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New Rock Wrap Design-finish

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This is a new wrap we learned recently (4/2018). Enjoy!
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MIN HE (6 months ago)
thanks a lot. I finally know How to make this cane wraping. by the way ,I Provide canning material from China.( chair cane, round reed...?) www.hongkee-rattan.com
Emily Heming-Powell (6 months ago)
Dianne, I am very interested in learning how to do this. Do you have any instructional guides besides these videos? Or do you offer classes via video /internet? I am a jeweler and artist who works primarily with kangaroo leather, pearls, shells and various semiprecious stones. I'd love to incorporate this style of wrapping into my work. Thanks in advance, Emily
whisperinghands89 (8 months ago)
What is the size of the cane?
MIN HE (6 months ago)
whisperinghands89 The cane Size smaller The finished looking more perfect! I prefer cane Size 1.0MM, 1.25MM, 1.5MM.
Marcia Scott (9 months ago)
Do you soak the reed?
MIN HE (6 months ago)
If you soak rattan skin, It will got soft and tighten wrap. but It willeasy to got hairy. I prefer not soak!
KGem 56 (10 months ago)
Thank you for tutorial. Wish me luck! Now I just need to find some great rocks as I refuse to pay for them. Our local landscape company is very expensive.

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