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Amazing Technology Invented By MIT - Tangible Media

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At the MIT Media Lab, the Tangible Media Group believes the future of computing is tactile. Unveiled today, the inFORM is MIT's new scrying pool for imagining the interfaces of tomorrow. Almost like a table of living clay, the inFORM is a surface that three-dimensionally changes shape, allowing users to not only interact with digital content in meatspace, but even hold hands with a person hundreds of miles away. And that's only the beginning. Created by Daniel Leithinger and Sean Follmer and overseen by Professor Hiroshi Ishii, the technology behind the inFORM isn't that hard to understand. It's basically a fancy Pinscreen, one of those executive desk toys that allows you to create a rough 3-D model of an object by pressing it into a bed of flattened pins. With inFORM, each of those "pins" is connected to a motor controlled by a nearby laptop, which can not only move the pins to render digital content physically, but can also register real-life objects interacting with its surface thanks to the sensors of a hacked Microsoft Kinect. Source : http://is.gd/JA9UBr
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Text Comments (8249)
DA TACO CAT (10 hours ago)
now just tell me the purpose
Sane Diamond (12 hours ago)
I remembered me watching this in 2013.. It was good old times.
hi (1 day ago)
imagine if AI takes over this
Sentient2x (1 day ago)
I don’t see the “astounding implications” of this. It’s a good idea, but very limited.
Artur Schopenhauer (1 day ago)
So that Black Panther tech is possible after all...
Tess Peng (1 day ago)
Wow!! That is so cool and I never seen this kind cool invention on any TV commercial before. Only MIT. But it would be nice to apply this kind new high tech on bed ridden patient to have some certain exam in hospital. Like a mini train or belt for transportation purpose............. STF....
Luc McGrath (1 day ago)
its on my bucket list to mess around with this
DrPhil Official (2 days ago)
Is this fake
level 3 gay (2 days ago)
make it finer
Tonedef 76 (2 days ago)
When he uses it to open a beer then I’ll be impressed. 🍺
Bluejack (2 days ago)
it's been 4 years. guess it wasn't that amazing after all
Wahidul Islam (2 days ago)
Why does it look like stop motion?
DaMaGe aNa PiEcEu (2 days ago)
In the movie wolverine... Yashida lies on a thing like this...
awindwaker (3 days ago)
If a large scale one of these was built, I could see it being used anywhere from construction to improving highways. It's like telekinesis.
AERGXUYOS SaulValdis (3 days ago)
I need it
Angela Hsiao (3 days ago)
I could see this becoming a great accessibility tool
ギャラント (3 days ago)
China did it first, in 2008 Olympic opening ceremony, all by hand, no electricity required 😂
Kelvin J Lee (3 days ago)
Make them smaller and you'll catch my attention.
Yolopoliuhcayotl XD (4 days ago)
Se acerca el dia en que la magia podra hacerse realidad.
so many people being infected with uropiece
Lewis Leslie (4 days ago)
Titititiok tititititok is shit
RockyAliTyson (4 days ago)
Lamest thing I've ever seen in my life, apparently things like this and weaponry is why we don't have cures for simple things like cancer and all those other horrible things. Wonder how much of our money was wasted on this so these people can have fun.
Daniel Blaze (4 days ago)
M'y God, I am too old for to see the next miracle of science. 😞
Abhirami Suresh (5 days ago)
Wow this is so cool
SHOHAN 360 (5 days ago)
Gayu Gayathri (5 days ago)
Wow!! What a amazing technology 😊😊👌👌👌👌👍👍👍
Jim Kush (5 days ago)
Rui Pinheiro (5 days ago)
No subtitles for Deaf people? :(
Rui Pinheiro (5 days ago)
Someone told me nobody is speaking in the video, just music. So, suggestion... add caption saying something like "music playing" so Deaf people don't think they are saying things.
Rupa Shrestha (6 days ago)
aramanth (7 days ago)
Is this OKGO's new video??
jean pauliac guillard (7 days ago)
inspired by 2008 olympics?
Nishant Akela (8 days ago)
wow it's amazing...
XOTiCiTY (10 days ago)
I can have an intercoarse online without coming to their house xD
Byrone Torija (10 days ago)
Sikandar Abbas (11 days ago)
Very useful for scientist if attached with manless planetary rover like curiosity rover currently working on Mars. When scientist finds an object/stone on Mars and they want to observe it through their hands , they can use it there to perform it quickly and easily. Currently Rover takes time to move this object/stone with it's tools.
Nirate Goel (2 days ago)
How? You have seen the size of the machine and it needs to be under the object to interact with it. Plus it won't. Cause half the problem/most of it is the delay. it's not a miracle machine data can't be beamed to it instantly. It'll be slower than the current tools, given it's like of grip and that'll it experience the same lag as the current things while also having a higher risk of damaging the object.
Something (11 days ago)
And you need this because....?
