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The 1960s in America: Crash Course US History #40

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You can directly support Crash Course at https://www.patreon.com/crashcourse Subscribe for as little as $0 to keep up with everything we're doing. Free is nice, but if you can afford to pay a little every month, it really helps us to continue producing this content. In which John Green teaches you about a time of relative tumult in the United States, the 1960s. America was changing rapidly in the 1960s, and rights movements were at the forefront of those changes. Civil Rights were dominant, but the 60s also saw growth in the Women's Movement, the LGBT rights movement, the Latino rights movement, and the American Indian movement. Also, Americans began to pay a bit more attention to the environment. All this change happened against the backdrop of the Cold War and the Rise of Conservatism. It was just wild. John will teach you about sit-ins, Freedom Rides, The March on Washington, MLK, JFK, LBJ, and NOW. Man, that is a lot of initialisms. And one acronym. Crash Course World History is now available on DVD! Visit http://dft.ba/-CCWHDVD to buy a set for your home or classroom. Hey teachers and students - Check out CommonLit's free collection of reading passages and curriculum resources to learn more about the events of this episode. Civil Rights stayed strong throughout the 1960s, beginning with the peaceful sit-in movement in 1960 in the South: https://www.commonlit.org/texts/the-sit-in-movement The Civil Rights Movement reached a high point when Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his 1963 “I Have a Dream” Speech at the March on Washington: https://www.commonlit.org/texts/i-have-a-dream After President Kennedy's assassination, President Johnson decided to promote Civil Rights as part of his Great Society program: https://www.commonlit.org/texts/lyndon-baines-johnson-and-the-great-society After Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in 1968, the growing black power movement gained even more populairty: https://www.commonlit.org/texts/empowering-the-black-power-movement Follow us! http://www.twitter.com/thecrashcourse http://www.twitter.com/realjohngreen http://www.twitter.com/crashcoursestan http://www.twitter.com/raoulmeyer http://www.twitter.com/thoughtbubbler
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Text Comments (2397)
Zygardious Zygarde (3 days ago)
Great Vid this is will superbly help me with pentathlon at my school! Thank You Mr. Green I really appreciate you making this video
Noah Huber (17 days ago)
Even as a college student, it is nice to come back to these videos for a perfectly concise reminder and introduction to studying topics from the past.
Priscilla Gama (17 days ago)
Kaitlyn Dardon (18 days ago)
Thank you for teaching me what my professor couldn't.
The Iaro Show (25 days ago)
The Problem that has no name sounds like the name of an HP Lovecraft story!
Debra Jensen (27 days ago)
Wow, starts off saying how the boomers were self serving then goes on to talk about all the social change they started. Geez.
Benjamin Hyland (1 month ago)
hi im in school
0Jmpc_ 64 (1 month ago)
The Early 60’s: 60-62
The Master (1 month ago)
I hate the fact that most if not all of the equality based movements have been hijacked by extremists.
Syfy Firefly (1 month ago)
Apollo program? The birth of NASA is why we have much of the innovation we do today.
Rupert Mthimkhulu (1 month ago)
6:49 😂😂😂, the animation is amazing!!!
Luna Wolf (1 month ago)
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ChrisWill Miss (1 month ago)
Not funny
johnliebenthal (1 month ago)
He should just stick to the facts and events rather than tell us how to think about them...e.g. as he erroneously thinks about them.
johnliebenthal (1 month ago)
So many flawed interpretations...conservative court?
spaceinbetween (1 month ago)
The counterculture has become mainstream. Now we need a counter-counterculture
Jonas Antley (1 month ago)
A lot of this is "point of view " opinionated version of history. Lmao it kills me to see the whole time this "thing" of segregation was only another way to keep us devided and never did they stand together one side always sides with big govt.... why do we say United we stand divided we fall if once we had finally United as a people the first unamerican black man became president and pumped up race riots over a hands up dont shoot lie???? Dooped ya again didn't they Democrats? Stop falling for the decision tactic join forces with the people of your country join the republic..ans . With your anger and our cool calm warplanning and money ta boot we will revolutionize america to give it's people back the land and dollars the wasteful govt keeps giving away to any thing they can ta keep us devided and weak. Stand together as one stand as Americans one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.
