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INBETWEEN: Beware of Greeks... - s01e04

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An exquisitely decorated mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Asleep in the company of Greek and Roman bronze statuettes depicting naked men and boys is Nikos. He is gently awakened by a satin robed Peter coming in carrying a breakfast tray. Craftily avoiding Peter's overtures, Nikos manages to gain permission to use his expensive convertible for a meeting with a producer. Dean's bong-addicted manager Brian delivers the news that Dean has been booked for the JEEP commercial. Giddy with thoughts about the projected earnings and perhaps second hand Marijuana smoke, Dean sets off day-dreaming about his future. In the mandatory restaurant staff meeting that same afternoon Doris bluntly reiterates the imperative of pushing bottled water and wine with dinner. Meeting breaks unexpectedly when Doris catches a glimpse of Frank smoking a cigarette on the patio deck and beelines to reprimand him. Enroute to their acting class Dean and his ex-work buddy Henry, poach a couch left on the curbside. Sitting down for a minute to catch their breath Dean learns the truth behind Henry's recent falling out with Doris and the reason for all the returned food at the restaurant. ----------------------------------------------- Starring: Emmanuel Todorov, Norma Maldonado, Peyton McCormick, Stephen Seidel, Peter Nikkos, Jorge Diaz, Omar Leyva, Luis Jose Lopez, Hugo Garcia and Anthony Pavelich Guest Stars: Brian Scolaro, Gregory Franklin, Henry Beylin, Cooper Harris, David Seidenberg Featuring: Inger Eppeland Directed by: Billy Hayes Director of Photography: Josh Harrison Music by: Nick Pourpourakis, Crispy Albino More Info: https://pro-labs.imdb.com/title/tt4699170/
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Text Comments (11)
Vernon Mobley (2 years ago)
Very Nice
Vernon Mobley (2 years ago)
That would be fantastic. I would love to do some more. Hope to be in California later this summer perhaps we can meet.
Inbetween Webseries (2 years ago)
Vernon, thank you for the amazing drum solos!! Hope to have it picked up and do some more:-)
BIG LOOKA (3 years ago)
i must say you really know how to create a standard video
harrismartin100 (3 years ago)
m definitely gonna subscribe this channel now
whitemofokilla (3 years ago)
i really got no words to describe the perfection level of this new drama series all i have to say is that this one truly is one of the best series i have ever watched in my whole life
Demon Boy (3 years ago)
that was so fucking cool bro, keep sharing your creative work with us
More David (3 years ago)
Liked and subscribed and shared as well
MercedesRollinBaller (3 years ago)
genuinely incredible ! !
brian steven (3 years ago)
lol you guys are really working hard to promote this new drama series
MJ DONALD (3 years ago)
lol old gay haha

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