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How to Hem Jeans

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Like these Sewing Projects !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1OhIzDE Watch more Easy Sewing Projects videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/297031-How-to-Hem-Jeans Don't waste money on a tailor when you can hem your jeans yourself. Step 1: Determine length Put on the jeans with the shoes that you will usually wear with them. Cuff the pants to the desired length and then mark the length with chalk or a pin. Tip Have a friend assist you. They can cuff the pants, provide feedback on the length, and mark the desired length for you. Step 2: Measure length of cuff Remove the jeans, measure the length of the cuff, and divide the measurement in half. Tip Ignore the original hem when doing your measurements. You are going to keep the original hem and hide the extra length inside the pant leg. Step 3: Sew new cuff Pin the cuff at the new length and sew it in place. Sew as close to the original hem as possible. You now have a small fold of extra denim inside your jeans. Step 4: Verify length Verify the new length by trying on the jeans in front of the mirror. If the length is off, mark a new length with chalk or pins so that you can make adjustments. Step 5: Turn jeans inside out Turn the jeans inside out and press the extra flap of denim upward, toward the waistline. Step 6: Tack fold Tack the extra fold in place by sewing a few stitches at each side seam. Tip If there is now too much fabric inside your pant leg for comfort, trim the extra material, cutting close to your new hem. Step 7: Turn and press Turn the jeans right side out, put them on, and don't worry about tripping on the extra length. Did You Know? Levi Strauss' original plan was to sell tents and wagon covers to people moving to California for the gold rush. Since there was no market for these, he instead manufactured durable pants for the miners.
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Jabez Ledres (6 years ago)
well that was helpful...not
2JobsStillPoorUSA (6 years ago)
Hmmm..... Do not like this method.
HannahzLove (7 years ago)
what this is confusing ? 0_0
Stacey Yang (7 years ago)
This is stupid, it showed no ending result.
ImSuperVince (7 years ago)
@usaeagleawards BLAHAHA My country runs to your country for help? You really are fucking oblivious to the real fact that your country is becoming more of a joke every day! Newsflash your economy is shit you're in trillions of dollars of debt, you just got bailed out by china ffs. My country isn't in debt, and we don't have major poverty crisis like you. Go back to trying to repay your home loan from living in your car. oh and btw I welcome your fucking challenge to break my face
ImSuperVince (7 years ago)
@usaeagleawards Love how instead of you taking my comment as a geniune statement you immediately judged it as being racist. Who's really racist in this situation? Freud would say you. You're an American mate, you're the definition of ignorance. Oh and in the case you're confused now, that was intended to be racist. Idiot.
ImSuperVince (7 years ago)
Love how all these sewing tutes are taught by indians
reine santos (7 years ago)
STEP one: clean your nails HAHAHA
alexF753 (7 years ago)
@jerthebear76 I suck? What the hell, how old are you? I thought you had to be older then 6 to make a youtube account, how did you get an account?
Jeremy Burton (7 years ago)
@alexF753 You still suck!
alexF753 (7 years ago)
@jerthebear76 fucking dipshit, my point is, if you have cut the hem off because the jeans are too long, this video doesnt help shit, doesnt matter if you want 3/4 pants, shorts, or if the old hem if fucked up and worn so you cut it off. The vid doesnt show you how to make a hem on jeans
Jeremy Burton (7 years ago)
@alexF753 Epic Fail you want to hem Shorts not jeans!! LOL Try how to hem Shorts dumb ass!!
alexF753 (8 years ago)
Fucking bullshit. Video says "how to hem jeans". But you keep the hem. What if I am cutting my jeans into shorts and want a hem? Doesnt fucking show how to hem jeans, lol epic fail. howcast be trollin
erin hwang (8 years ago)
this video totally screams child labor all over
Kate (8 years ago)
I don't get why people want to keep the extra fabric inside. I mean, it makes sense if you are doing this for a child who might grow taller but I mean...I'm 21 and I'm pretty sure I am done growing taller. :) So I always just cut my extra fabric off and zigzag my raw edges. Wish I had a serger....!
JEFFRESON (9 years ago)
i dont like ham why do they keep talking about ham :S?
Dolce81Vita (9 years ago)
COOL! ;)
FingerMyPizza (9 years ago)
@1kingconan Hahaha #FAIL
YOmama30255 (9 years ago)
the state of those jeans
iertjuh (9 years ago)
7th and 127th view
cloclo902003 (9 years ago)
second view
Ian Sanchez (9 years ago)

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