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How To Go Out Alone + INFIELD

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(TIMESTAMPS BELOW) # VISIT FOR MORE: http://www.becomingthenatural.com # FIND YOUR LOCAL INNER CIRCLE HERE: http://www.rsdnation.com/groups 00:07 Infield 00:35 Advantages of Going out Alone 02:40 Creating Passive Attraction 05:46 Night Starts When you Step Out 06:45 Create a Home Base 08:56 Merge Sets 09:57 RSD Inner Circles 11:54 Infield How to go out alone, how to talk to girls alone is not always an easy thing. BUT if one is aware of a couple ground rules on how to go out alone, how to talk to girls alone it can actually work TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. So be aware of those next time you go out alone and talk to girls alone. Make it fun, accept it, get a home base and most importantly: OWN IT whenever you go out alone and talk to girls alone. RSDMax is an executive coach for Real Social Dynamics, the biggest platform for dating advice and personal development. He's traveling the world teaching men and women confidence and how to become more sexually attractive to the opposite sex. Follow him on his passionate adventures around the world or get in contact with him HERE: THE NATURAL: http://www.becomingthenatural.com FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/rsdmax INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/rsdmax PERISCOPE: https://www.periscope.tv/RSDMaximilian TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/rsdmaximilian Outro Song: Paul Smite - Looking Forward
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Text Comments (837)
Alex Dumont (9 days ago)
Looking for guys to do the game in Toronto... speak up
Raaik Dragar (13 days ago)
Life changing...
. (18 days ago)
i could never go out alone. Even if i get a girl, where do i take her? At home where my parents at? Nah fam, gotta wait till i got my own apartment. ofc i could make friends aswell, but thats not my current goal.
Mike Gates (23 days ago)
Watch "Benefits of Cold Showers - Comfort Zone Killer" on YouTube https://youtu.be/GShvGXwaijg
G. O. (25 days ago)
went out alone tonight and last weekend too It is tough but at the same time awesome as you see yourself fighting your nerves and winning in the end. I did it though talked to many girls and got 3 contacts each time and even made out once:)
GK_Knight (26 days ago)
This is how a Jedi gets tail.
Sahir Miyanji (1 month ago)
not to encourage each other to have sex
Sahir Miyanji (1 month ago)
that rsd inner circle thing is brilliant if used for a good purpose lik reducing loneliness
zac morris (1 month ago)
This doesn't make sense you have camera man for a wing
NJ Urban Angler (1 month ago)
my friends are afraid of pussy:( lmfao
Going out alone now for the first time!
+21Sebas Well my biggest concerns about it were going there completely alone, everyone is in their own world no problem, the logistic since I had to cover a good amount of distance in public transportation (alcohol driving control is tough here) and my personal safety. No problem in this subjects. The bad, very few people even for a Sunday night, the bar I choseed even closed earlier, I tried to find somewhere else and I saw several places completely empty, I mean with no one in there. Definitely I will try it again this week. Overall a good experience to let go the "fear" and awkwardness I expected before going.
21Sebas (1 month ago)
How did it go?
Ruan Scheün (2 months ago)
Make it happen ! Alone is better that sitting on the couch .
marco velosa (2 months ago)
Once i met 2 girls on the street, they ask me for a cigarette, i´ve said: ok i´ll give a cigarette if you give me a mouth kiss right now, so then she kissed me in 3 seconds! ... i give her a cigarette, then i ask her friend do you want a cigarette too? which she said yes! then i want to see you kissing your girlfriend and she did! well i was in a good mood that day, i guess anything can happen if you do it in the right way ... after the kisses, i just say good bye girls, thanks for the kissing session, and went home with a sensation of ho man! that was just great!
. (19 days ago)
enpeen tt  yep,same
enpeen tt (28 days ago)
marco velosa i would died by akwardness if i asked for that
Mr Scary (2 months ago)
Why is it all I see are guys acting immature and idiots on this channel .Am I supposed to lower my intellect to a grade two student just so I can "hang" with idiots like these and maybe meet some dumb fucking chick who is drunk ...Pwhtth.
supertigik (2 months ago)
what if you dont have friends to go out with and youre not a social guy ?
supertigik (2 months ago)
not really, i just dont know where are the places to meet people
RyRy123ism (2 months ago)
supertigik do you have social anxiety? If so, the only way to fix that is to go through it. Talk to females man it’s life changing.