Jonas Antley (1 month ago)
Nothing has been straightened out. When they made the laws protecting the environment it only protects the environment from the least impactful demographic....the general citizen/ civilian/ public. The industry , the beast or the govt is and has been the one whom has the capabilities and need ta dump said poisons upon the American people...I digress
Tucker Fowler (1 month ago)
W Wh Why Why d Why di Why did Why did I Why did I d Why did I de Why did I dec Why did I deci Why did I decid Why did I decide Why did I decide t Why did I decide to Why did I decide to d Why did I decide to do Why did I decide to do t Why did I decide to do th Why did I decide to do thi Why did I decide to do this Why did I decide to do this? Why did I decide to do this Why did I decide to do thi Why did I decide to do th Why did I decide to do t Why did I decide to do Why did I decide to d Why did I decide to Why did I decide t Why did I decide Why did I decid Why did I deci Why did I dec Why did I de Why did I d Why did I Why did Why di Why d Why Wh W I now understand the pain.
Jimmy Nyarlathotep (2 months ago)
Never go to war with a combatant that cannot surrender
sq1339 (2 months ago)
This was really good it educated me and I learned a lot of things.
Original Name (2 months ago)
I thought the “lethal poisons” in the mystery document were for some reason an allegory to racism as if there was any other well known activist talking about poisons that WASN’T Rachel Carson...
ceplio (2 months ago)
Kennedy wasn't killed because of civil rights lmao
Madi (2 months ago)
I’m from Georgia and the Ole Miss fall back college is the same here. Students for GA get instate tuition there cause they need smart kids than what their state can offer lol.
Clorox Bleach (2 months ago)
Ok so the funny thing about the Atlanta public school system and Georgia school system in general does not speak about the civil rights movement and equality of all people it’s kinda of sad, because we are the birth of all these movements!
Ferrite Productions (2 months ago)
I wish John Green wasn’t so left leaning at times...
Drew 420 (2 months ago)
Black Panthers are just like black lives matter terrorist
Tyler Boruta (3 months ago)
My assignment was to write about life in the 1960s in the USA, regarding race relations. Thanks, this helped quite a bit
Tom Frazier (3 months ago)
Do other liberals (American def.) Hassle you because you're from Alabama? Hasn't the New South backed off hassling black people? I'm sure it varys down there too.
Jack Towers (3 months ago)
"Never Go to war with a noun, you will always lose" - John Green That is pinned up on my classroom wall now
If you're interested in the first thing John talked about, there's an interesting three part graphic novel March by John Lewis (mostly talking about his part of things and what was going on around him in the civil rights movement)
CLAY Thomas (3 months ago)
The 60's was the beginning of the end of America.
njbergam (3 months ago)
3:03 bruh how did john green get behind MLK
Tom Frazier (3 months ago)
Eric Frickin' Foner? Love your one way "Progressive" ratchet.
Tom Frazier (3 months ago)
A haven of equality? Equality, then dominance is something you work for "Earn" or "Seize". This is a fast and glossy academic Leftist summary of recent U.S. history. The Black Panthers were not Nice, but also somewhat complex within themselves. This guy is coming from a set set of wrong premises. He is trying to be lightlysnarky/funny.
Tom Frazier (3 months ago)
Devin Reese (4 months ago)
Narcissicistic? you mean more narcissicistic than materialist, gasolene non-questioning fueled no change orientated, no peace orientated, no ideal, self indulgent self centered present generations???
Bob dude (4 months ago)
Great video but too much focus on Civil rights. Vietnam the moon landings and the Cuban Missile crisis where equally as important
zEropoint68 (4 months ago)
i'm really glad i kept my foner (i got part 2)
Tiger Woods (4 months ago)
What i dont understand is black people going to war in the military for USA then coming back home to america to get lynched
Tiger Woods (4 months ago)
America is built on Racism
Bucky Brown (5 days ago)
Brian Hutzell (4 months ago)
Prison seems to bring out the author is some people! In addition to King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” there were Bonhoeffer’s “Letters and Papers from Prison,” many prison letters from Nelson Mandela, and possibly some of the Apostle Paul’s epistles. Other works written in whole or part from prison include Hitler’s “Main Kampf,” Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress,” and Boethius’s “Consolation of Philosophy.”
George (5 months ago)
it was not Lee Harvey Oswald.
