? That would not include going in public, waiting for it to grow back and embarrassing myself? This question is also directed towards all of you fellas. Got any advice for me?
Caitlin Robertson (6 months ago)
My husbands eyebrows are catapillars. I trimmed them up without too much research and they came out nice :) but, i'd rather do right by him next time and this explained A LOT. Thank You!
Tuấn Trọng Đào (6 months ago)
I'm asian and I have wide eyes, according to this I should have eyebrows a bit too long lol.
isaacfarted (6 months ago)
I rather rock my bushy eyebrows, because I’m cool like that lol. The occasional unibrow pluck does it for me
Surajit Das (6 months ago)
You got a nice nose👍
NCC 10101 (6 months ago)
Can tweezers can remove monobrow?
Elmer Marquez (7 months ago)
Are you a porn star? Idk I just wanted to ask
CRS Entertainment (7 months ago)
A deeper voice and you’d be perfect but since you’re better than me in every way I feel threatened so ima make fun of your high pitched voice
CRS Entertainment (7 months ago)
I’m sad
iTULAD Gaming (7 months ago)
Fuck, my eyebrows is litteraly like this " \ / "
sniperjuniorBC (7 months ago)
What’s in ur eye
Lee Bauer (7 months ago)
I know the feeling about having to groom every week. It's a true pain
This is gay
Demi Myers (7 months ago)
Has anyone noticed that the amount of men who shame other guys for shaping their eyebrows, are dog ugly?
Demi Myers (7 months ago)
Alpha M's eyes do you look rather strange but if it makes him happy then screw what the ignorant think.
Ed J (7 months ago)
I personally like Tweezerman.
Hamad Ali (7 months ago)
It hurt man u know
Nathan Cobb (7 months ago)
But I'm going for the chick look xD Hahaha nice vid Subbed
Mo-S 7 (7 months ago)
There is a fly in your eye..
Abdul Attar (7 months ago)
Nobody trust in himself does this

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