Gary Simpson (2 months ago)
I always have such eventful and amazing nights when I go out alone. Feel like I have no obligation to anyone else and I can talk freely to whom I chose. Just feel alot more free.
Joao Carlos (2 months ago)
going out alone sounds good to me
TheSpector (2 months ago)
The last time I went alone I ALMOST got laid. I'm 22 now and still trying to figure out how I got into that state of mind that day....
TheSpector (2 months ago)
Les Lavy kinda have exams rn, but I will when they're done. Thx for the support!;)
Les Lavy (2 months ago)
TheSpector 😂😂😂😂go out again. Trust me, you will get laid.
69multimagic (3 months ago)
Yo Max sometimes I go out with a gay buddy of mine who is a good wing man. If girls ask about him I say sorry he doesn't girls, I do. Peace.
Jay McD (3 months ago)
I've been going out with a buddy recent and he'd call it a night cause he'd be in work the next day and I'd stay out, and I gotta tell ya I've some adventures and even pulled a girl or two, live life fellas, worse things could happen.
Jp Jp (3 months ago)
What's the purpose of a wingman? I never understood what those are. This is serious question.
Adam Baum (3 months ago)
ugh, this takes balls doing it sober. tried tonight and pussied out. Fuck
George Quattrovalvole (3 months ago)
Came to realize NoFap + Going Out Alone makes you look like a total badass! People approach you way more and even when they don't you just don't give a fuck!
Jhonnatan Freire (3 months ago)
it would be great a video like that but to make day game
Jhonnatan Freire (3 months ago)
RSDMax thank you
RSDMax (3 months ago)
already made a video on that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mmf8lXP6nw
Ivan 25 (3 months ago)
i am always alone
warplan motivation (3 months ago)
I enjoyed that. Good advice. Thanks!
sharperguy (4 months ago)
The thing with the stick reminds me of the prop game in Who's Line is it Anyway. Very funny.
lloyd t (4 months ago)
I have been out alone about a dozen times, never had a bad experience. However the first 30 minutes in a club are brutal but as the night goes on and you get more drunk it gets better. I got a friend, before I met him used to go out alone a lot. He said many places refused him entry because he was alone, which to me is the ultimate humiliation My advice avoid going places that have young crowds or student venues on your own, more likely to get turned away, especially if you're a bit on the older side
GK_Knight (26 days ago)
lloyd t that happens to me man any workarounds? It’s so frustrating only there’re to have good time.
lloyd t (4 months ago)
So true
Hung Lo (4 months ago)
I many ways, going out solo is better than with a pack. Was shy in my younger years and a friend of mine recommended I try going out alone. Was scared at first, then I realized you can befriend everyone at the club. I think this actually raises your value higher because you end up looking like a bigshot by the end of the night. Had great experiences doing this.
Noah Morris (4 months ago)
103 people think it's​ about looks and money
Aaron Burton (4 months ago)
Im pretty sure i identify with that lone ranger/wolf type. I find high energy/over friendly guys are irritating as hell. Trying to slide into randoms peoples groups shows more of a mental insecurity to me. These bros force their "friendship" title on others. "Like ohh i got you a beer, we're super chill now, lets hang out guys!" okay Mr.Desperate for social validation. Lol. Just my opinion.
Nonya Bizness (4 months ago)
If he tried that at the end in America, he would have been chewed up and spat out. I almost dont believe she thought he was interesting. Could be a paid shill?
Kyle Taylor (4 months ago)
Wait...so, going out alone is like...not normal?
Epic Knight Studios (4 months ago)
I've never really been a big bar scene person but with friends all settled down and not much in town to do to meet people besides that I decided to go out last weekend... It was miserable because I had no idea what I was doing there, how to have fun, and was alone.
RSDMax (4 months ago)
well, now that you watched this video you know ;)
thvtboytim (5 months ago)
how to go out alone... has a video team lol
Kevin Gershenson (5 months ago)
Sometimes I go salsa dancing alone. I can usually dance and meet new ladies but most of the time they have not been drinking. Can you comment on this?
FAIL (5 months ago)
Wo findet man denn so eine Community nähe Göttingen?
