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Mob kills increase knowledge rank now!! REJOICE! NA EU PATCH! 1-10-18 Black Desert Online BDO

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Website http://www.incendar.com Discord: https://discord.gg/74DCXh4 Donate: https://streamlabs.com/incendar Hey utube Incendar HERE!!! With todays patch Jan 10th for EU NA there is a huge change to gaining knowledge which I didn't notice in the patch notes but just tested and its a great change! for newer regions this may save you some pearls and loyalties. Back when I started BDO I thought it was a great mechanic that as you killed mobs you would increase your knowledge on them, by doing more damage, taking less damage and getting better drops. This didn't really work that great since you ended up buying bird pets and using the library or oblivions to resest knowledge when you got a low rank. the great news is as of today NA and EU can get better ranks just based on mob kills! video now shows examples
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Seb J. Whoever (9 months ago)
Has this been nerfed again recently? Because I can't seem to get better ranks at all. Been grinding Hasrah for 10h combined the past three days and still have B ranks on all of them.
Incendar Gaming (8 months ago)
Some do seem pretty bad, some super easy . Seems to be some variation on mob yeah
David (10 months ago)
Does this apply to world bosses too or you still need to delete knowledge on them to gain higher knowledge?
Incendar Gaming (8 months ago)
Apparently yes
TheCreepVideos (10 months ago)
Didn't know about this. Quick additional info. In an upcoming update, the amount of S ranks will give you drop chance bonuses, to the max of 800 S = 20%, if we get the same as Korea
Incendar Gaming (10 months ago)
Yep its in now might do a vid, thanks!
Zenislav (11 months ago)
Hey Incendar maybe a bit strange question but what gear you use to grind mobs? If you have boss equipment what would you use before it? Just returned to BDO and my wizard after more than year of not playing and forum posts focus mostly on pvp.
Incendar Gaming (10 months ago)
Hi yeah! I used talis for cheap FS on those tet and pen lifecloths stuff. Green was way easier to tet way back in the dark days and got it done before most had tri boss. Time to upgrade again tho
Zenislav (11 months ago)
Nice website. Saved link for it to check what you have there :) Hehe Talis armor for 5 movement speed. That was exactly same combo I was thinking on taking. Only problem is that still deciding if I will go with Grunil. Just shame it has one crystal slot. And last thing what crystals you use?
Incendar Gaming (11 months ago)
Hey zen I take a screen about once a month tand put it at this link ,below. Iits missing rings and some new tri acc I got but will update. I never needed more for PVE tho or fast grinding, I am doing NW now tho so will do full tet or better boss and work on tet accs now. wizard has rather low gear req Im told... http://incendar.com/incendarscurrentgearsandstats.php
justin jones (11 months ago)
yeah u can get S in a day on the mobs for your grind area......super dope
Incendar Gaming (11 months ago)
yeah its super fast now D An will be more loot in a few patches too
XiaoFeng (11 months ago)
Actually i like that patch, i get the feeling this game become more and more too easy. Wheres the challenge when you get everything fast and simple?
David Scheindlin (10 months ago)
tedious =/= hard
Incendar Gaming (11 months ago)
Incendar Gaming (11 months ago)
Hi it's been getting easier every month since I started, back then was 1% xp loss per pk and stolen trade goods I think was before my time. Would be nice if they had some hardcore servers but I get what they are doing here. Might of went a bit far tho on this
nykko73 (11 months ago)
Munk Mank it's meant to attract more players
Supra Ninja (11 months ago)
PATCH size?
Incendar Gaming (10 months ago)
KJ (11 months ago)
wow, I went and tested this at nagas today and within 30 minutes I had all the mobs at S rank, I almost feel as if it's bugged. I mean, I'm not complaining, maybe my pets and jewelry help a lot, has anyone without multiple bird pets and jewelry noticed knowledge ranks coming this easy?
Incendar Gaming (11 months ago)
Yeah seems too fast to me too, I guess they went a bit crazy here
Teplo (11 months ago)
Great update!
Incendar Gaming (11 months ago)
almost too great!
Zachary (11 months ago)
Incendar Gaming (11 months ago)
Bill Murray (11 months ago)
Nooooo where's the cute sheepu outro :(
Incendar Gaming (11 months ago)
was the cute rolling HH ones yeah I need to make something new will do D
Mada Faka (11 months ago)
I though you wouldn't care about this change, you already had sheep knowledge S anyway LUL
Incendar Gaming (11 months ago)
yeah I remember that very well too, I still have left over oblivion now . S rank never seemed to do anything but apparently for sheep :D
jack rick (11 months ago)
DEYLTA (11 months ago)
BDO keeps getting better and better every update. Still a lot of issues but at least they're aware. Things take time but can't express how thankful I am they're putting in work to make this game greater than it already is. I've said it many time before but this game has sooo much potential. This change here is small but goes to show more improvements are coming!
ashryver (11 months ago)
What do the ranks do? Is it ever confirmed that S = more loot?
Incendar Gaming (11 months ago)
Possible KR changes are increased items with knowledge
Incendar Gaming (11 months ago)
If not now they will be according to KR patches
HerziTellStories (11 months ago)
with next patch we will get new knowledge system; if u have 500 points u will get 10 % more chance
noblessus (11 months ago)
+Master Ace: Yes it is lmao what hasn't been proven yet is if the drop rates are affected too
Master Ace (11 months ago)
noblessus that's not even true lol
ashryver (11 months ago)
Holy shit this is so good - SEA released like 13 hours ago, and we have that latest patch too. Seems pretty quick pace too, got a lot of S's.
Loooser (9 months ago)
#gongshow we alrdy have this patch in SEA?
Incendar Gaming (11 months ago)
Nice SEA, yeah After doing it more it seems super quick now
GermanGameAdviser (11 months ago)
seems like finally more and more good changes coming :D *tinfoil hat on* kakao contract running out or smth?
Incendar Gaming (11 months ago)
Yeah Some more interesting changes coming for KR too soon, possible increase to all grinding time will tell.
KJ (11 months ago)
Here I am with all my bird pets and jewelry that doesn't even matter anymore.. Well maybe it helps a little.
GermanGameAdviser (11 months ago)
afaik this doesnt count for World bosses tho where you get the knowledge from speaking with NPCs... Karanda for example
Incendar Gaming (11 months ago)
Same I remember waiting way back before buying birds for this change rip

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