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How to Draw Hands

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Text Comments (110)
Levi'sSweetTea (1 year ago)
This was uploaded on my birthday ^^
ThisIsDK (1 year ago)
11:18 "It's" haha!
carminebanana P (2 years ago)
Thanks, it is really easy to understand, you're one of the best teachers ever man, sweet.
김산주 (2 years ago)
i struggle with holding hands, or a hand holding something in full grip like closed almost like a fist lol is it the same process.
Miu Chi (2 years ago)
김산주 samee...
Sparkqlez (2 years ago)
Thank you so much! This helped *a lot* when I am using Photoshop. c:
AnimationRiver (2 years ago)
Thanks,it is helped me .
colorpaper princess (2 years ago)
keep it up! really amazing!
Lula Wubs (3 years ago)
Ugh. I tried everything you showed here over twenty times, it has not worked. The only perfect hands I got were just from copying my hand without that reference...why can't I don't that regularly ;-;
shawn carpenter (3 years ago)
turn on closed caption when watching aha awesome videos btw
Zinriusminazen (3 years ago)
On the brink of joining your forums, I've grown quite a bit and been seeking a good, legitimate art community to learn and share with. Thank you for the awesome free tutorials :]
Philipp S. (3 years ago)
Isn't the thumb a little bit too long?
Zimi Draws Fan Art (2 years ago)
ikr but the other fingers are too short lol
Alexeji Stream (3 years ago)
Very helpful. Thanks for the great vids!
oldmatrices (3 years ago)
Wow thanks! Great tut!
M Luminoth (3 years ago)
Marc you are one of my heroes, right up there next to Yoshiyuki Sadamoto and Kentaro Miura. So if you could answer this question for me it would mean a lot to me. I use thinner lines for sketching and lineart than you. You seem to use a combination of shape and line to sketch out your drawings. Do you think i should use moderately thick lines for sketching and shape them with an eraser more like you. or should i just throw that to the side and use the thinnest lines possible for sketching and just use a lot of lines?
oldmatrices (3 years ago)
+M Luminoth I think you have the right idea because thicker lines get too muddy for me. This guy may have used thicker lines to make it easier for people to see in the video.
Rezkah VP (3 years ago)
tsabszy (3 years ago)
"my balls are in a nicer alignment" :D  just kidding, really nice tutorial as always!!!
Ashley Tuft (2 years ago)
+tsabszy https://youtu.be/lNkCxLdAocE?t=9m5s
Jekyll Paint (3 years ago)
rage5110 (3 years ago)
This actually helped, thank you!
marshall come (3 years ago)
I've never had any problems with hands :D I love drawing them
Kueisung Liu (3 years ago)
So theoretically... If you study the geometry of anatomy and the physics of light bouncing off of various surfaces, you can make a fanmade game of Dead Space and it could be as horrifying if not more horrifying?
GrimSoul66 (3 years ago)
I'm having a very hard time with the outside fist from the thumb
Nafisa Anjum (3 years ago)
That surely helped a lot! thanks!!!
Tereza Veux (3 years ago)
wow, this helped me on so many levels. Thank you!
Rand McNally (4 years ago)
Solid method
Jake Whittaker (4 years ago)
lol 9:00 in hilarious 
Azüle (4 years ago)
Pretty cool :)) Thanks ;)
Red T (4 years ago)
first time i hear an american say centimeter
Z-Dine Studio (4 years ago)
So helpful, thank you!!! I've been struggling with hands for the past 5 years, and this is by far the best tutorial I've found.
Robert Koh (4 years ago)
Construction method you show later in the video looks a lot like Michael Hampton's breakdown it seems. I do love his figure drawing book.
james bond (4 years ago)
Thx to share your work and some tricks, it's a real pleasure to see you  drawing. I wish U to carry on like this, Thx again. )
Tan Jek Jan (4 years ago)
dude i love you videos, really really appreciate it !  - from a amateur :D
Julian Stockemer (4 years ago)
Mark Ramdarass (4 years ago)
This has been the most comprehensive tutorial for hands I have ever seen. Something about it has made so much since. I'm 31 and finally feel I can draw hands confidently now. There have been to many bad popular ways that haven't worked for me, but I can't wait to draw more knowing this now
Kueisung Liu (3 years ago)
He's literally starting from bones to skin!!
Katarína Bazelová (4 years ago)
This helped a lot! Thank you :))
Stephanie Weis (4 years ago)
Probably one of the best hand tutorials I've seen. I've never seen your technique before and it makes the most sense. Thank you!
Asmodeus (4 years ago)
I hate hands.
blingximus (4 years ago)
I wish you had gone into the knuckles a bit more. good vid tho
CalmLight (4 years ago)
Thank you for the tutorial! I really like your style i wish i could draw like you! *_* You are really good!!!
J. B (4 years ago)
Which Photoshop version did you use for this? :]
John Ross (4 years ago)
my art teachers have been teaching me wrong the whole time... you're a goddamned genius dude! keep up the good work!
Krishna Dudhee (4 years ago)
Did you use your mouse for this?
Jordan Beers (4 years ago)
He has a drawing tablet. It'd be near impossible to do with a mouse. You certainly could try but a drawing tablet would be a lot better.
Contradae (4 years ago)
another great tutorial, thanks Cube!
1:12 it's all :D
Thunder Draws (4 years ago)
ohh.... hands ...yeah... thanks for the tutorial!
WinterinBerlin (4 years ago)
the intro sound scared the **** out of me x_X don't do that
Gwen VIBANCOS (2 years ago)
""MY BALLS ARE IN A NICER ALIGNEMENT !!" Hahaha ! Thanks for this info, Marc !! ;-)
Sam C (4 years ago)
I really like this tutorial. I think I may sub.  :)
Ashlynn Raines (4 years ago)
Are you coming to Anime Expo?