Hemerald (11 days ago)
if you had like a room full of those you could make a 3D sculpture of a building
art에반 (12 days ago)
Imagine if this was a super power
David Clarence Ching (12 days ago)
wow *technoligy*
Adrian Say (12 days ago)
Chris Tsurapis (12 days ago)
I dont undertand where can be nesecery this?
RarinSaucer61 (13 days ago)
Holy crap these people are r apply good at editing videos
Oscar W.L Song (14 days ago)
what's the use of this?
rishita shaw (14 days ago)
If the cuboids were smaller then it would look more fantastic i guess... But it looks pretty awesome now too
shieldofpeace (15 days ago)
Cool. Maybe someday the bars will become more tiny so that they will create smoother 3d image/terrain
Patrick Fischer (15 days ago)
any DIY projects like this?
Harrison Seitanidis (19 days ago)
Rizwan Ahmad Bhatti (20 days ago)
increase the resolution (make those slabs thinner), such that it feels like a continuum.
cessy tsun (20 days ago)
Only, a smart person was able to create that 😂
cessy tsun (20 days ago)
shadow gamer (21 days ago)
This was 5 years ago ok wtf
Supartha Gede (21 days ago)
Minecraft alert
Andrews Ramos (23 days ago)
How much coding did it required ???
First Last (26 days ago)
Fuck why did I not stay in school??? Oh well, at least I can play with the stuff
Vishal Farma (26 days ago)
I agree, that red ball seems pretty futuristic
Chell (29 days ago)
Very cool - you know that thing was tedious as all hell to program.
we can do anything (1 month ago)
Super bro Nice product
Real Trash (1 month ago)
*Iphone Ad camed.*
Russian Bot (1 month ago)
Do you have any idea the shit that m.i.t. students have invented...and your impressed by this.......robotic keyboard
Sanjiv Kumar (1 month ago)
Hey #author how we can make this
Randyp2014 (1 month ago)
How can I buy this for my Math department?
Randyp2014 (1 month ago)
Frick it ill make it.
Cassandra Q. (1 month ago)
So, the Samara from Rings can really come out now?
westmkk1 (1 month ago)
Make a Minecraft map
Collin Dass (1 month ago)
very useful technology
The Light Side (1 month ago)
Whoever coined the term "meatspace" needs to be horsewhipped.
Scott MacNab (1 month ago)
kind of totally lame
Veeresh Ullegaddi (1 month ago)
I think teleport is possible within 2030
Denny Andrean (1 month ago)
Future is coming
Tech Extra Dose (1 month ago)
Super 👌👍
TheTwistedTempo (1 month ago)
Big hero 6 vibes
Timothée Ribier (1 month ago)
Like sci-fi movies !!!!
MUMIN KHAN (1 month ago)
turtle mind (1 month ago)
How does it serve any good..?
DroidRazer (1 month ago)
Just saw Markiplier in an Axe ad
Sáo trúc đào viên (1 month ago)
Owen Clements (1 month ago)
This could be used for making maps in video games
Mr. X (1 month ago)
We can make a 3D map like in The “Division Pre Order Trailer”
Busigari Harishreddy (1 month ago)
What is use of this technology
Stjepan Bastic (1 month ago)
Lets be real....if they have published this....then they have made this exact shit in larger proportion with smaller blocks.....micro sized or maybe smaller. This is just for public.
EPICGAMER64 (1 month ago)
i wanna touch that so bad!
So finally, Minecraft arrived...
Vieri Zona (1 month ago)
Creepy yet Cool and Satisfying
Nelson Gj (1 month ago)
Mine craft future😉
Jessica Acosta (1 month ago)
Fallen angel technology??
Lmao whos using a kinect? Also looks like a really expensive yet cool toy, and not like something that will change my life or something
Lucas Schulthess (1 month ago)
No le veo mucha utilidad
Md Faizan Hashmi (1 month ago)
Totally fake video
lord dragan (1 month ago)
Imagine if our hands were like this 😱
GB Ki Vines (1 month ago)
Kya kaam ka h ye
Lucas Delfino (1 month ago)
The implications are incredible!
amar_ sm (1 month ago)
I'm out of words this just...
Jatin Chaudhary (1 month ago)
I want to let you know guys i had the same thought of using cubes this way to play games more practically..m but after watching this i am feeling little down just like someone steals my food..but great innovation..
NyAnCaTbOy6 (1 month ago)
I want it
ZH Z (1 month ago)
Beijing Olympics
Good Man (1 month ago)
How much? If it's not for sale, shave it in your ass and don't show us your stupid private shit.🙂
the pandemics (1 month ago)
Make it 3d.
Jos C (1 month ago)
Imagine multiple grids connected to visualize topography. Pretty cool stuff! 😁
Zdzichu S. (1 month ago)
pls introduce colours... ;-D it's amazing and pretty much usless (except for ART and nuke weaponry)... and also quite obvious thing... I bet - 10 yrs old will soon show you, MIT, some of ur limits
Care for Environment (1 month ago)
Sorry Techs, This glitch has been patched in update 12.5.7
Secretly Pringles (1 month ago)

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