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SOCIAL ANXIETY | 3 Strategies To Eliminate Social Anxiety In The Field

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Text Comments (49)
Ines Hernandez (3 months ago)
Thanks for the motivation Aaron, got a job interview tomorrow and this sure helps.
Evolution Daily (3 months ago)
I just looked into my crystal ball and you got the job. Congratulations.
Playlist iPhone (3 months ago)
Excellent video and I'm sure it strikes a nerve with a bunch of the viewers. That first step in not giving a shit about what others are saying/thinking when you do your thing is the hardest one. When you conquer that fear, you're unstoppable.
NeckTourniquets 4Sale (3 months ago)
not swag hate but this look makes me think of that SNL Christmas skit dick in a box
JohnnyClock (3 months ago)
Evolution Daily, your swag is on point! It's time for you to get inked up on getting a full sleave tattoo
JohnnyClock (3 months ago)
Evolution Daily Hell yeah 😎
Evolution Daily (3 months ago)
I think you're right bro haha honestly
Manu Lan (3 months ago)
Feeling pretty confident to say this is one of your best vids for your honesty and mostly because of how grounded you are. Congrats dude keep crushing it. Much love and good vibes for you 🤙
Evolution Daily (3 months ago)
Thank you for the kind words bro.
mario meza (3 months ago)
Sick haircut man
Evolution Daily (3 months ago)
Thank you dude!
Faouzi Laloui (3 months ago)
Thanks Aron,you made me laugh a bit!Very often its hard to get out from that situation after a week without practising pick up. If "AA"Does happen to you as well,which is hard to believe!Somehow it is motivating for me.
HowToBadass Durden (3 months ago)
Your program really helped but now that you use fake infields its like i based it all on a lie. Feelsbadman
Evolution Daily (3 months ago)
Lol are you commenting on the right youtube channel?
I use to get super anxious if I wanted to ask a girl out. The way I overcame this was whenever I would go out, I would use an opener and politely close straight away. By doing this consistently I was able to speak to anyone after a while.
Uncaged (3 months ago)
How much coffee do you drink to feel good?
Evolution Daily (3 months ago)
"Grande cold brew no water" That's my go to and I feel like a fucking god.
Ali Mohsen (3 months ago)
Melquisedec smith (3 months ago)
Literally just came back from a local college campus and had this exact thing happen to me. Game for me is a lifestyle and even the most advance guys with consistent results will go through this thanks for sharing !!!
Zack (3 months ago)
Respect to you daygamers. Takes serious balls. I can't do it! I only ever do night game, but yesterday, after a job interview, I was at the bust stop when my idea of a 9/10 stood next to me. At first I thought she was maybe 16 or so (16 is legal here btw) and i'm 29! She also had earphones in. As I was contemplating how to open her, our bus came and we both got on and we stood next too each other, and I just couldn't find the balls to open her! I'm super angry at myself. In hindsight, i'm pretty sure she was 18+ because I think she'd been to college (judging by her bag and the time of day). Just she looks very young, albeit PERFECT I was thinking: ''Damn, this girl is perfect looking! But is she definitely 16+? If I open her and she gets super weirded out, neither of us can 'escape' and it'd be so awkward! But wait, i'm pretty sure she's 18 because college stuff. But she's got earphones in. Hmmmm…..plus i'm older and not handsome. I surely don't have a shot in hell here!..Hmmm….let me think''. At one point I opened the old lady next too us with a kind of 'open' comment that would have given the hot girl a chance to say something. Kind of a way of 'probing' for interest. Nothing. I think she occasionally removed her earphones from time to time. Amongst my opening ideas were: 1/ ''Hey, kind of a weird question, but how old are you?'' (a way of bailing if she WAS under age, but could maybe go 'direct' instantly after if she said she was 16+ and just be like ''Ok, I just thought you were cute but wanted to make sure you weren't underage' or whatever?) 2/ *tap her and point at ears* ''What are you listening too?'' And then maybe go into a cold read or something? 3/ Just go direct like all the London daygamers and just tell her I thought she was cute? 4/Some sort of fake/familiarity opener?and pretend to recognise her from somewhere as a way to hopefully get a convo going? I dunno, man. But I've been in a CRAP mood ever since because i'm angry at myself plus i'm just frustrated by her hotness and it makes me feel so inferior! lol Also, slightly O/T, but has anyone tried any drugs (prescribed or otherwise) to completely ELIMINATE INHIBITIONS and anxiety? I just honestly think that even if I had tyler RSD in my ear feeding me the best lines, i'd not have had the courage to open her
Aces (3 months ago)
Zack try downing a nip before going out. Plus you that anger should fuel your next efforts. You don’t wanna go thru that painful regret again so you’re just gonna take that leap of faith. Because regret feels more painful, and longer lasting than that 1 minute rejection sting does .. It’s natures way of prodding the the shit outta you to get back out there again until you get her. Even if you fail. It’s a numbers game.