Izaak Rodriguez (4 years ago)
Probably one of the most helpful hand drawing tutorials on the internet! (Even better than sycra's XD) I have since learned to draw hands, but there were still things I could take away from this video. Thanks Marc!
Crystal Livingston (4 years ago)
I think I'm in love with you! /swoon/
Tristan Wilson (4 years ago)
Thank you MASSIVELY for this, Mr. Cube. Now hopefully this body part can cease to be the artistic bane of my existence...
Charlie Raud (4 years ago)
This was nice :) Thanks!
d1ggitydan (4 years ago)
I never really out thought into hands because I always was able to draw ten but this helps for obscure angles and strangers twists if the wrists and such. thanks Marc!!! I always promote your work and your channel when people are struggling with things (and if course always watch them with interest myself)
user (4 years ago)
U r a real pro
Josh Hutchinson (4 years ago)
What's the ending music?
Justin Case (4 years ago)
relly good tutorial on hands!
CinderBlock331 (4 years ago)
Hey dude, can i request something? A thing that i think a lot of people would really enjoy seeing (even if its really really long), is a real-time fully rendered piece. Record everything in real time while talking us through about what youre doing and thinking about, and then upload that. some may not want to watch a video of that length, but personally, i would really like to know what youre thinking the whole way through
CinderBlock331 (4 years ago)
sweet looking forward to it
Brushboost (4 years ago)
Yes I've been meaning to start doing stream, should happen in the near future! :)
CinderBlock331 (4 years ago)
i would have thought as much, another really cool thing you could do (if you dont already) is stream, I'm not sure how much people would enjoy that (i would), but you could draw on stream, and then upload the speedpaints on youtube, that would be a cool system as well.
Brushboost (4 years ago)
This is available on cubebrush.com for Pro members already. No voice over though, way too time consuming. The rendering alone takes hours.
Joanna Kitty (4 years ago)
Oh ma gawd. You're my hero, thank you soo soooo much !
Mad Iris (4 years ago)
This lesson is just in time. I have been trying to draw hands for two last weeks without any progress. I hope this lesson will help me.
Shukar Parkin (4 years ago)
love your work man keep it up...i strive to get better. btw does anyone know the soundtrack that plays at the end of the video? i love the sound
ReiShadow (4 years ago)
oh my gosh within the first minute of the video, I realized why my fingers always look so strange. I don't line them up with the ball/ wrist! D8 hands/ feet are my weakness. thanks so much, marc!! 
Rei Rei Yasmin (4 years ago)
These lesson and tutorials are really helpful! I want to do character concept art when I'm older, and your artwork inspires me so much! By any chance have you done a tutorial on feet? It's something I struggle to draw, and I have never really found a tutorial that has been very useful.
NoVision Media (4 years ago)
Great Tutorial Marc!
Ursul Daniel (4 years ago)
7:43 i like it when rectangles are licking balls together XD sry i got distracted
Miyakies (4 years ago)
I love your tutorials, you say the right things for me to understand better, keep doing what you're doing :)
IWantSumCrusha (4 years ago)
hands.. my mortal enemy! That and feet..
PeaceDraws (4 years ago)
I have seen lots of useful youtube tutorials on how to draw hands, but your way has helped me the most as of today. I don't know, it just looked right as soon as I tried it and it's easy to understand. Thanks for sharing this and all of your videos :)
sajisama24 (4 years ago)
CUBEBRUSH you can't draw hands. Those are not hands, they are... perfection... Beautiful!
Phil Halsey (4 years ago)
Traggey (4 years ago)
I do like it when my balls are nicely aligned!
Loryen (3 years ago)
+Solomon Cael lol same
Thunder Draws (3 years ago)
+Borja Roca  Cubebrush uses a Wacom Cintiq 27QHD
Borja Roca (3 years ago)
+Traggey does somebody know what table do he use?
KothsGamerHub (3 years ago)
Traggey (3 years ago)
CrownTheEnd (4 years ago)
best hand tut ive seen so far
Londonesify (4 years ago)
My fingers are flat on the bottom but curvy on top, so the other way around. I guess it depends on the person. Great tutorial tho :) !
Reivu -chan (4 years ago)
Wow, I love the line trick through the center of the circle! I've always hated drawing fingures, that is super helpful! Thanks Cubebrush :DDD
99manga99 (4 years ago)
what drawing software do you use/what do you recommend?
UniversalBlocks (4 years ago)
Photoshop, I'm not too sure but your name suggests that you like manga so traditional and this combined is good. In manga it's black and white so just getting good is all you need for it and photoshop is to add shade. Not sure but seems about right.
OperatorOn5thStreet (4 years ago)
This is from Michael Hampton. Great stuff. :)
Joyce-Art (4 years ago)
A very simple, but good way to draw hands! Certainly gonna try this technique tonight :)
Amanai Aizawa (4 years ago)
ur my idol :D, i really want to witch next lesson
totopoo123 (4 years ago)
I was thinking, have you ever thought about doing your own comic/manga? since you seem to like anime and manga.
Brushboost (4 years ago)
I wish I had time for that!
Blossomed (4 years ago)
Hi CubeBrush! :D
darkzz9 (4 years ago)
you sound happy in the vid :') btw the opening soundtrack, weird but super cool :D :D
J4Angel (4 years ago)
Nice tutorial video. Practice makes perfect. Like you said, eventually you won't need those cylinders and guidelines. It will be all in your head and you be drawing a whole full body in no time :) Keep it up!

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