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Magic: The Gathering Arena - Blind Boys Versus! (ft. Tomato)

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Two blind boys enters, one blind boy leaves. Check out the game for yourself here! http://i.try.games/SH203 Thanks to Wizards of the Coast for sponsoring this goofy idea. Full Vod: https://youtu.be/3vb7f8wEH8c SUBSCRIBE.................➤.....https://goo.gl/sLXMzq Criken's VOD Channel ➤.....https://goo.gl/TnwmwA Criken's Twitch............➤.....https://www.twitch.tv/criken Criken's Twitter............➤.....https://twitter.com/crikmaster Following up from our previous Blind Magic The Gathering Challenge, Wizards of the Coast wanted to see how far we could go - so today - Criken and Tomato Gaming enter the arena - blind as can be, guided only by the orders of their coaches - Charborg and Lawlman! Who will emerge victorious! Check Tamto out here: https://www.youtube.com/user/TomatoandToph Criken's Coach - Lawlman: https://www.twitch.tv/lawlman Tamto's Coach - Charborg: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNM3W16DLgPc6NR1xHs5xbw Video edited by BrettUltimus: https://www.twitter.com/brettultimus
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Text Comments (184)
Noah Gareis (1 month ago)
This is literally just Lawlman Vs. Random guy in the Discord lol
slapping shrimp (3 months ago)
Every time I see tomato's face he looks more ginger and more baby faced
Kael4king (4 months ago)
Tomato got olllld daaaaamn. I was watching his garry's mod videos earlier.
tony assassin (4 months ago)
HydraliskKriegsMarine (4 months ago)
DarknessInferno15 (4 months ago)
If you ask me, Tomato looks like a younger version of the ginger guy from Band of Brothers. Winters, I think it was.
Jeffrey De Le Rosa (4 months ago)
Bird box(2018)
Dominik Magnus (5 months ago)
To experience it fully, one must watch this video blindfolded
IAN HEINE (5 months ago)
It's Levi-O-Sa, Tomato, Not Levio-SA.
IAN HEINE (5 months ago)
It's Levi-O-Sa, Tomato, Not Levio-SA.
Greg E (5 months ago)
Ohhhh so that's why he goes by Tomato!
Dank_Souls (5 months ago)
Tomato is a charming young man
Marco Amazo (5 months ago)
That is not how I thought tomato looked like but whatever
Geralt of Rivia (5 months ago)
Seeing tomatos face for the first time was even worse than seeing crikens.
Blindcone (5 months ago)
Not trying to be a dick but tomato looks like a ginger daddy o 5
Nova Wake (5 months ago)
All these people dissin daddy tomato tsk tsk
Simply Wyvern (5 months ago)
This is so nerdy, I love it!
Sammy The Mutt (5 months ago)
Honestly tomato is kinda cute, BTW this is another really fun video from you criken, great job.
Savage Gaming HH (5 months ago)
Idk if anyone still plays pewds game but I just passed you in subbs
trycoldman23 (5 months ago)
Holy shit that's Tomato? *Harry Potter theme*
RjGhostWizard (5 months ago)
7:50 13:25
Nicuras (5 months ago)
Ginger ew
Windowmaker (5 months ago)
I'm surprised the "folks" at wizards of the coast wanted this. I mean this IS appropriating of blind people. Or at least that's what those crazy fucks would say.
Jack Stoutamore (5 months ago)
1:37 I love how Tomato's just like "OH FUCK"
RogueMephilesClone (5 months ago)
That was a pretty good Yu-Gi-Oh duel. The voice acting was on point, and the constant descriptions were well-justified by the duelists being *blind.*
kira64 (5 months ago)
I was not prepared for the barrage of Harry Potter jokes in this comment section. I fucking love it.
Loyd Leyva (5 months ago)
This is so fucking funny. They're playing like they are anime characters.
Nom Sauce (5 months ago)
I guess his name holds meaning
contryball animation (5 months ago)
1 million
The Duke Of Dorks (5 months ago)
Issat ron weeeeeeeezly
Zyx (5 months ago)
George Weasley had a rough time finding things to make him feel alive after his brother died... Just look at those bags under his eyes... Its a shame.
Hunter Williams (5 months ago)
Not sure if Tomato is a super-villain or just put a miniature bra on his face...
Fawkes Pryde (5 months ago)
Tomato is a good looking man
Avery Blue (5 months ago)
"You killed my deer!"
john fleurisgarcia (5 months ago)
I didn't expect that shagy was coaching criken and tomato
WaspGaming (5 months ago)
Anyone else think tomato looks like a cross between Cameron Monaghan and Rupert Grint?
webkam (5 months ago)
I HATE! much tomato looks like me!!!!
Ultr4lite (5 months ago)
hey this boy is blind, and the other boy is just as blind IT"S BLIND BOY VERSAAUUSSS!!
Gustobel (5 months ago)
I own the sleep mask Tomato is wearing and I give it two rose bouquets up
Pansy Lad (5 months ago)
Drew nothing but land. Yea that looks like MTG lol
Soupy Payne (5 months ago)
wat happened to bloodwad :(
Enshaid (5 months ago)
this is my favorite anime
qwerty30013 (5 months ago)
Tomato is handsome
big nibba (5 months ago)
Tomato used to have facecam guys How do you not know what he looks like?
adil (5 months ago)
tomato looking like a ginger agent smith over here
Captain Antsassin (5 months ago)
adil Very accurate
brainlet (5 months ago)
Tomato should've cast "eat slugs", rookie mistake.