D.W.L.F GAME (3 months ago)
Great message brother. Blessings to you and much success in all your endeavours
Carlos Joya (3 months ago)
Aaron to the mothafucking Alexander! Yea dude I had an older Asian couple compliment me for taking action.
Evolution Daily (3 months ago)
Fuck yeah dude cool people think this shit is cool and weirdos think it's weird.
Commando Master (3 months ago)
I need to start approaching girls on campus. I didn't approach today because I was feeling tired.
Aces (3 months ago)
Im about to hunt and I feel tired to but, fuck it .. won’t be long
Joao Manzano (3 months ago)
Cold shower
Fearless DAN (3 months ago)
M Magician (3 months ago)
yup they should
Ghazzillion Films (3 months ago)
fearless dan and evoltuon daily shud collab in pickuop
M Magician (3 months ago)
love u man and ur channel im a sub keep it up bro
Jake Medis (3 months ago)
You're videos has helped me with approaching women I don't know in the mall or downtown during the day. I started going out to different bars every time I go out for night game. I used to go to the same ones but it's better to change it up if you're trying to meet women at bars. Not all women that to them are trash. Some people put down the bar scene. I like going out alone with out a wing man. Who needs a wingman when there is good pua guys like you that can help. Thanks for having this channel.
Frederick0220 (3 months ago)
“Look at this hawt, white dude filming a pick-up video.” 😂😂😂 Alpha AF!
Evolution Daily (3 months ago)
LOL yup
Og_Deadbolt (3 months ago)
sick hair
Stunna league (3 months ago)
Bro thanks a million for this vid it was super awesome...
Evolution Daily (3 months ago)
I got you dude glad you enjoyed
Pickle Rick (3 months ago)
Thanks this is very relatable !
Matthew Scanlon (3 months ago)
You are a fucking God in my eyes I can’t do what you
Evolution Daily (3 months ago)
Yes you fucking can man you absolutely can the only thing holding you back is that you think you can't do it.
Just Graves (3 months ago)
Appreciate the empathy A! Good one!! Keep Crushing it!! Evolution Daily 4Life!!!!
Just Graves (3 months ago)
Evolution Daily 👍
Evolution Daily (3 months ago)
Just Graves no problem homie
nobodysperfect06 (3 months ago)
If a guy approaches girls, but he runs out of things to say in conversation often, mainly is able only to have quick short interactions, does that mean he still has social anxiety? Or does social anxiety mean he won't approach or talk to girls or just people at all? Maybe a video should be done that explains, signs you still have social anxiety
nobodysperfect06 (3 months ago)
+Evolution Daily I wouldn't say I really feel anxious but most of the time I'm the quiet one in the group, I feel it's easier for me to have a conversation with someone, especially to keep a conversation going when it depends on the topic of discussion
Evolution Daily (3 months ago)
I'll consider making a video like that but I think most people know if they have it. When you get around a group of people or out in public do you feel anxious? Then you might have it.

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