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Blizzard / Diablo Immortal just handed $ Millions to Path of Exile

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Text Comments (4398)
Akalara Morgan (17 hours ago)
935 downvotes! must be blizzard devs
RudeSeagull (17 hours ago)
As soon as Immortal was announced, I downloaded and started playing PoE. Haven't looked back, and am very much enjoying PoE. Free updates, and xpac's, can't beat it.
Adam Bishop (2 days ago)
PoE launched their new league this weekend, smashed player concurrency records by 28%. There were so many players trying to log in on the first days, you had to get through a >15 minute waiting line to play. Chris Wilson must be laughing so fucking hard right now.
Scorch428 (3 days ago)
People are just now figuring this out about Blizzard? WUT
Harad The Man (3 days ago)
path of exile que ..8600...last night
nunya bidness (3 days ago)
"Come down and walk through the building and slap everyone in the balls and tell them they're fired" ...lol @ 6:16
godaidgo (4 days ago)
Only one thing to point out. Activision is an American company... and Tencent, who just bought Path of Exile is a Chinese company. This in no way detracts from your fantastic points but it is worth mentioning.
Akalara Morgan (17 hours ago)
Tencent Knew Diablo:Immortal was gonna BOMB HARD!, they'd rather see revenue from Path of Exile!! GO POE!
Ungelosh (4 days ago)
I lost it when he tossed the cellphone. You have earned a sub sir.
Nicholas Garcia (4 days ago)
DCOTT PLAYZ (5 days ago)
Victor Vran and Titan Quest filled my Diablo void better than Diablo Immortal ever could if it tried. Still love me some D3 though.
Gilbert Logsdon (5 days ago)
Do you know that PoE has MTXs right. I don't think that China had anything to do with telling Blizz what to do with their next Diablo game. Fun fact about a western developer wanting their game in China. They have to have a local Chinese developer help them with getting a license in order to have a presence in China. China has strict gaming laws. Blizz seen the amount of money in mobile gaming and wanted a piece of that pie. There is a chance that Kotaku's article might be right about the Suits of Blizz knows what went wrong with D3. Who knows how close they are to announcing D4, it might be closer to than what you think. Some of the things that have changed is because people have changed. It is not like you will be able to freeze the world in the 80s. Where everyone coming after them will keep the same things that their parents had and did for all eternity.
ICG ROLL_IN88 (5 days ago)
You need a literally counter xD also don't forget about C&C rivals. ... just came out and is broken and worth about one match till you had enough
Vasich lolcode (5 days ago)
the diablo 3 box is still unopened xD
Omar Kanaan (6 days ago)
Anyone who praises PoE is a friend to me.! See ya'll on the Betrayal League on Dec. 7th! SUBSCRIBING in 3.. 2..1..
david pop (7 days ago)
Diablo since the beginning, but stopped for poe 4 years ago, blizzard is a piece of !!!! square will always be in my heart for everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!
Hein Hein (7 days ago)
Path of exile is very good ..
Banana sword (8 days ago)
"100 people"
Tim Romang (8 days ago)
Is it Blizzard or Activision making all these stupid decisions?
Boris Kovachev (9 days ago)
You are correct, good sir. 9:27min - especially loved that part starting with "Life's a funny thing" - TRUE AND TRUE.
Dries Brus (10 days ago)
I mean we kinsof do swim in circles our entire life, the circle is just a bit biger typicly
Commentdeleted (10 days ago)
Diablo 3 was enough of a slap in the face. Didn't even buy the expansion. The franchise lost me way before this. WoW franchise lost me on WoD. I still play hearthstone and its OK but Blizzard has become a joke.
