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Hand Drawing Music Video Effect - After Effects Tutorial

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Ever wonder how to get that scribble, hand animated look on your music video? We cover that today! Enjoy the tutorials? Feel free to donate for more content here: http://paypal.me/caleblancaster Here's some links: Portfolio: https://www.behance.net/caleblancaster Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/caleblancaster Twitter: http://twitter.com/lancastersedits Instagram: http://instagram.com/xcaleb For business inquiries contact: [email protected]ve.com Futuristic One Take - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXt2FLMJ_tI
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Caleb Lancaster (1 year ago)
A lot of people were wondering how you'd go about making this effect as an overlay to put on top of another video, check out my part 2 of this tutorial that goes over that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEIw6s4kpcs
Andrei Sorrel (15 days ago)
Caleb Lancaster so how do u make person disappear and just the hand drawing will show? Have you seen josh heuston intro his is like a moving face and its really cool
Abbyga Leal (7 months ago)
love the voice <3 ___ <3 THANKS FOR THE TUTORIAL ;)
Joshua Mendoza (8 months ago)
Royal Clashers the sophwere is actually called aftereffects
Lil Broomstick (8 months ago)
What software is this
Joshua Mendoza (9 months ago)
Caleb Lancaster its after effects lol
L. Ducon (2 days ago)
Does anyone know if my MacBook Pro is maxed out that it will be able to handle a work load in A.Premiere???
Cindy Hua (14 days ago)
Hello! This might be a little late but the Duration section doesn't show up for me? It just shows Mode and Channel then nothing else. Is there something I'm not doing?
Andrei Sorrel (15 days ago)
so my question is how do u make the person disappear and just the hand drawing effect showing??
BLast ON (28 days ago)
nice tutorial thanksss...!!
BLast ON (28 days ago)
i like the way you set your after effects panels
zia dadis (29 days ago)
This was amazing, Caleb! I've been looking for a way to do hand-drawn animations on videos without having to use pen tool and I found this. Was wondering if the effect is still available for the Premiere Pro CC program. Would you happen to know? Anyway, again, amazing job! So happy I found your channel. Keep making amazing work! 😄
EvanHTV (2 months ago)
Is there a way you can do this on Premiere Pro without using aftereffects??
All Around Jay (2 months ago)
Great video
Mrityunjoy Paul (3 months ago)
is this useful for cs6 as well ?
Alex Amor (3 months ago)
Crumpetzz (3 months ago)
how do i go frame to frame pls
Caleb Lancaster (3 months ago)
Ctrl + Right/Left arrow key on Windows -- Cmd + Right/Left arrow key on Mac
DaIeDenton (3 months ago)
Echo (3 months ago)
you do realise your name means bitch (dog) in arabic right
JECT. STUDIO (3 months ago)
thank you for your After Effects Tutorial. You help me a lot. https://youtu.be/Lc7eJDKP0XY
GeorgiaTime (3 months ago)
THANK YOU! I’ve been looking so long for this!!!
madasaki sharabea (4 months ago)
how do you erase it though?
mustafa tawfeek (4 months ago)
jb1dbtrlove (4 months ago)
Thank youuu this video saved my life
mikey del negro (4 months ago)
lyrical lemonade style. it's remnant to how you would scratch film to make that effect before digital.
Stacey Valentine (4 months ago)
0:55 on fullscreen and wanted to skip 20 seconds in the recorded video ... ouch ... needed me 10 seconds to realise why it stopped instead skipping lol
Walid Fatam (5 months ago)
very helpful man thanks a lot
Derpyfacegaming (5 months ago)
What about those dance with Bruno mars musically things? He had those
Brazzy JØŞË (5 months ago)
Is there a app for this
PhLino B (5 months ago)
How do you see it in real time or export the video so that when it plays normally you can see your lines?
XXX KID (5 months ago)
how do you move frame by frame because i have to move it with my mouse like i have tot ake the time indicator and drag it to the net frame but i can drag it to the next frame because the time indicator goes to fast so what i want to do is like click a button to move on frame forward and another button to move one frame back
L M (2 months ago)
XXX KID arrows
youngmanners (6 months ago)
How do i move to next frame after drawing 1st part of the outline
Josh Stadtmueller (6 months ago)
Does anyone know the shortcut to skip ahead just one frame?