Jaylin Bellows (5 months ago)
It’s good to see tomato again after a long time on YouTube
Greenfire44 (5 months ago)
Tomato is gonna revert global warming himself with all those forests xD
Naray Cross (5 months ago)
Always gotta love the enjoyment these blind boys have. Blind leading the blind and such...
Marco Tabell Johnsson (5 months ago)
Now another one but with blind coaches as well.
Ignis (5 months ago)
Tomato looks a lot older now
Denise Green (5 months ago)
Are you going to play multiplayer with tomahto gaming on yarn
Untitled-1 (5 months ago)
wait so he didnt use gravedigger's ability???
Dr Skittlebiscuit (5 months ago)
not bad :)
Rolen Dorsandoral (5 months ago)
TheBaitTrain (5 months ago)
Tomato make vids again plz
Sm0k3tur1 (5 months ago)
Tomato stop giving criken money and upload
Mr. Orc (5 months ago)
I'll hirer charborg as choach
Dragon Gamer (5 months ago)
Please play more Barotrauma
Dairychoco (5 months ago)
Instead of both being blindfolded, why dont they just watch eachothers stream and guide eachother?
Depressed Rat (5 months ago)
It's time to du-du-du-du-du-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d
Drixt (5 months ago)
So I am gonna be honest. I was going for tomato boi.
ShadowFighter741 (5 months ago)
This is the first time I've seen tomato's face, and out of all the face reveals, his is the most surprising. (Now just waiting on bed)
Møons (5 months ago)
I always imagined him looking like cinnamon toast ken for some reason lol
Marshall Bowdrie (5 months ago)
+Jake Goulin watch buck idol 4
Mr. Toast (5 months ago)
+Jake Goulin In literally all of his streams, his reddit, his tumblr blog ect
Jake Goulin (5 months ago)
where can you see buck’s face?
Marshall Bowdrie (5 months ago)
+BusterLegacyFF7 Compared to Buck, Bed is a 7
TheCopperskully (5 months ago)
Your forest become swamp!
labdG (5 months ago)
"Tomato, clench your abdomen!"
AuntySap (5 months ago)
that comeback
chas farthing (5 months ago)
Lily Hults (5 months ago)
That's how you do plot twists
Shadowcify (5 months ago)
Nice shirt man, I also got me a couple with James’ code :)
Angle Eyes (5 months ago)
Blindfoind pay ResidentEvil 7
Romenhaul (5 months ago)
Where's buck ?
Enrique Garcia (5 months ago)
Tomato is a ginger boi? Helll yea dude
Shark (5 months ago)
I'm loving that juicy tamtoe.
Rez Boy (5 months ago)
Tomato looks weird without his beard and glasses
Kaboom Man (2 months ago)
Yes bro yes
Cartoon Critique (2 months ago)
Yeah, I thought the same...almost didn't recognize him. XD
Vincent Soreo (5 months ago)
Why does Criko look like a old man and a teen at the same time? Must be some form of SCP, man..
Nic Rennolds (5 months ago)
So that’s why he’s called tomato
Felipe Lima (5 months ago)
i miss buck...
Tyler A (5 months ago)
Great edit Brett!
Medivantical (5 months ago)
Lord Criken turned their forest into swamp my dreams came true
Midget Clone (5 months ago)
oh shit tomato shaved and has no glasses, this is terrifying
Isuzu Slider (5 months ago)
Oh no Tomato looks nothing like i imagined, yet does at the same time.
Daniel Naumann (5 months ago)
Tomato just stole some teens bra and put it on his eyes
SBMurdoch (5 months ago)
When I place a teen's bra up to my face it looks nothing like that. Also, there's the lack of screaming. Definitely just a normal blindfold.
Zoomba Kobingly (5 months ago)
Why does he look like that? I really don’t like that
Simply Wyvern (5 months ago)
Do you think anyone has a say in how their appearance should look like when they're born? -_-
Kaj W. (5 months ago)
Tomato aged 10 years in 4 wtf Like, our red boy looks in his late 20's already Tomato, are you okay
Can't Remember (4 months ago)
Kaj W. How old is he?
Alexander Forbes (5 months ago)
I know the feeling of being at twenty life and your opponent is on the brink of death and then drawing nothing but land, that shit hurts.
dekkubo boo (5 months ago)
notice me sanpai.. notice me
Idxx (5 months ago)
Charborg is charbae
The Admin (5 months ago)
top ten anime turn arounds
i though mattshea was in the thumbthail
Robert Hora (5 months ago)
Daredevil Season 4 looks crazy.
Lucky Tiger (5 months ago)
Tomato looks like Steve Buscemi without his glasses
Lotus Abagander (5 months ago)
Ole Uncle Ben (5 months ago)
Makes me wonder what's it like if they play Yu-Gi-Oh
Syberian (5 months ago)
Now, cha cha real slow.
Applejack Daniels (5 months ago)
Tomato @9:44 reminds me of The Mouth of Sauron from LotR.
Adolf Hitler (5 months ago)
Still making bank without even needing to learn the game 200IQ
Mecha Hitler (5 months ago)
+spent jam It's a good day.
Valenhart (5 months ago)
8:18 Nani?!? Kudos Brett
Mastro Soul (5 months ago)
Inb4 wizards of the coast wants them to have a blindfolded D&D session
TheKarabanera (5 months ago)
It would be MUCH easier.
João Pedro (5 months ago)
tbonevideos23 (5 months ago)
So THATS why he decided to call himself tomato

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