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所以 - Typhoon (138bpm) 勁舞團 Audition Beatup Mode

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overall a good song. 所以 - Typhoon (138bpm) Enjoy.
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RobMayth31 (10 years ago)
nice,i miss allways on the end lol,but its better to do it with chance ;)
Witchetta_Kyu (11 years ago)
nice outfit! U r good at this.
tobeapirate (11 years ago)
PLZ PLZ do hands up
ga199337 (11 years ago)
Can you get me the link of "Fan 166 " ?
ga199337 (11 years ago)
Can you speak Vietnamese?
ga199337 (11 years ago)
How about Hands Up I'm 28 miss this song
ga199337 (11 years ago)
Do you try Audition Viet Nam Beat UP lv 3 Fan bmp 166 very hard
Douko21 (11 years ago)
vea pues, el muñequito hace muy buenos pasos xD
Brian Nguyen (11 years ago)
You're my Beat Up Idol T_T Btw you're outfit looks awesome

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