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Fashion dress sketch watercolor with glitter

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Pousali Sarkar (9 days ago)
Amazing ❤
MEHAK MEHTA (26 days ago)
So beautiful
Seema Singh (2 months ago)
Beautiful illustration!!!💙
Tinj Hi (3 months ago)
It’s very nice, I want to ask what kind of color did you use for the flowers? It don’t seem like water color, is that acrylcolor?
Tinj Hi (3 months ago)
I had the same question too, but she has taken the color from the watercolorbox, so I think she has only mixed the color with very little water.
Jood Farhan (4 months ago)
Draw it on a canvas
я тебя отыскала находила находила и отыскала
Michelle Herrera (5 months ago)
es tan hermoso 😢😢😮😀💎💎👍👍👍
Ejdd Sdudd (5 months ago)
Depois vc me manda uma foto
Ejdd Sdudd (5 months ago)
Meu nome é lara
Ejdd Sdudd (5 months ago)
третий Рейх (5 months ago)
fer y caro (6 months ago)
This is me (6 months ago)
Nice 😀😀😀

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