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Female Fitness Motivation - Success is a Journey

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Text Comments (1871)
Girls being proud of being girls ! RESPECT !!!
Celes pereyra (15 days ago)
Qué lindo 😍 hacer una de ellas son maravillosas me encantaria pero no me dejan pero ya llegará ese día
Fit Family (21 days ago)
recommend hot fitneessgirl on instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BtVErYnnAXh/
Heather Tristany (22 days ago)
NEW SELF CONCEPT - NEW YOU. All power is now. There is no power in decaring, "I will be" in some future state as doing so directly implies, " I am not that I desire to be". I will be = Self-malpractice! Imagine now you are that which you desire to be. Mind is the invisable body. Body is the visble mind. The Diet and exercise are secondary to consciousness. No doubt.
Waqas Sheikh (1 month ago)
biological Health (1 month ago)
Set fire to everybody - Adelle
Anderson stadler (1 month ago)
Motivation level Max
ayla salci (1 month ago)
Kick ass babes!😆👍
Angela king (1 month ago)
1:48 gets me everytime
biological Health (1 month ago)
Do you train?
Angela king (1 month ago)
This is one of my favorite videos to watch before the gym. 👌
INK (1 month ago)
damn with this much editing you need to put a seizure trigger warning
Mirella Delgado (2 months ago)
Porque casi todos los videos de motivación son en inglés no por favor almenos pongan subtítulos
Savaş Metin (2 months ago)
Bıravo size bebeğim yanlız hafif ağırlıklarla çalışma olmaz ağır olanlarla çalışın sizleri daha iyi yapar vücut olarak 😎👍✌️✌️👍✌️👏😊☺️😊💕💓💖
WORK!!!! nothings easy but if you want bad enough youll find a way to get it.
Beauty Queen (4 months ago)
Poede Stefan (4 months ago)
After 5 years, this is still my favorite motivational video. Thank you for posting it. It helped me many times!
I want this life I want to be fit I need help I can’t I can’t do it
sarah jenkins (5 months ago)
These girls are my idol I go to the gym every day and someday I'll look like them
Smriti Singh (5 months ago)
Please tell me the song name ??
Angelina Carla Nilsson (6 months ago)
OMG! this is F$%king amazing! please make a longer motivational vid... so i can train and watch this! i want what you have! and seeing you in this vid... shows me i can have it again! awesome job!
SirHappy (6 months ago)
name @1:35?
Cham (10 months ago)
Nice Work Out Very Inspirational! Some of my friends reduces their fat using this ....https://bit.ly/2Ip5bUN
Bayangan Hitam (11 months ago)
what is the song?
Vakho Japaridze (1 year ago)
Good video in comparison with the others. Good job!
Janet Lester (1 year ago)
I can still manage 10 press ups!! Not bad for a 70 year old........
Markéta Diamon (1 year ago)
..jo jo.. mláádíí ...
claudia flores (1 year ago)
Adoro este vídeo motivacional, siempre me inspiró en este vídeo. Volveré a empezar de nuevo mi rutina 2018.
Lily Aguirre (1 year ago)
Amazing video. See more at https://youtu.be/VJ-aOBnx9og. Subcribe for everyday video.
good job! Perfect video tutorial! Go to also my page!
ironhead hooligan (1 year ago)
Very motivational...my body got hard...just watching the vid
johnnymcleanvlogs (1 year ago)
Wow amazing u make my dream come true thanks like it healthy with u and Johnny here
Andreas Olofsson (1 year ago)
I like this. Dont Whis For it, Work For It! The only limit is yourself. Btw if you want a tip on where to find fitness clothes, this site is cheap https://empowered-sportswear.myshopify.com
Brook a (1 year ago)
success is indeed a hard work. there are only two things that holds you back...https://www.grandself.com/the-two-things-that-hold-you-back-gary-vee/
A2S Academy2Success (1 year ago)
Hey nice video. Your Youtube Channel is amazing. Thanks for that great work. Maybe you will take a look to my videos to follow each other. Thanks a lot. Bye Chris
Interesting video, appreciate the time! Would love to connect a bit with some of you guys on here!
