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How Well Can You Dress From Costco?! (You Wont Believe it!)

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Text Comments (1125)
Beastmode Ray (5 days ago)
Love the videos but fuck your rosegold and black nobody wants to buy that shit its okay to advertise it in one video but every video ..its annoying
Aaron Ho (7 days ago)
I think the flannel is too long
Terry Bolton (9 days ago)
You customise the clothing it's not from Costco anymore
description pg&e (24 days ago)
Jonathan Cisneros (1 month ago)
i know that in that day you were getting a merecedez with your brother😅😅
Girl Code (1 month ago)
Aw man I loved the jeans before they were tailored.
Jack Ross (1 month ago)
i'm highly impressed,
weapoN (2 months ago)
You get so many sponsors 😯😯😯
Ekicks559 (3 months ago)
Where can i get that flannel!!
1:33 "Cha-ching fa datt!" Dope video buddy!
ali cheras (4 months ago)
one words= genius...... keep doing it bro really wake up call to those think quality is expensive
Jacob. Boissonneault (4 months ago)
You gotta fuckin want it in life bro
Jacob. Boissonneault (4 months ago)
Bud do a how well you can dress from value village 200 is the price bugget
Jip Jox (4 months ago)
you do understand that the brands are fake right? no way you could get it that cheap!
Yaseen P K (4 months ago)
You got the same flannel from the girl behind you in 1:54
Gaming With Santi D. (4 months ago)
Costco is like the main store my family goes to. So I do buy clothes from there, cheap but worth it.
JL 2011 (5 months ago)
Please leave Jose Zuniga alone. I’m tired of all these beta males complaining about how he’s always having some type of advertisement in his videos...umm how do you think he gets all these hook ups for us? He works hard on helping you guys to not just dress better but save some money as well. Everything cost some money but be happy the man is doing the work for you and giving you discounts and also giving you places where you can get samples. So stop bitching and be thankful, that is all.
Federico Fekete (5 months ago)
Swimsuits over there are incredible. Haven’t seen the video
benja guelfenbein (5 months ago)
Hey guys y recently bought a Kenneth Cole watch, because the brand I expected a lot but I was a bit disappointed, can u tell me how good are the KC watches ? Please!!!
ZZZ XXX000 (5 months ago)
man that's such a beautiful pink shirt you have on there.
BeastlyBen007 (5 months ago)
what brand is that red flannel shirt?
BeastlyBen007 i bought that from vans
Bin Thành (5 months ago)
what is your sneaker's name sir ?
Dr.Moose (5 months ago)
2030 anyone?
Don't you think if you get your clothes to tight you might look gay
Not saying that gay is a bad thing but for a guy like me who is straight I don't want to look gay
QueenStatus (6 months ago)
Would be great to see how they fit before tailored.
7K 7S Gaming (6 months ago)
dude they are fake wtf rong with you
Alex Black (6 months ago)
Try Marshall’s or Ross
Jorge Torres (6 months ago)
More like PLATED rose gold n blk
Rap Beef (6 months ago)
What about shoes?
Kody Miller (6 months ago)
Do a Ross video
Fy nn (6 months ago)
Costco is just faking Ck , Tommy and more its fckn embarassing
Timmy Yo (6 months ago)
I dunno the jeans and flannel look OK off-the-rack
ayexshiroganex (6 months ago)
Please do Nike or adidas
Nick archy (7 months ago)
I have the same flannel why did you get that tailored it fits amazing as is
Mister Jingles (7 months ago)
I personally find two sepperate endorsements of the same brand in a seven minute video a bit too much. I can accept it though. Solid video.
Karim Younes (7 months ago)
Id sit on ur face jose
Bob Bob (7 months ago)
3:17 that women be needing more tailoring then you ...bruh
Ali Al-iRaqe (7 months ago)
why i feel like this whole video is an ad for h&m
theidn (7 months ago)
idk costco, but that flannel and navy chino's are good.
Jay White (7 months ago)
How much could a person pay you to be their personal stylists?
German Lion Productions (8 months ago)
Do you use the clothes personally?
Jodast (8 months ago)
shit, I can't gay ANY of this from my costco!
ROTTEN APPLE (8 months ago)
Soccer mom in da back😂😂😂1:24
Khanh Nguyen (8 months ago)
In Vietnam, I just go straight to the factory and buy Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt’s for 1 dollar each .
yung brian (8 months ago)
I may sound stupid but what is tailoring.(probably spelled it wrong)? How much does it cost and what does it do. Thanks
Roland James Asuncion (8 months ago)
Hmmm... Jose and his cam guy are in cahoots... Kinda suspicious.... Watcha guys think?
Stephen Vlogs (8 months ago)
Stop it with the sponsors
GamingYt (8 months ago)
That clap triggers me
Nazaplayer (8 months ago)
Calvin Klein for 20$... Cheap af
Antony Morales (8 months ago)
Hey Jose una pregunta en Walmart te pueden arreglar todo osea si te quedan grande y te combran por eso o tienes tu propia modista. Nunca compro ropa en Walmart solo dillars y mi favorito es Murano. Pero comparando el precio me gustaria probar Walmart.