JeRawockee (5 months ago)
9:40 I thought that was some shit on my screen I tried to wipe it off smh
PinkPanther15 (5 months ago)
nobody is going to believe this but I lost my virginity to a girl I pulled at the club while I was out solo. Madness!
Thomas Baldwin (5 months ago)
It Works Every Time. Thank You Max
Snorlax (5 months ago)
I go out alone when my friends are being lazy lol This video is awesome:)
SiddharthDabhi Vevo (5 months ago)
Max I’m newbie at game so I also go out with my friends tell every one about what the actually game is how we approach girl and what is pickup artist community but they are just come with me and not interested to do this even they are not talk with girls and sometimes demotivate me what should I do because I don’t have enough guts to take action after 3 or 4 month have been passed away and not taking single action and approach I’m 21 an not approach a single girl I’m starting depress bro😞.
SiddharthDabhi Vevo (5 months ago)
RSDMax Tx man for reply 😎🙏..I try to go gout everyday and give my 100% in day and nightgame👍🏻..
RSDMax (5 months ago)
that's already been fixed brother: www.crushingmyfear.com
Marno Erasmus (5 months ago)
Watched this video, went out alone, awesome night and pulled. I found it is very important not to pressurize yourself with an end goal like to pull for example. If you do that you walk around sniping and if goal not reached you put yourself down. It is tough alone but key for me is opening set ASAP even the barman/lady will do. Just to become socially lubricated. Then second thing is no pressure, if you pull, great, if you have a few drinks and enjoy the music and go home, great! If you create this cloud of pressure people will feel it and won’t be drawn to you. It’s all good mentality! Awesome!! +rsdmax
GK_Knight (26 days ago)
Marno Erasmus I really enjoyed this story
Slow Cheetah (6 months ago)
Max i dont understand a single thing in this video. When im going out alone all im thinking is “ im horny, i gonna fuck” thats it. All th drama around going out alone doesnt really exist
Morris Keller (6 months ago)
Immerhin Zürich, das nächste Mal dann aber Basel😌
MightyMouse (6 months ago)
When I would go out alone, I always worked strong bartender game. Get there before the bar/club really starts popping off and buy a fwdrinks with a signature name that is easy to make, stoli-o and soda was mine. Order a few, get to know the bartender, but get to the point where you just need to put up a finger and your drink is coming. Helps when the bar gets packed and you can order to drinks over a crowd of people
Arminius der Cherusker (6 months ago)
Went out alone last night. Wasn't in the mood but I forced the issue and set a low bar for myself. Opened a two set of an Italian and a Spanish girl. The problem I had was that the Spanish girl was giving IOI's but had little English and the Italian didn't want to play translator or second fiddle to her friend. They split to the dance floor whilst the Spaniard looked back but I achieved my goal of opening. Job done. However, I've realised the three question shit test I had to pass through was probably going to reoocur in the future. So I need to get better at handling it. 1) why don't you drink? 2) why are you here alone? 3) how old are you? (I'm 36, look 28). I'll get there with practice.
GK_Knight (26 days ago)
Arminius der Cherusker dude same boat. I nearly 40 but look 30.
snoopdodoublegeezy (6 months ago)
how do you pull girls when you're antisocial tho ? I don't like talking much
A World Without Sin (6 months ago)
I ONLY go out alone. I wish I had seen this video 5 years ago. It would have accelerated me sooner. I discovered the informal hub or whatever Max called it. Works like a charm. These complete strangers set you up to meet girls with little or no effort. Complementary. At a New Year's event I met this group of complete strangers and this guy tapped on a girl's shoulder so that she would turn around and see me. Shit like that helps you meet girls you otherwise would not have. Then these guys think you're good with girls so they want to talk to you and follow you around which gives you "status." First time I deliberately went out alone I was ABSOLUTELY PARALYZED WITH SHOCK AND ANXIETY. I finally was like "Fuck it, you're going to fail anyway before you get good so you might as well open that 6 set, fuck it up, take your lesson and go." Well after that I realized it wasn't so bad after all and started opening every God Damn set I saw. Then I changed venue started dancing with complete strangers. Changed venue again and opened this hot ass girl. Never thought I would have the balls to do that. I did NOT pull this time but it woke me up to the fact that I CAN DO THIS ALONE.