I started working out after seeing them workout
ToMuchTV (1 year ago)
hard work
Coco Bobo (1 year ago)
God knows I don't wear no chicken grease on my lips when I'm doing my workout tf with this make up more stereotypes jeesus
Jenny W. (1 year ago)
Who are they? Most specific, whos the girl with the six pack with black hair and in a half up hair due ?
Kendall Wyman (1 year ago)
The music in this needs to be sidechain compressed to the dialogue in this video because I couldn't hear any of it.
Cody Weisbrod (1 year ago)
this is motivation? just motivated me to wanna fuck. if u wanna be serious get DLB on here
Vanessa Mendoza (1 year ago)
this was actually motivational for me because im in the point of my life where giving up is no longer a choice and i need to stay motivated in never steping away or give up no matter how much people bring me down
Matthan Flanagan (1 year ago)
Who's the girl 01:34 - 01:36
Eleanor Wizard (1 year ago)
Whos the women @1.33min in?
Kelly Vinto (1 year ago)
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Dominika Brzykcy (1 year ago)
Marta (1 year ago)
Finally some proper fitspo, not just super skinny sick girls that they claim is not thinspo but fitspo. This is what I wanna see, not something promoting an eating disorder. Strong, fit girls!
Meriam Tshepho (1 year ago)
was I like
Tsui Ting Sau (1 year ago)
I just lovr this video soooooo much!!!!!!!!thank you fot making this vid!!!!!
Jenny Nu (2 years ago)
follow my mom: anitanuss on instagram for more motivation
Brabant Prisca (2 years ago)
Stop talking nonsense please those women are beautiful like fitness models and their clothes are just beautiful . Don't be jealous bitch just move your ass and get sexy
The25Sister (2 years ago)
Yes, gym motivation video without porn. Thank you!
Comedian David Lee (2 years ago)
don't sweat the negativity! your editing choices are good, but maybe cut back on the effects.
Kassidy Weinheim (2 years ago)
I've recently fell in love with fitness. The gym used to be hell for me, but now that I've really started wanting to achieve a fit body as apposed to just a skinny body, I've absolutely fell in love with it. This video is a huge motivator for me and I aspire to be as physically fit as these women are.
Koopman (2 years ago)
I feel like as if this is motivation for males aswell..
Efekan Pulatlı (2 years ago)
918 dislike from fat ass,belly,%40 body fat people :))
Honest Hangedman (2 years ago)
what kind of retard acutally falls for this
Bhagwat Shinde (2 years ago)
Life Of Kristine (2 years ago)
everytime I c this I love it
Tommee Bath (2 years ago)
Debsijb (2 years ago)
Idk all these woman are too lean for men its better to be chiseled but this is too much
Sifu Slim wellness (2 years ago)
What if you want wellness? Move your bodies outdoors, grounded to the Earth in bare feet or conductive footwear, feeling the Zen experience, watching the sunrise, playfully recreating. That is sustainable, playful, manageable, and builds exercise compliance. Why? Because it's natural. Indoor fitness may help some or many. But, how many can sustain good feelings for decades doing indoor fitness? A small minority of the population can. How many are doing outdoor fitness right now? Very few also. What is the magic motto? Self-mastery. If you seek to master yourself, take a walk with me. Go tribal, go natural. Read more in Sedentary Nation on Amazon and also my second book -- The Aging Athlete. Today they're both 99 cents on Kindle. Aloha, Sifu Slim, hunter-gatherer of wellness
stewart97ful (2 years ago)
Already inspired me to get into shape and a girlfriend!
a woman with beacame it's insanity ,you have the cow milked Cola make !!!
Neanerthebeaner (2 years ago)
I want this.  I will get this.
Kylie B (7 months ago)
Neanerthebeaner Hows your 1 year progress?
Pamela Merrick (2 years ago)
inspiration without being trashy. awesome
Thats true..😎👊👊👊👍
fernieb (2 months ago)
Agreed 👏🏻👍🏻
Sharel de Vries (2 years ago)
This gives me so much motivation. One day my dream will come true 🏆
Colby Fischer (2 years ago)
Love! Thanks
Juliette Veronica (2 years ago)
The only motivating video with girls not showing off their boobs and ass.