John_ Carter (8 months ago)
is that your gay boyfriend?
John_ Carter (8 months ago)
lamar daley (9 months ago)
This guy advertises in every thing😂 Makes good vidstho
Chavman Rush (9 months ago)
You should do a blind folded H&M experience and have your brother help you get the right size and get it blind folded tailored and then put it all on then look at the out come when you put it on
Lil Leslie (9 months ago)
fine . ill buy something from rose gold and black . jeez
Russell Bogrett (9 months ago)
You tailor cheap clothes? What do you do with them when they shrink?
Richard Royce (9 months ago)
His modeling inserts are cringe af
John Marquez (9 months ago)
It’s not Costco clothes if you bought Kenneth Cole, Tommy Hilfiger, lucky brand etc lol if it’s Kirkland... yes.
Ethan Ratberry (9 months ago)
Costco is the shit when it comes to socks and boxers
Aditya Dey (9 months ago)
Jose do a makeover video
Steve Smith (9 months ago)
so I'm curious how people start using a box to put stuff in at Costco it's been so long since my family has shopped there that I don't remember. I wonder how newbies do it. Do they expect bags of some kind? But just watch people using boxed that costco has off in a pile to be trashed?
mob.chips (9 months ago)
This dudes own brand charges $30 for a white tee smh
Edward Cedillo (9 months ago)
I didn't catch what you were saying about ROSE GOLD & BLACK
Jason Cao (9 months ago)
Zach Wheat (9 months ago)
Costco got the hook up
Marvin Sanchez (9 months ago)
20$ Thrift Store Challenge.
Marvin Sanchez (9 months ago)
500$ Bloomingdales Challenge.
Marvin Sanchez (9 months ago)
500$ Bloomingdales Challenge.
john baumbach (9 months ago)
how much do you spend at the tailor in these vids? that would be helpful information
Wes S (9 months ago)
Costco has high quality clothes for an awesome price but because I'm short its hard to find 30 and below length pants.
Steve Smith (9 months ago)
haha same problem here
J.T. Henry (10 months ago)
I can’t tell if he’s being sarcastic or not.
Rob McGinnis (10 months ago)
People who shop at Urban Outfitters are just tossing their money down the drain. They prey on younger naive people to buy items for way higher a cost then they were ever worth. Champion used to be a generic brand found everywhere... it was so basic. These kids today made it "popular" and its 100 bucks for a champion hoodie? Wish I would have kept my crap clothes from decades ago to sell as I would be Rich with the markup.
Anirudh (10 months ago)
are the clothes in costco real? Like real ralph lauren, real tommy hilfiger? Or is it fake
Nateson (10 months ago)
Man what camera/lens did you use to shoot inside the store? That quality is insane
LM10 Ru Reh (10 months ago)
Tailoring the clothes is basically cheating, so I want to see a challenge with *no tailoring.*
Ezra Pstar (10 months ago)
The Uber Successful (10 months ago)
costco sells clothes 0.0
Good Shiz (11 months ago)
On my way to Costco...
Tony Williams (11 months ago)
Nordstrom Rack
sdmp78 (11 months ago)
Do goodwill , now that would be a challenge lol
Visual Vlogs (11 months ago)
Type of guy that loves to photoshop all his pictures and sights as he looks at them lol
James Thompson (11 months ago)
Go to a Goodwill and find a stylist outfit there
john mcalister (11 months ago)
JCPENNYS stafford Tshirts!!! are you best:-)
NedNit (11 months ago)
I am a female with no interest in men's fashion but here I am.
Chino Van Damme (11 months ago)
Hey i m a fan of your channel .. I have question what do you think about product from wish ? The shoes, clothing , and assories ext.
JayGrimes (11 months ago)
istiaq ahmed (11 months ago)
try BJ's
Ty Nguyen (11 months ago)
How about get the lower price clothes on eBay and I want to see how well you look. I’m sure you gonna look the same as alwayz
Ty Nguyen (11 months ago)
How much you got the Puma for ?
TDTlife (11 months ago)
How about the goodwill?
Aayan Kajla (1 year ago)
Which was the white sneakers
Jimmy Nguyen (1 year ago)
erik lopez (1 year ago)
please do Macy's
it nice (1 year ago)
man just tailored his costco clothes
Omid N.N. (1 year ago)
American Costco is soooooo much better than British Costco! Kenneth Cole, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein?! All we have is Puma and Kirkland!
Aliah Laquihon (1 year ago)
Jose you should do american eagle outfitters or diesel
Michael Mastro (1 year ago)
The ass area of those lucky brand looks very scrunchy after the tailor fit.
Lars Freeburg (1 year ago)
Lmao I’m a cyclist who likes to wear tight af skinny jeans.
:::seean::: ::sison:: (1 year ago)
Jose getting better and better at sliding these sponsors in
Yaboyshaan 772 (1 year ago)
The way he plugged😂👍

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