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Doja Cat - "Mooo!" (Official Video)

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“Mooo!” out now: http://smarturl.it/dcMOOO Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/dcMOOO/applemusic iTunes: http://smarturl.it/dcMOOO/itunes Spotify: http://smarturl.it/dcMOOO/spotify Amazon Music: http://smarturl.it/dcMOOO/az Google Play: http://smarturl.it/dcMOOO/googleplay TIDAL: http://smarturl.it/dcMOOO/tidal YouTube: http://smarturl.it/dcMOOO/youtube SoundCloud: http://smarturl.it/dcMOOO/soundcloud Follow Doja Cat: https://www.facebook.com/DojaCat https://www.instagram.com/dojacat/ http://www.dojacat.com/
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Text Comments (132708)
Jose Garcia (6 minutes ago)
My mind while i'm doing a final test
Violence WAell (9 minutes ago)
Laura Kiselyk (14 minutes ago)
Sometimes I wonder who has such a great imagination to invent this 😂
Basically IDoThgs (20 minutes ago)
Unblock london
Rey Menacher (1 hour ago)
Story of the day: This was one of my friends ringtones and this went off in the middle of English during silent reading time. 😁
Elizabeth Midnight (1 hour ago)
When you genuinely like the song but you try to show other people it and they just your weird bc of the video 🤦🤠
Trenton 0_0 (1 hour ago)
When people ask what my spirit animal is:
Renthal Haynes (1 hour ago)
i hate how she added a guitar in the orignal is was a dope ass piano she played but you cnt here it no more☹
Noah Shaultz (2 hours ago)
I’d divorce my wife to just smell a cloth soaked in your farts 😍
I knew I was gay the second I noticed that her glasses matched her outfit before I noticed the anime tiddies
Isabella Avila (2 hours ago)
I feel like in a few years listening to this meme music is gonna feel very nostalgic
doanhdoanh mai (2 hours ago)
This is the worst video
Frank j b (2 hours ago)
I just took a shit.
x sad_bxtch x (2 hours ago)
*i couldn't relate more*
Jose Garchia (2 hours ago)
Estoy muy enojado
Just Sasha33 (2 hours ago)
Why is this even a thing
lucky singh music (3 hours ago)
Plss make more songs like mooo
*haters will say that it is green screen*
my name (3 hours ago)
Why is this soooo good
Cupid Shallowie (3 hours ago)
*t h i c c af*
EatDatEgg (4 hours ago)
The Real Clorox Bleach (4 hours ago)
Please marry London yellow
My crush: I am so hungry that i could eat a whole cow Me: Moooooooooo!, Moooooooooo!, Moooooooooo!, Moooooooooo!... Bitch i'm a COW
JD Small Esquire (4 hours ago)
Brooklyn Gacha (4 hours ago)
*cody orlove has entered the chat*
Maya Sa'eid (5 hours ago)
When she said I'm a cow, I felt that. *Eats chips*
G.O.M.D (5 hours ago)
Baby marry me 😍😍
Madilyn Castillo (5 hours ago)
yeah, sex is good but have you ever listened to "Mooo" by doja cat on repeat 6935 times at 4am? also where tf do you get a sexy cow outfit...im asking for a friend
Ultra 9ineeleven (6 hours ago)
What the hell pls help this cow 🐄🐮 , that cow be thinking she is a pro singer 🐮
Trường Tuệ (6 hours ago)
Friends : are you a lesbian?, are you a Bi? parents : are you straight , are you gay ? Me : BiTch i’M a C0W
G.O.M.D (6 hours ago)
Like if you’ll fuck the shit out this chick and nut in her 💦 Cmon don’t lie
K I (6 hours ago)
Use me as a moo button
E Rob (6 hours ago)
Why hasn't Fabolous or Wayne done their version yet?
Rock Man (6 hours ago)
This music video is so Mooo
Good Boy (7 hours ago)
I remembered kung pow scene
Bitch I’m a cow
Mason B (7 hours ago)
Doja is such a legend for this
Tommy Loika (7 hours ago)
I'll be your gay friend
Babyal Garbutt (7 hours ago)
this song is addicting and weird
Crystal Mcnuggets (8 hours ago)
Ethan _ (8 hours ago)
Just me who noticed the music/beat is completely different from when it came out :((
hc pi (8 hours ago)
London's was better
Sweetpotato Playz (8 hours ago)
Crush: I actually love cows bro Me:
SwankestSet 1912 (8 hours ago)
*the first time I've had a crush on a cow*
t o e y (8 hours ago)
KiTT (8 hours ago)
Mike Smith (8 hours ago)
Mike Smith (8 hours ago)
unity. (9 hours ago)
I've been listening to this for 7 hours omfg
Mäñglëz RBLX (9 hours ago)
Lots of hentai 😐
sHelman (9 hours ago)
my eyes, MY GOD DAM EYES
Mix Melancia (9 hours ago)
《DBZ》 Apollo (9 hours ago)
thezekroman (9 hours ago)
I always wondered when the weird side of YouTube would appear on my home page
Statalisso (10 hours ago)
The best part was the anime tiddies.