Jacob Glaze (5 months ago)
When John talks about the deferments for college students and says it wasn't because they all had to go, but they didn't want their friends to go. Deferments did happen, but as the need for more soldiers happened they raised the draft from 10,000 a month to 30,000 (note that not all of these were combat roles, most were logistical and some even humanitarian) a month. This made it so that if you didn't reach a certain level in academics and society you were drafted. It just turned out that the people who did reach that level and had families with connections and access to to the level of education before college to help them in learning, was mostly white. This wasn't pure racism as President Johnson said that messing with that societal group would only light another powder keg in the turbulent 60's and that was his main reason he didn't address it, but it did mean that the casualties were disproportionately minorities, however it did also heavily affect the poor white people in areas hit hard after the great depression. Such as the south, whom despite having a history of being racist, were victims of the same injustice. It isn't black and white, in war *or* race. It's strategy, logistics, and tactics used in politics and in the field. People sometimes say the anti-war movement took away the spotlight from civil rights and cast it onto a pointless conflict, I disagree, I say it was a catalyst that brought together everyone towards a common idea. Just sad it was an idea that eventually meant that bottles were thrown at soldiers who fought not because they hated Vietnam or were warmongers, but just following orders. Thank you for reading, I hope you have a good day.
Raunak Mondal (5 months ago)
University of Alabama-Birmingham:America's fallback college Sorry I'm from florida
Gary McSpadden tech (5 months ago)
The awkward moment when a history course has an episode that begins after I was born.
Awsamazing Eden (5 months ago)
There really just needs to be a crash course history on the entire Kennedy family, because it could be a college course on its own.
Vlad Plays (5 months ago)
never go to war with a noun... LBJ: We are at war with being poor
klins061 (5 months ago)
It’s not ALL-buh-nee, Georgia. It’s pronounced al-BAY-nee!
Andrea Torres (5 months ago)
Just started watch that show love it so far.
ZORG (6 months ago)
There's always money in the banana stand
williamsjdjr (6 months ago)
Dude is sold out to a liberal narrative. This isn’t history, it’s political indoctrination.
Alexandria Trenier (6 months ago)
One of my favorite time period fashions. The other is old school hip hop
Bethany Campione (6 months ago)
Technically, a noun is a person, place, or thing, so that's just about all you can war against. Even warring against an idea is warring against an abstract noun
Blessedone333AZ (6 months ago)
Lol this is the most pathetic history class EVER! Totally given with a liberal slant and never saying anything seriously bad about the problems! You missed the part in the 60s and the 50s where the Communists were using liberals progressives, black people, Latinos, and Native Americans, to push discontent and cause chaos in order for communism to take hold! You never mention that in the 1950s the United States allowed and actually used the history book called The Bible in class! You missed the atheistic domineering education being pushed on America after the war because of the the Nazis that we took in from Germany. You totally missed how prayer was taken out of school in the 1960s and how the actual real decent black people wene not rioting at all and you also Miss quoted the numbers of people who were working and not doing drugs. You also missed that African American fathers were in the household three times more than they are now when raising children and the family! You also missed the gay agenda which totally push for homosexuality beginning in the 1960s! Your kind of pathetic at your history telling because you're doing it from a communist liberal Progressive slant
Andrea Portes (6 months ago)
Um... you sort of forgot the assassination of Robert F Kennedy in 1968, which had a huge effect on the direction of the country. You know, like the fact he would've been elected president and was a champion of liberal ideas.
Katarína Halásová (6 months ago)
Just wanted to say hi and that these videos are a generous gift to English language students all over the world. Greatly done, such a good job! Thanks :)
JOHN MICHAEL REAL (6 months ago)
i have finals tmr.......
lovepeople Hu (6 months ago)
1960s. The time when Cultural Marxists powered by KGB from the Soviet Union started destroying America.
theflyingdutchboi (5 months ago)
Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965 was the beginning of the end
Indiana Jones (6 months ago)
Just kidding Battlestar Galactica
Janae Fuller (7 months ago)
Bith don't talk about ringo like that 😒
Austin Hollifield (7 months ago)
Finally the year I can say Im here for APUSH exam
Aabir Rashid (7 months ago)
Waverly Ritchie (7 months ago)
I’m taking to APUSH exam tomorrow and I’m convinced that somehow I’m gonna do so bad that they’re gonna make a 0 just for me Edit: Scratch that. My score is gonna be in the negatives.