colby anweiler (10 days ago)
good video bud. you hit the money
Mirdclawer (10 days ago)
I think the biggest corporate fuck up ever is the handling of Star Wars. Disney fucking bought it for 4 billions. And they screwed so bad. Yeah 7 was successful but litterally ANY and i mean ANY star wars movie would have made that number just because of the hype and the name. But boy, SW7 crushed everything, we went from a well crafted 6 episode serie with an overarching story encompassing characters as well as bigger political struggle (The fall of the Reublic + the rebellion War). And after that we get a lame reboot, with no context, lame setting, we have no idea what's going on and we just have to be happy with the nostalgia bullshit- "Oh a millenium falcon"..."Oh it's Leia", while the story and the setting sucks extremely hard. They just made action scenes and decided afterwards they were going too put a plot on top of it... Where the fuck does the first order comes from? so where is this new republic? Where the fuck does that Death Star under steroides comes from out of nowhere. Why is it DBZ powercreep (I like it, but SW is not a fucking random anime). Why nothing makes senses. What is that clusterfuck of a movie..... TLJ was also dumb, althought at least it was original and unpredictable. But how can you mess up such a BIG IP so badly. Look at SW Solo dialogues and plot and forced. It's the most clunky, forced, cringy of a movie I've seen since a long time. How can you have so much budget and fuck up so much, it's beyond me. It it wasn't named Star Wars it would be a generic unmemorable movies. Only Rogue One was actually good. So yeah for me, the biggest corporate brand fuck upever is Star Wars' handling by Disney. The long term reputation has been irremediably damaged even if they made a shitton of money in thos early years.
Robert Magkalas (11 days ago)
SQENIX does well in mobile games but Blizzard wants that mtx pulls market too just like any successful mobile games. EA just tore games into pieces as DLC.
Secretz316 (12 days ago)
I guess add Bethesda to that Ivory Tower meeting...Todd Howard and Fallout 76 claim a seat at the head of the table.
Nix Inkz (12 days ago)
Looking forward to path of exile coming to ps4 gonna play the shit out of it
JointSnipe (12 days ago)
The phone call was fire. LMAO.
TheLosclan (12 days ago)
our issue as a society are corporations , they destroy everything, for profit, but who is this profit for ? corporations are not alive so the fact is they steal resources from the rightful owners ,HUMANS
TheLosclan (12 days ago)
HAHAH U MFO u so hilarious :D
Timothy Smith (12 days ago)
"Hey, yah, yah, Blizzard, what does everybody want in the Diablo world?....well fuck that, let's do the exact opposite" ---that's freak'n hilarious
Qaer Kyr (13 days ago)
They (GGG) won lottery since BETA release - Diablo3 was and is a big fail. And they are preparing for 4.0 (since they expected a Diablo 4 that won't get released) :))))))
DerUhleR (13 days ago)
Holy moly you're amazing xD.
glowpipe (13 days ago)
Torchlight Frontiers > all of your shitty games
Raklödder (13 days ago)
Do you feel better now?
Darius Lithav (13 days ago)
Xarko (14 days ago)
great video my dude, just subscribed
3lit3gn0m3 (14 days ago)
I've been saying it for probably years at this point...but Wyatt Cheng hasn't seemed to understand the player-base since I saw him in an interview awhile back. I thought this BEFORE Diablo Immortal's announcement, and after? Holy crap..it just feels bad now. Blame the corporate structure all you want, I hate them as well for slowly destroying Blizzard...but Wyatt is definitely one problem with the IP. Just my opinion, though.
GoldenFly (15 days ago)
Lil Chossel (15 days ago)
“I’d be surprised if 100 people watch this video”..... 307k views now, damn boii
Habeev07 (16 days ago)
4:44 They said that? Theres no way im using my cd keys after an 8 year break from D2 and WC3 now. Never coming back.... Full MTG
Morris Evans (16 days ago)
You can hate all you want but this is going to boost the fan base. Mobile gaming is HUGE!!!!! Diablo is going to kill path of exile with this move. I’m honestly curious on how good this game might be. I don’t mind spending money...you guys act like you’re going to have to spend thousands of dollars to have a good character. That’s never the case. It’s a free download. Don’t shoot the game down yet. If this works....watch others follow with the quickness!!! I’m excited!!!!!!