KingCrimeTime (10 hours ago)
youtube figured out i have a thing for shitposting and thicc women skynet is upon us
I’m so obsessed with this song. lmao 😆So punny
Somniphobia ! (10 hours ago)
*music video she savage* *when you look in desc* me: where the bitch am cow??
R Kordic (10 hours ago)
My friend: I'm Vegan 🌱 Me: 🍔
Jammita (10 hours ago)
Doja: I’m not a cat, I don’t say meow. WELL EXPLAIN YOUR USERNAME
UwU Cupcakes (11 hours ago)
*all the vegans are S H O O K*
Dina Pastor (11 hours ago)
My cousin likes your tits and ass'👅
True_Gamer_ Dude (11 hours ago)
This is the lowest humanity can get... Anyone wanna drink some bleach with me
Macie Braelyn (11 hours ago)
Proud to say I know every word
Gaspar Tiznado (12 hours ago)
This is the peak of perfection right here.
important weeb (12 hours ago)
She hate London but stole he shii?
Nilloy (12 hours ago)
This just shows you if you’re pretty you can do anything
sad girl (12 hours ago)
I'm scared!!!! Jajajaja
박대성 (12 hours ago)
thank you........... thank you SO MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH
Carmel Cake (12 hours ago)
this kinda looks like my teacher...
Shawn Jr Kuhse (12 hours ago)
Keyla Morelos (12 hours ago)
it better than yours mooo
Human Person (13 hours ago)
She protecc She attacc But most importantly... *mOo*
Ruben Dominguez (13 hours ago)
3:03 I can picture someone that would be like okay enough of this song already when that part comes on 😂😂😂😂😂
mixxed_ Lanii_07 (13 hours ago)
Clxped Bot-_- (13 hours ago)
lyrics mooo moo x9 moo x6 yuh bitch im a cow bitch im a cow i am not a cat i don't say meow bitch im a cow x4 i go moooooooo moooo x3 bitch im too smooooooth im not in the mooooood tryna make mooooooves tryna make moooooooooooves bitch im too smoooooooth im not in the mooooooood tryna make moooooooves tryna make mooooooooooooooves got milk bitch? got beef? got steak hoe? got cheese? got a great a-hoe/hole(idk) my lean get me anyone,(idk) sauce please? these huffers(idk) got nothing on me steak, hide, and salad-colors(idk) greens catch moves/moods(idk) everything around me icecream, icecream you a calf bish you my daughter i aint bothered get slaughtered got a meth thing(idk) im a father; with my farmer, macdonald and they feed me real good issa honor my life it hurts i cant go on anymore finish it yourselves
gacha ross (13 hours ago)
Teacher: are you a cat ? Me:
best thing on the internet but wheres the banana milk? u have strawberry original but not banana milk? ;(
wait- why- my family
abhishek singh (13 hours ago)
Will u be my meme
Pauza publicitara (14 hours ago)
iS ThIS a MemE ThoUgHt ?
Agung Fachri Firdaus (14 hours ago)
That wrinke green screen and lighting tho
I’m disappointed to be born in this generation
the1 & only (15 hours ago)
I want you to come to my meilk house 😚
Hori Hori (15 hours ago)
i know this song is not from 2006 but i feel like it brings me back to 2006
Glaucia Mendes (15 hours ago)
Vim pelo meme
My name is Jeff (16 hours ago)
Hahahaaa those boobs in the back of the back of her haaahaa
Jackson Roberson (16 hours ago)
What the h e double l
Gwen :3 (17 hours ago)
I dmed my crush this We're Married and have 69 kids now
Revy 11906 (17 hours ago)
Omg I can't stop laughing 🤣🤣
i like this song for them big titties
vicki akers (17 hours ago)
You're super hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kristie Maldonado (18 hours ago)
Fire beat
Monty Bleu (18 hours ago)
Mooo!! 🐄
Gertjan Mak (19 hours ago)
Gertjan Mak (19 hours ago)
Backwards kammen
Gertjan Mak (19 hours ago)
Kam=hearbrushing in Dutch lol
Gertjan Mak (19 hours ago)
Kam with meee

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