KW (4 days ago)
to get a zero is actually pretty hard. that means you have to know all the right answers to choose the wrong answers
Lucias Potter (7 months ago)
Well you named the assassin who killed JFK. Why not who killed MLK? It’s public knowledge now.
DareToRS (7 months ago)
For those of you who may be interested, the majority of John's references to Eric Foner derive from Foner's critically-acclaimed book _The Story of American Freedom_ (1998). It explores American history through the lens of changing concepts of freedom over time - and how these concepts manifest within the eras of American history that furnished them.
Eleanor Vu (7 months ago)
APUSH anyone?
Hannah Thukral (7 months ago)
GIZARNO BAKUZU (7 months ago)
Nerdee79 (7 months ago)
WHICH BSG? LOL I hope it's the reboot. If so I agree whole heartedly.
Leroy Green (7 months ago)
Black people wanted equal right decades before the 50`s .
Iñigo Fúster (7 months ago)
I love this. But common, Rosa DID start the movement
Narguin Lee (7 months ago)
Academic Decathlon 2018-2019
Obang Odole (7 months ago)
Never go to war with a Me. You will always win
Lloyd Soards (7 months ago)
Horribly insulted by John's belittlement of Ringo Starr during the intro. Shame on you Mr. Green!
Bryan Argueta Camacho (7 months ago)
SOW0502 (7 months ago)
Starting the AP review
Yuliana Rivera (7 months ago)
The New Left that sprung out of the counter culture is the well spring for the vial partisan politics today. A specific exemption from conscription was to be a full-time college student. Enrollment in universities reached its highest level until 2010's, and sharply dropped in 1973 when the Vietnam War ended. Those who avoided conscription this way achieved extended degrees, became educators and used their pulpit to reshape curriculum with pro-communists/socialism which were prevalent in most student organizations and civil rights organizations. They have since attempted to reshape concepts of civic duty to mask their own shirking and Soviet collaboration.
Daelen Stonemeier (7 months ago)
according to wikipedia hank was born on Alabama and john was born in indianna
Mckitti899 (7 months ago)
I've been to the lunch counter in Greensboro
Chase Carswell (7 months ago)
wheres the moon landing?
king pin 146 (8 months ago)
1960s america was when the American dream was truly alive.
gatorboy (8 months ago)
why is Green's face so blurry during the Mystery Document
Eowyn Blum (8 months ago)
Ringo is just as important. Even though (clearly) I do love George. And Paul. And John.
nrundel1983 (8 months ago)
Who does the drawings on the chalkboard? Or are they computer generated?
Annie Bennett (8 months ago)
The arrested development shirt hahaa
Tommy Brandes (8 months ago)
Watching all of these for the 2018 AP test who else??
Nathalie Waid (8 months ago)
nice shirt
Zach P (8 months ago)
Was there a reference to Rage Against the Machine there? “Frack you, I won’t do what you tell me”...
Anayansi B. (8 months ago)
WAR is control by evil. If you kill you are a MURDERER period.
Amber Spath (8 months ago)
thats me (8 months ago)
did anyone notice the globe move at the beginning of the episode?
Atomic Dynamite (8 months ago)
And now we because of the massive disease that abortion has become (and arguably always was) we are now faced with the fight for a new right: the right of life.
Eowyn Blum (8 months ago)
I do not believe that Abortion is a disease. I think Women have the right to chose based on their situation. honestly, if a woman was young, or raped I think abortion would be the best option. however Atomic Dynamite I do agree that abortions should be avoided if possible, but every woman deserves a choice. I would like you to know I respect your opinion, and am simply stating mine.
Laurence Peterson (8 months ago)
great you from the past shirt!!!!!!
Brian The Fanboy (9 months ago)
What about the moon landing? That was in 1969.
Brian The Fanboy (9 months ago)
Unless of course you are wait for it. The Mongols.
FoxyTail (9 months ago)
You guys go to freakin fast. You talk so fast. You need to slow down...and you cram all this information and do it really fast. People don’t get anything out of this video really because you guys are freakin talking fast. Please slow down...
Midnite Lucy (9 months ago)
Yayyyy! A history video finally mentioned the gay riots of the Civil Rights Movement. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
TheSellersUnion (9 months ago)
Why does no one talk about Malcom X?
ProfesserDragonball (9 months ago)
What about the Texas Western minors In 1966?
Tim E (9 months ago)
There’s always money in the Banana Stand.

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