Cezar (6 months ago)
Hi, i need help : My shot is in 120 is, so in AE when I draw one its during for 5, how can i draw frame per frame ? Thanks
PedalStrapped (6 months ago)
Holy shit i was trying to find this effect tutorial forever! thank you so much
BLVCKËHART (7 months ago)
Ok, so I have a pretty solid grasp of this. Nothing complicated. BUT. Whenever I hold CTRL to move frames, each line lasts 2 frames instead of one. I have Single Frame selected, but it’s still lasting for 2 frames instead of 1. I’m in a 24FPS timeline, can anyone provide some insight?
RazRBLX (7 months ago)
Does it work with Sony Vegas Pro 15?
Kazza (7 months ago)
There is no audio on my clip when it is in after effects
Kazza (7 months ago)
how to you move frame by frame
Joshua Mendoza (7 months ago)
But how do you go to each frame
Caleb Lancaster (7 months ago)
ctrl + left or right arrow
Joshua Mendoza (7 months ago)
Thank you so much
Samuel PhillipsMEDIA (8 months ago)
thabks man rlly helped
Aslan French (8 months ago)
Are you just limited to that single brush style? What if I have a bunch of cool brushes in Photoshop? Is it possible to use those textured brushes instead?
Syed Ajwad Ud Din (8 months ago)
Hey I need to know by which software videos like this: https://youtu.be/kIZeom6Bq1k Can be easily made :) I have filmora and after effects right now but can install any other one if required :)
HyperMangi (8 months ago)
7.3K likes, 73 Dislikes. What?
bobbyevans _ (8 months ago)
is it possible to turn on onion skin? please respond, thnaks.
Bianca Felipe (2 months ago)
Any updates on this? I'm curious as well.
edac (8 months ago)
is there any way to see the previous frame's ghost/ outline for the drawing??? pls!!!
Julio Cesar Inacio (8 months ago)
Kain (8 months ago)
What is the app/software does he use
denisse (8 months ago)
Adobe After Effects
Evan Simmons (8 months ago)
so when i double click the clip it just goes to a black screen
Ro GrahamBeauty (9 months ago)
Does anyone have this software? And other software for video editing?
jane doe (9 months ago)
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Carmen (9 months ago)
for mobil ?
Joshua Mendoza (9 months ago)
Joshua Mendoza (9 months ago)
What editing software is this?
Matt Alvarado (9 months ago)
can i do this with a photo? itd end up being a gif
RFFMRCY (10 months ago)
HalfNutter (10 months ago)
Great tutorial! i made this with your help! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cH9QJoQvmSw&feature=youtu.be
Collins Munandi (10 months ago)
damm Stephf (10 months ago)
Do this only works on computer not on phones?
Zezinhoo C (10 months ago)
Amazing! Thank you so much, you helped me a lot :) Can't wait to use this effect on my new video, thank you :D
Dirty Dena (11 months ago)
good shtuff. anyway to do that with shape layers
Jayair Sims (11 months ago)
I love you brooooooooo!!!!!
isabela celes (11 months ago)
hi there. so i'm creating a video with the scribble effect. after drawing all the layers, i figured out another color of brush would work better. is it possible to change the color of all the layers already painted (more than 300!) or do i have to redraw them all one by one with the new color? thank you in advance! x
Adrian Buczynski (1 year ago)
The hop in the background, subscribed.
CodeinePenguin (1 year ago)
I’m tryig to find this song that had similar effects and x’s on eyes.. it was really underrated and had ”way” in the name, I think there was two black guys.. if someone remembers the name please help.
Fahad Hayat (1 year ago)
Can I use the trim path option on these brush strokes? or will I have to use the pen tool for it? I want the appearance/disappearance of the strokes to be a bit firm. Can anyone help? thank you.
Caleb Lancaster (1 year ago)
No, because it's not a shape layer. If I were you I would do this technique with a shape layer/pen tool and the effect "roughen edges" so the lines aren't so clean.
corta arterias (1 year ago)
can i delet the video and keep the drawing?