Tanner Emmers (4 months ago)
same man, always saw beautiful women, I did that too but in the world of attraction, when they aren't is like a hit in the balls, you talk to them, they give you one worded answers and keep there distance from you. this game is hard man, but live to fight another day...
Scott Wilson (6 months ago)
When I left the military I took myself on a road trip. I went from Virginia, down to Florida, over to Texas. I just pulled up a map and stopped any and everywhere that looked interesting. I had plenty of money from saving in the military so I would just drive until I felt like getting a hotel and find one on the spot. One night I was in Pensacola. I had just checked in to my hotel room and was thinking about calling it a night but decided I wanted to just walk around the city. I hit up a few dead bars, wasn't really vibing with them so I just kept walking. Eventually I walked up on a line of people outside a building. I had no idea what it was but I said fuck it and got in line. It turns out it was a line for a Tribal Seeds concert. I got a few drinks, started feeling the music, and just mingled. Eventually I ended up by the stage, joints being passed around, and everything just started flowing. I was vibing with the music and atmosphere so I just put my hoodie up and jammed. Some shitty ass Walmart hoodie. But I was in my element. And some girls approach me and start dancing with me. One of them even tells me how she likes my hoodie. Maybe because I'm the only idiot with it up but it didn't matter, bc I didn't give a fuck, I was having a good time and they could see that in my body language. That night ended up being one of my best memories in life. In a new city, knew absolutely no one, going out all by myself. It was a great experience. I didn't pull those girls other than some grinding and kissing but I didn't care. I was just having fun.
Az Za (6 months ago)
this just reminds me of this one time i was alone in manchester and i was already in a positive mindset about cracking up the night. I was warming up in the afternoon by speaking to some girls on the street in the shopping center and then got myself a nice drink to start the night. I just had an awesome mood and i felt like dancing. And holy shit this night felt so awesome. I was just arriving in the pub having a beer and just sitting next to some girls in the pub and starting a conversation. I dont remember what i talked about but the girl was pretty hot and we had a nice talk. Then i decided that i wanted to dance so I just started to fucking dance as this one girl just walks up to me and start dancing with me and making out with me because i had so much fucking fun. She then took me to her group of some guys and girls and i had a few drinks with them. Then i decided to move on with some guy in the pub who gifted me some tickets for a fucking festival with about 2000 people. A day later i met this one really cool girl on a pub crawl who was the attention of all the guys too. So i decided that i wanted her. First thing to do, was not to give her to much attention. So i just hooked up with some other girls on the same party having some fun just randomly coming back to her and all the dudes trying to hit on her while just having short conversation and dancing having fun. we swaped numbers, went to the cinema next day and she invited me to her house for some drinks. Sex wasnt that great, but the whole flirting was fucking awesome. I really like to think back of these days. so, to get back at the point why i wrote this novel, i really like going out alone because u can do and talk to and go to whatever u want. When the one girl ask me why i was alone, i was just saying like yeah im on holiday and my friends are to boring for going on vaccation but hey I wanted to travel anyway so i decided to have some fun for myself. And i just really fucking enjoy dancing and going out.
li jiaxing (6 months ago)
feeling ashamed doesnt kill nodody
Attila Simo (6 months ago)
I will describe my one going out alone session ! So i go out of my house and i do not have a planned place to go or a route where to go , i just go and observe the nice girls how beautiful are they and i just walking and walking and observing girls and when i am full of walking i come to the route going back home. This is my going out routine. Well what you think ?
ekielr jayme (6 months ago)
going out alone feels awkward hehe
ThePopbanks007 (6 months ago)
0:11 #thingsonlywhiteguyscangetawaywith
Kolanko (6 months ago)
>How To Go Out Alone >talks about trying to get into group
Jebedayah Aufiero (6 months ago)
Im 21 and just moved to a new city so last night was 1. my first time in a club 2. my first time gaming and 3. I was alone. LOL not gonna lie it didn't go well at all but I really learned a lot by jumping in the fire like that and I'm better prepared for next time
Crispy Bacon (7 months ago)
This guy talks a lot.
TeddyM Morreale (7 months ago)
I've watched maybe 6 Videos and Immidiately practced what I saw with my own personal flavor. And I actually went from beleiving I wasn't good Enough to knowing I am so much more. Funny fucking story... im sitting in the airport... And when I started to feel self conscious I would clap and if i got embarrassed I kept clapping... THEN LOGIC HIT ME. If you want to get on your flight stop clapping by yourself in the AIRPORT! Thanks for changing lives max.
