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Perfume and Body Mist Collection 2019 Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s Secret

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The Calgon caught my eye. I'll check out. 🙂
Missy Frog1 (7 days ago)
Where is the perfume tray from?
Forever Scher (10 days ago)
Great collection!! Love how u have everything displayed!!
Andrea Rice (12 days ago)
Nice Collection!
Juju Bees (26 days ago)
Nice collection. Where did you get your perfume tray? So pretty!
Vanessa Aguilar (1 month ago)
I just bought Victoria Secret Temptation for the summer 🌞. It smells so good. Thanks for your recommendations!
Lauren Peach State (1 month ago)
No problem ❤️❤️ Thanks for watching ❤️❤️
Roxy Marie (1 month ago)
Love your collection!!! 💕
Lauren Peach State (1 month ago)
Thanks for watching ❤️
Vicky K (1 month ago)
Great collection tfs! Where did you get the body fantasies sprays?
Lauren Peach State (1 month ago)
Vicky K thanks for watching ❤️❤️❤️ and walmart or the dollar store
Ruth Anne (1 month ago)
I love this video. I love perfumes like oml. And you low-key sound like Rihanna when you say her name / talk about Rob'l fleur
Lauren Peach State (1 month ago)
Ruth Anne Lol girl me too. I have a little perfume addiction 😂😂 thanks for watching ❤️❤️
Legend Styles (2 months ago)
i definitely recommend rush by victoria’s secret. my favourite scent ever by them, if i could bathe in it i would lol
Lauren Peach State (1 month ago)
Lol i never see that one. I definitely want to try it! Thanks for watching ❤️❤️
La'Tasha W. (2 months ago)
Nice collection 😍😍😍
Carlene Lorraine (2 months ago)
Your collection is amazing...🤩
Lauren Peach State (2 months ago)
Carlene Lorraine Thanks for watching! ❤️❤️❤️
isitshu (2 months ago)
Pink Sugar Sensual is definitely the big sister I didn't care for the licorice in the original but I love Sensual. Have you tried Rebelle by Rhianna it's the red one like your black one is a beautiful sweet scent with hints of chocolate and coffee it's super sexy and I always get tons of compliments I just ordered my backup bottle since it seems to be getting a little scarce these days.
Lauren Peach State (1 month ago)
isitshu I’ll have to give that Rouge Love a try then lol 😂again thanks for watching ❤️
isitshu (2 months ago)
+Lauren Peach State yup I have that one too I really like it but Rebelle is my favorite from that line. I didn't care for Rogue either but Rogue Love is good it's so pretty and it has peach if I remember from your other videos that's one of the notes you like
Lauren Peach State (2 months ago)
isitshu Oh wow, we atleast we will always have Reb’l Fleur. Do you like that one? Its my favorite by Rihanna followed by Rebelle and Nude . I dont like Rogue much
isitshu (2 months ago)
+Lauren Peach State 🤦🏾‍♀️ now I regret not getting that one during the semi annual gonna see if I can hunt it down for a good price. If you like Rebelle you may want to grab a back up because even on fragrancenet.com it's seems like stock is low they only have the big bottles now and I haven't seen it in my Burlington in a while.
Lauren Peach State (2 months ago)
isitshu I definitely want to try Pink Sugar Sensual. ❤️And Yes i do have Rebelle in the body mist form which is very strong ( got it from TJMaxx) . I forgot to put it in here because I keep it in my car. But yes it smells yummy like strawberries,coffee, chocolate, and ginger. I wear it with my VS lotion called That Cozy Life which smells like sweet Strawberry cake 🍰 🎂. It smells so good and goes well with Rebelle. Thanks for watching ❤️❤️❤️
Jane Staton (2 months ago)
Great collection! 💗💜💙
Lauren Peach State (2 months ago)
Jane Staton Thank you and Thanks for watching!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tae Tae 24 (2 months ago)
Which one of those do you recommend for me
Lauren Peach State (2 months ago)
Tae Tae 24 no its very warm and sweet. Not floral at all
Tae Tae 24 (2 months ago)
Lauren Peach State do velvet petals smells like flowers? I had floral scents
Lauren Peach State (2 months ago)
Since I know you like sweet scents I recommend Pink Sugar, Britney Spears Fantasy, Can Can Paris Hilton, Velvet Petals by VS, Warm and Cozy by Pink VS, and Violet Plum by B&BW( smells like sugary berries). Thanks for watching ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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