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Dungeon Sea Online!!!Best Private Server NO hamachi 24/7

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Best Private Server ever made!! Great gms, great ppl...easy to lvl up easy to become stronge, great guilds all mazes working CA, BH, DW, SW, GA(Glacier armagedon: maze to lvl up have all lv of sand bags for u to lvl up easier), guild wars, everything...Rb working 2nd Rb working too, BD work, all abbadons work...WINTER island working all isles..Max lv100, max pet lv51... WHAT THIS SERVER DONT HAVE?? :P hehe Rates: 5 x Solo-Exp 10 x Party-Exp 5 x Drop-Rate 50 x Fairy-Growth 5 x Ship-Exp Register link: http://dungeonsea.com/?act=register&ref=koke1782 client link: http://anonym.to/?http://dso2.no-ip.biz/dso.exe Forum link: http://dungeonseaonline.freeforums.org/ JOIN US!!!! xD k some ppl has been asking for the black skin that it rlly fcking own lol so here it go the patch: http://members.iinet.net.au/%7Etsunami2/ODS%20Noir%20skin%20beta%20testv0.6c.exe u just have to dl it then save it in ur DSO client and start game on thats all xD GL and again JOIN USS!!! :P
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Text Comments (36)
Adrian Keineahnung (6 years ago)
i play Undead Pirates now over 3yeahrs...
Albania FreeForLife (6 years ago)
fuck you all servers noobs never one keep on 3 years or 2 only 3 or 4 month and close why the fuck
Equilibrium (6 years ago)
good old time.....
Thompson Spinelli (6 years ago)
I can not download dungeon-sea not because
Meister2k (6 years ago)
DSO is hard to gain tons of money. I play it already and it sucks. I'm still a noob.
Nicolás Elgueta (7 years ago)
Join Tales of Gods All Rebirths working alot of events new apparels new textures adn is a new server so join hamachi networks are Tales_of_Gods, Tales_of_Gods2, Tales_of_Gods3 password: 123 for all saturdays and sundays are double exp and drop rate :D
MrNi9E (7 years ago)
WORST private server ever. Don't even try playing it, or you'll seriously regret it. -.-
XxshamangirlxX (8 years ago)
i only stoped playing for 2 monthes for exams and i try to play again and 1.my account got off T_T ..2. i tryd to make another acc and got in all the npc gone what happen guys ?? xDmiss my lvl 92 char and my 230m gold :(
Cashan (8 years ago)
@kokecarrillo1 fuking sh1t i cant see my username after i download and when im creating character my char dont have any name's why this is fuking server
Mandinga Gamer (8 years ago)
jojoo Salu2 ryder de venezuela soy Geminis14
evilinhereyes (8 years ago)
isnt this DG pirates online? i saw on system and it said EXITz opened lot and obtain exp, i know EXITz on DG pirates online...
Tobi Sanbi (8 years ago)
Lol better play other private server this dungeonsea is so fuckin bored they dont sell mordo jr no 2nd gen pets no rebirth wings damn better play other private server like DGpirates
Izildo .Pimentel (8 years ago)
i downloaded like 4times but he dont have some files it is closed i think
Rikka Takanashi (9 years ago)
Koke where u get the 95 uns and other kewl stuff's in npc or events or something?
Rikka Takanashi (9 years ago)
Yeah right... who cares about Maple Story =)
Hector Lublubin (9 years ago)
guyz where's the patch do i need to download the. client? o_0 it takes 10hours looool
Tudleif trudle (9 years ago)
when i try to start its coming game.exe has stopped to work wtf is that comment and say what i need to do plzzzz=D
Al'sDj Brando (9 years ago)
Adalgrim Took (9 years ago)
were is the GA glacier armagedon???
0sorezu (9 years ago)
u got ur info wrong XP max lv is 120
Ivan Cañete (9 years ago)
this is the best server
flyocat (9 years ago)
Is there anyway to get fast/easy money like chopping wood?
Rj Podschweit (9 years ago)
how i d. load?
Yoyo Guy (9 years ago)
dasudo12 that will be impossible first he isnt a gm 2 they will never do taht 3 you are an idiot
Dasudo (9 years ago)
plzzz can u make npc sell unseal for all lvl
Vexens (9 years ago)
wow does it even matter and lil waynes music isnt that good rap makes no sense anymore
Martini Rosato (9 years ago)
how u do the black colour?
UrAFukFaceHeHe (9 years ago)
how do u downloand this private server message me plz
Alexander Schmidt (9 years ago)
ya if you like a admin who hacks your acc on real top if you put same id and pass then gratz for finding this
Maastonakki (9 years ago)
that server is not like that i have it who u are trying to cheat?? dumb ass!
bbworld (9 years ago)
i have the server files same as them too and have a Private server is running.. PM me if you want to join, rates are higher than them a bit :) you can use their clients to join as well...
M Rose (9 years ago)
Awesome Video Twins :P
M Rose (9 years ago)
hi Ryder its me Tasky your Twins :P Nice Pic.
M Rose (9 years ago)
Its only for our Guild lol!
Pedro Farinha (9 years ago)
how u get this skin and this zoom? and une question: are you Ryder?
De Woofs (9 years ago)
OMG...Stop using this skin,Its not urs,U could really just at least thank the man that made it

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