Emma Rooney (2 years ago)
knee deep in bulking season and this makes me feel like a whale. lol
Sara Nur Darcan (2 years ago)
you don't need too see this, just look at a fit legs with a great leggings and small waist with a sports bra
Zayna Bella (2 years ago)
I need motivation :(
Marisell Colon (2 years ago)
Love this video, always give me a pump to keep motivate and continue with my goal!!
Alam Beto (2 years ago)
Muito bom!!!
keerthi jalakam (2 years ago)
help me if anyone can
Trash Goat (2 years ago)
The only one that can gives you what you really want is yourself.
Ace Spa (2 years ago)
My favourite video :) wish there were more like this one
Anand A (2 years ago)
Ace Spa
Maja_ _ (2 years ago)
Korenn Rachelle (2 years ago)
Yes! This is real motivation, the last video was just booty and titties in the camera 😐
Jess See (2 years ago)
Thanks for the A REAL fitness inspiration video!! All the other one's just look like soft porn. So frustrating!!
Georgia St (2 years ago)
Inspiration 💪🏻🙏🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Donna Wilson (2 years ago)
great editing great special effects great workout great song great video!!
қандай əдемі
Go to my channel and motricite a training session of the Russian guys and girls)
Nipun Jain (2 years ago)
00:53 <3
"Воздушный клип"
uddo fixed (2 years ago)
great i love this. my woman looks great gets stronger than me, gets successful in her job and i can lay back and relax and when i get horny, i have a beautiful chick to fuck with. great future. she does all the work and i can become lazy and fat and take care of my soft hands and my beautiful fingernails. i love this.
Julie Reid (2 years ago)
I lost interest when she said "so I decided to hire a trainer"
Flowerr Glz (3 years ago)
This inspires me so much!!!!!!!!!!!
Sierra Fuentes (3 years ago)
I need motivation! PLEASE HELP ME.
mimi girl (2 years ago)
so true hard work makes your dream comes true
Sharel de Vries (2 years ago)
Send me a pb on Instagram @Shareldevries_ I can help you!
Anole Canole (2 years ago)
If you sit on your ass all day on the Internet, you'll achieve nothing. But if you get up and workout you'll achieve something. Confidence.
Gleahga Smith (3 years ago)
I have watched my body changed over the years and with alot of hard work and motivation is the only way to get the results your after ,when people actually get insecure around you or say you must not eat ,they are just not unstanding the amount of passion you put into a workout and t time to get the body that they could also get !!!! point said
Mayra Zumba Morales (3 years ago)
estee es uno de los mejores videos motivacionales que me ha mantenido en pie con mi entrenamiento!! maaas de estee estilo porfavorr ♡ !! se agradecee
Jennifer Casares (3 years ago)
Song is Adele vs. Skrillex- set fire to rain to everybody (ca7's mashup)
湛藍 (3 years ago)
I would like to ask this background the first song who sings? thanks
Suherwan Erwan (3 years ago)
my god body women
mattcole74 (3 years ago)
This is a motivational video! Strong women being strong, getting stronger. Not like the others where there are just models with spray on sweat bending over near the squat rack. I can't like this one enough!
Libia Casanova (3 years ago)
Hello Adele is #1 on the charts??? What are you smoking, go ahead and confess my love. Lol.
Evn esn (3 years ago)
what this song name
Rihan Na (3 years ago)
Weight loss green store tea has been really helping me lose weight naturally. I highly recommend it if you want to lose at least 2 to 3 pounds every week without rigid work out.
oneraceonedestiny (3 years ago)
This video is stupid, women do not look like this.
miliziametallica (2 years ago)
+liah mebrahtu these are surgery fitness escort lol
liah mebrahtu (2 years ago)
+oneraceonedestiny lol... what do you mean? what do they look like?
Sidrah Niaz (3 years ago)
please guys visit and subscribe to my channel....
супер деушки.
Damola Bolaji (3 years ago)
too many frames squashed into one minute, too distracting.... geez!
blablabla (3 years ago)
gay music ruins everything
Emily Hood (3 years ago)

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