Tec (16 days ago)
i guess this happened bacause there are no women working at the top of blizzard ? lucky for us activision to the rescue: Board of Directors REVETA BOWERS. Director. Ms. Bowers has been a director of Activision Blizzard since January 2018. ... Robert Corti. Director. ... HENDRIK HARTONG III. Director. ... Brian Kelly. Chairman of the Board. ... Bobby Kotick. Director; Chief Executive Officer. ... Barry Meyer. Director. ... Robert Morgado. Director. ... Peter Nolan. Director. guess who has the pants on now?
John Thriemer (17 days ago)
they think mobile gaming is the future
Beldin 2 (17 days ago)
I just want Marvel Heroes back 😭
Any reason why this guy is yelling throughout the entire video?
Circassian (18 days ago)
Blizzard cant create game anymore guys they fucked up
CipherBytes (18 days ago)
It's not just Blizzard. Too many devs have become arrogant and ignorant. They are out of touch with their customers. Business failure 101.
Si0nbarzahd (18 days ago)
It doesn't matter, china has billions of people, they could not sell a single copy of immortal in the us or get any micro transactions and they will still make piles of money.
Warspike (18 days ago)
This kind of blind audacious corp greed is why so many gamers are just crowd funding known game designers instead, FUCK the greed machine producers. Thank you to ALL the idiot production corps that refused Privateer and said things like "People don't want that kind of game, they want more GTA knockoffs!" Last I checked Star Citizen had passed the 200 million dollars mark, from actual gamers to make a game entirely free from profit mongering creative cuts and release dates. I guess we really DO know what the fuck we want and these cash-grab corp assholes don't have a clue.
Amatsuichi (18 days ago)
Path of exile on PS4...cant wait and here I come :)
Kaijie Lim (18 days ago)
Literally o.o
Hieroglyphics87 (19 days ago)
probably going to uninstall battle.net on my computer. next thing wow expansion only available on phones, and progression in all other pc games must be micro transactions
Jonas Sadolin (19 days ago)
the mobile game market is huuuuge in asia. it litterally wasnt made for the western market.
Slappy Joe (19 days ago)
blizzard disapointed me so much in so many games, im glad this happens
Slappy Joe (19 days ago)
poe ftw btw ;)
Lelouch Lewis (19 days ago)
Chinese again? come on
Agustín Lorenzo (19 days ago)
I actually like Immortal
Massimo Belloni (19 days ago)
Well ill play wow til d4 as poe graphics are just unwatchable
1stMonarch (19 days ago)
You just won another sub xD
Drejul (19 days ago)
"I'd be surprised if 100 people watch this video" Mmhmm.
Dave Scarry (19 days ago)
Blizzard is mimicking what Sega did, listen to Japanese over they american base. Look what that got Sega.
ben fl (19 days ago)
*Gonna play it when it comes to PS4, Not Mobile..*
Errordemn6 (20 days ago)
I wish Filthy Frank made a video about this fuck up Blizzard just performed for the masses.
djvapid (20 days ago)
"I don't expect this video to get more than 100 views." - 300,000+ views later. Blizzard, ya done fucked up!
Mac Dee (20 days ago)
GUYS GUYS GUYS! Starcraft on mobile coming soon! Good luck with the interface, for added challenge lol
EducationalSockPuppet (20 days ago)
Don't you even phone?
Rose Blight (20 days ago)
"Diablo Immortals" is the 3rd most DISLIKED Video on YouTube of ALL times. Yeah.... Blizzard really knows their market...
Stephen Dakota (20 days ago)
joshua thomas (20 days ago)
Couldnt have made a better vid about this.