Caleb Lancaster (1 year ago)
I made a part 2 of this tutorial that goes over that, you can find it at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEIw6s4kpcs
parkguard2 (1 year ago)
this takes 4 ever in sony vegas
CDCASIO (1 year ago)
atcq in the back, i see u
rpd (1 year ago)
Cole Bennet lol
Melanin_Supreme (1 year ago)
How do i go frame by frame?
Sarah Guganovic (1 year ago)
you can hold Command (Mac) or Control (PC) and tap the LEFT or RIGHT arrows, to move a frame left or right in the timeline.
infay blacjac (1 year ago)
wich key is next frame?
YourQualia (1 year ago)
Is it possible to do the animating over each frame then delete the video, leaving only the animation?
Caleb Lancaster (1 year ago)
I made a part 2 of this tutorial that goes over that, you can find it at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEIw6s4kpcs
Ray Tan (1 year ago)
why my paint tool setting doesn't show the single frame option, I'm a beginner in after effect, can anyone help me solve this problems please.
Erik Thureson (1 year ago)
Stephon Fowlkes (1 year ago)
Anybody really dope at this let me know. Im looking for an artist for hire. Hmu
PrinceBader Official (1 year ago)
i love it Thank's Dude
Ribić1337 MvM (1 year ago)
Thanx for mute song of JB <3
May Htoo (1 year ago)
i want to know if its possible to fist my sister
chris aguilera (1 year ago)
is there a way to save the drawing that you made, let's say a spaceship, so that you can copy and paste it onto each frame? think it would save me so much time
Issuez (1 year ago)
When i use the roto brush affect it has a pink outline and i cant get it to go away, could you please help me with that?
Hey... When I render my project to AVI, the scribble effect is not showing. Can you help me? I did all the steps, but When I render I am not seeing the effect.
DansProductions (1 year ago)
What software is this in?
Caleb Lancaster (1 year ago)
DansProductions After Effects
doumdotexe (1 year ago)
FIRST AE tutorial I actually managed to understand completely! Bless you, sir. Short, sweet, to the point, but not so much that you're speeding through without truly explaining the steps. THANK YOU!
Krista (1 year ago)
Caleb Lancaster (1 year ago)
Its.Just.Krista Scroll wheel
Josh Turner (1 year ago)
thank for this one !!!!!
Regina Calix (1 year ago)
can you do a "Sorry Lyric Video" After Effects tutorial?
Aye Aye (1 year ago)
Is there any way you can do this effect on iphones
Caleb Lancaster (1 year ago)
Not that I know of.
Jinx TK (1 year ago)
Dope! I'm definitely gonna use this technique in a future video.
Pitchayakan S. (1 year ago)
pretty cool!!
Devon Hunter (1 year ago)
Getter's Head Splitter video does the effects better than Justin Beiber's video
Joelle // (1 year ago)
Can you teach how to do it on ipad?
Roberto Santos (1 year ago)
thanks for the tutorial dude !
Faizah Muntaco (1 year ago)
how to move ahead to the next frame??helpme :''')
Visual Hearts (1 year ago)
how do i render the video first, because now its lagging at playback
Matisse Maaskant (1 year ago)
A bit late, but you just play it without effect then the green bar will appear
Turoksar (1 year ago)
Is there a lightbox feature?
zachio decanini (1 year ago)
can this be done in motion 5?
C.Vibez Beats (1 year ago)
Mines doesnt have the top tool bar with paint and all that on it.
Mike young (1 year ago)
check out this video guys! The music video America is a great example of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nZKwreCVtU
take action (1 year ago)
Is it possible to hide or delete the video layer after drawing over it? So you would just see what you painted?
Caleb Lancaster (1 year ago)
I made a part 2 of this tutorial that goes over that, you can find it at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEIw6s4kpcs
OwensCorner (1 year ago)
OMG dude this is amazing!!! Btw a great new example of this now is the music video for What I Like by Bruno Mars. I love this so much
ErraticFox (1 year ago)
Why don't you use the roto brush and Vegas stroke? :p
Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
The real mvp (1 year ago)
Famous Dex videos 😂😂
hansoulglo (1 year ago)
I thought about Cole Bennett the whole time hahaha talented guy
Alec Szabo (1 year ago)
Cole Bennett more specifically

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