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THE LORD'S PRAYER - "Our Father" with text - Prayer read by Kevin Hunter

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SUBSCRIBE HERE!! https://www.youtube.com/kevinhunter7 The Lord's Prayer as read by Kevin Hunter. After publishing the New Nicene Creed, many requests came for Kevin to read The Lord's Prayer. He was happy to do it, and hopes that anyone using this for themselves, at their devotion, or any other purpose, will find the peace, promise, love and forgiveness.that this prayer so warmly contains. May God bless you and keep you in His care always. If you've seen the video titled: New Nicene Creed - Roman Missal Translation - Catholic Church you will enjoy this reading of The Lord's Prayer, also read by Kevin Hunter
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Text Comments (7)
MoneyBags73 (1 month ago)
Where is the origin of this prayer. The King James version has it totally different. Look into the Mandela Effect.
Nilima Upadhyay (2 months ago)
This is my school's prayer
Kevin Hunter (2 months ago)
That's great! Do you mind sharing the name of the school and where they are located?
Overwhelming Euphoria (2 months ago)
You should read audiobooks
Bogus Bozo (4 months ago)
Danyel Sena (2 years ago)
Jesus Christ said: -- Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. Matthew 24:35
Stephanie Hunter (3 years ago)
Your voice is really clear and soothing to listen to. Thank you for putting this up, Kevin.

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