21willyx21 (20 days ago)
Wish it was this easy
Wisdom&Strength (20 days ago)
that phone throw was amazing...
rockkiller124 (20 days ago)
Lost Ark is my current drug right now, I literally can't stop playing
Marwan Msaadi (20 days ago)
Great vid man. It's sad
comic-con con (21 days ago)
So many people taking shit about Immortal but it will make the most money 💰 and they will bring 1000’s of more people to Diablo, ready for Diablo 4. The money that they make from this mobile game will fund D4 so let the casual mobile gamers pave the way the pc game🤷🏽‍♂️
Yogi Wahyu Prasida (21 days ago)
Not a fan of diablo and I have no idea what channel this is but you're one entertaining dude! Subbed
Dominik Sinkovic (21 days ago)
I mean Activision kinda took over blizzard that's why many ppl don't want to work at blizzard now... Publishers fuck all devs over...
neltymind (21 days ago)
I disagree with you on the assumption that this was a bad decision, business-wise. Sure, the previous player base was alienated and this mobiel game is garbage. BUT... Mobile games with microtransactions make a shitload of money so will this game. It's just more profitable. PoE won't make a fraction of it. Gaming has become mainstream. The money is making casual players buy crap in your ingame store.
exoa (21 days ago)
diablo died a looooong time ago. As soon as i saw how cartoony d3 was, it was fkin obvious
zippo718 (21 days ago)
Diablo is down the shitter, but PoE is still boring as fuck. What else is there?
LiloVLOG (21 days ago)
Great video
Jun Tien Ong (21 days ago)
That phone throw thou😂😂😂😂😂👌🏻
cipanpoke (21 days ago)
They really fall for greed. For all the features for immortal, it shouldn't be a problem to do all those in D3 engine and call it an expansion, for both pc n console.
vnhg (21 days ago)
Worse than battlefront?
daniel velez (21 days ago)
c&c is gone diablo is gone fallout is gone......and more to come from blizzard. be aways now that things are going mobile the games will get lazy on pc
kayl barnes (21 days ago)
bro GGG already did have the Arpg genre on lock
Tiberiu Gherasim (21 days ago)
Mobile games are played in countries where ppl commute by public transportation to kill time, so especially Asia.. I doubt gamers in US play much on mobile..
Notime 25 (21 days ago)
My diehard Diablo friend started play POE
Ehren.Bienert (21 days ago)
China has more people.
Timothy Hafner (21 days ago)
dude awesome review, but please check your audio levels and EQ ;)
Lol seeing comments "Path of Exile was made by bored fanboys that couldn't wait till Diablo III" Soooo Blizzard took the lazy add route of J.K. Rowling (HP and the cursed child) and allowed them to reskin publish a game. *golf clap* No real creator gives like this they all do surprises and change for a better when fans take a guess Blizzard ran out of ideas lol 😂😂😂
AngelosSVK (21 days ago)
I buy one of tree diablo collectors edition... make a price...
Ningen Daggermouth (21 days ago)
This video made my day. I like your sense of humor and spontaneity.
oz sel (21 days ago)
even diablo 3 is a dumb shit beside path of exile
Zack C (21 days ago)
LOL the rage over this incident is hilarious. Blizzard has other teams working diligently on D4 along with other projects, yet just because they announce another game in the franchise it's the end of world. Children will be children....
Londronable (21 days ago)
If they had anything related to D4 they would have shown it. This reaction was not a surprise to anyone. They knew this reaction was going to happen and they had nothing. If they had news for D4 or something else people there actually cared about AND they were up front about Diablo immortals being a mobile game there would have been 0 issues. Instead they deceived the people there.
Four Seven (21 days ago)
this dude funny (y)
Edward Phipps (21 days ago)
maybe blizz was trying to fund the next diablo from the profits of micro transactions. just a thought
H20_is_good (21 days ago)
Not just Path of Exile; I've been playing Grim Dawn too.
Thanggou Mang (21 days ago)
The same issue with the DCEU...lol
xoskeleton (21 days ago)
Your rant would have been more effective if you didn't repeat yourself about 20 times. I started skipping ahead in 20 second increments and you basically said the same thing every time I stopped to listen
poatrykdas (21 days ago)
poe is trash so nope
d6ath6ang6l (21 days ago)
it's a shame for blizzard.

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