William Atkinson (7 months ago)
I go out alone :D
macchina13 (7 months ago)
Max, your english is easily understandable.Thanx for that!! On contraire, listening to Neil Strauss is a tough job! huahuahauh
1.987.200 (7 months ago)
9 times out of 10 I cant even get in the club..
calpitoc (7 months ago)
Going out alone is advanced shit. I can't even watch a movie alone
Vincent V (1 month ago)
My dude
ZebWho (1 month ago)
LOL i go to the movies alone all the time it's awesome.
MaKerL1fe (7 months ago)
I dunno where you live, but in romania that d be suicide. I suppose also in America, being alone makes you an easy target, vulnerable to gangs that want to beat somebody up, to muggers and most of all to alchohol. You go out, get drunk and there you are on the streets cuz you dunno know nothing anymore. Everybody does how he wants, but if you ll go out alone, i suggest you at least go close from home, i live in a city but in the quite side, and the clubs are all on the other end where i m from, i almost got beat up with my friends around, how about alone and with nobody else around. Safety comes first, you can get a girlfriend in the middle of the day too, so that s not a big enough of a reward to risk not seeing anybody you love anymore
Birki gts (7 months ago)
I don't know anyone. Something about my personality just makes anything other than sex or a short fling impossible, i drive people away. Im about as alone as it gets, don't even have roommates. So going out alone is basically my only option, and honestly I've never felt like i was struggling because i was alone. Just keep playing, set after set, the club becomes your social proof. I usually at least get a number, occasionally pull though that's rare because i have awful logistics. Approach ASAP, it keeps your energy up and prevents people from seeing you alone.
MasthaX (7 months ago)
Why is every video "women related" every video you just smoothtalk some chick, I couldnt't find the fun in that shit. Don't get me wrong, props for the skills, but most women are just blatent annoying and uninteresting apart from their looks.
Makertraper (7 months ago)
How do you this in a small town where you see most people every night? Also there's no RSD group at my place (North of Spain)
Makertraper (7 months ago)
thx bro!
RSDMax (7 months ago)
amau5 fan (7 months ago)
I went out last month alone. Drank a beer popped half of a Euro, Put on my best street outfit and headed off onto the night. Ended up getting 5 numbers and snapchats. Went home w a girl and her friends. Drank until 6 am. Didn’t leave until 11 then went out with some other girls I met that night the next week and slept with them. If you have the balls to do it it can be the best thing you’ve ever done.
Dimitri Porturas (7 months ago)
Michael J. Braeutigan (7 months ago)
One of those Confederate guns lol called a musket Max!
Juan C (7 months ago)
I go out alone allt he time, but Im not good at talking to girls. I do my thing when I go out alone and I flirt with anything I find attractive, but I never go up tot hem and talk. I wait for them to come to me, which hardly ever happens. But as for going out alone I have no problem. I go out and eat alone I go to clubs alone I goto concerts alone, I have no problem with that, Im use to it by now.
John H. (8 months ago)
When I 1st started watching RSD videos they would say "with INFIELD" and after watching I'd be all "Who the hell is Infield? I never saw him"
RSDMax (8 months ago)
omg lololol
JOE peeer (8 months ago)
leonardo citro (8 months ago)
the ball left alone in the middle of the park ahahahahaha
J040PL7 (8 months ago)
anyone here want to go out alone together?
H P (8 months ago)
Lone wolf mode is the way to go. No need to share the spoils and your not obligated to entertain anyone.
A Driver Life (8 months ago)
You explain it so well, I don’t know how to put in context. I realize watching your videos I’ve been doing this for years.
LoserDestiny (9 months ago)
The actual advise part of the video is only 3 minutes out of 13...
gizeright (9 months ago)
awesome video..I travel a lot so this was very helpful !!
M1ntberrycrunch (9 months ago)
I used to always go out alone. Nowadays I go out with my best friend who is a hot girl, but when I talk to girls it's still kind of me on my own. Rarely with male friends hitting the clubs
GCOUNDOU (9 months ago)
in US talking with cool uber driver is a good warm up.
The Dark Knight (9 months ago)
The first time I went out alone was the night of new year 2016, I just wanted to hang out after my work (finished at 1am) I was in downtown so me and a collegue(friend too) walked around and then he wanted to go home, I told him fuck let's have some fun at a bar with new people or some shit then he said he was too '' tired'' I went with him in The subway because my house was on his way then I leave him while I was in my neighborhood asking me" did you really want this? Like you re gonna get home and play some video games or jerk off or you want to get laid?" so like a crazy motherfucker I went back and downtown alone at 1:30 am and ran into every bar's lmao sometimes I just get in and dancing with random people sometime I just stay few minutes until I stayed in a bar club til 3 ou 4 am I talked with a funny drunk guy and danced with some random girls Yeah I didn't pull but it was kinda amazing how I enjoyed the time that night
Markus Lamar (9 months ago)
damn bro you talked about your two friends. My name is actually markus and my brothers is sebastian 😂😂 und wir leben in deutschland
isellcatlitter (9 months ago)
i dont have a wing man, and i go out almost every night, i took the red pill, pass every shit test any woman has ever given me, because i dont give a fuck about their shit, now i expect to become a $$$BILLIONAIRE$$$ just by selling cat litter to every single woman over 35.... BOOOOMMMMM
Giannirey S (9 months ago)
Hey Max! Today I went out and hit up four girls in the club, and I discovered that it wasn't just my fear that was holding me back to talk to girls. It was my subconscious hatred for girls, because my father always got and still gets really mad with my mother and sister, and I guess I copied those feelings? Whenever I talk to the girls I'm fine most of the time, but I still get that feeling of disgust, and then I'm not sure if I want to fuck her and then I show her the wrong, or no intensions at all and then it ends up without a pull and without a number, because I'm not feeling that motivation/energy anymore. The feeling of disgust also gets mixed with the approach-anxiety. And no I'm not actually gay, I can confirm/proof that. We only end up hugging each other and joking, which is great progress, when compared to my past experiences though haha, but it just leads me to her friend zone.  I don't know how to fix this problem man. Please help me dude, or even you other readers!  Any advice for me will be REALLY appreciated. :D
Ghost Face (9 months ago)
Even if I do go out with friends I always end up alone or with people I only just met etc anyway as the night goes on and everyone is drunk its kind of hard to stay with who you went out with
Chris Weber (9 months ago)
Who's filming if you're out alone?
LYSY516 (9 months ago)
I watched this video went to club and gues what... Im that guy alone in the corner xD
partyqueen55 (7 months ago)
LYSY516 i started watching these videos after i hooked up w hot girls to see what im doing right😂
LYSY516 (7 months ago)
partyqueen55 I went out a fev more times and now i'm in bed with my new girlfrend. It accualy works 😊
partyqueen55 (7 months ago)
LYSY516 😂😂😂😂😂
Rick Chapman (10 months ago)
Hey max I could not believe it there is a group in Frankfurt Germany and am an old Skool clubber from London who is stuck in Germany who has been going out on his own off and on for 12 years I don’t give a fuck about being rejected I find night game really uncomfortable I am not scared of hot women at all !! I’m just better at day game unfortunately I don’t get a long window for day game so most of the time I get stuck in night game.
LANIkoo (10 months ago)
Interesting.... I have been out alone (to a club) once while over seas... Im a chick so it was kind of terrifying but actually one of the best club experiences because i felt so mysterious. Interesting to hear a male perspective you sly dawgs haha
Owen Bunny (10 months ago)
can you imagine how small the girl max kiss closed in the beginning, is she like 150cm?
Hans Bambel (10 months ago)
Hammer advice! Die Tyler-Immitationen sind immer wieder lustig :D
Jan (10 months ago)
growing up in berlin, this is so normal. everyone goes out by themselves here every once in a while. Why is this such a big deal? :D
Alex Cruz (10 months ago)
How to get girls Step 1; say dumb shit... cool
danturbo316 (10 months ago)
Always go out alone....wingman needed.
Nice Trade (10 months ago)
been going out alone for years, its the best way .. no obligation, anyone been in the situation, your talking to a really hot girl & your friends all of a sudden decide that they want to leave !?.. that freakin sucks !
Wavez (10 months ago)
this shit powerful
SquizzBeats (10 months ago)
your are such an epic guy!!!!!

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