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I'm a Vintage Clothing Dealer | Behind the Seams★ Glam.com

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Meet San Francisco style maven Cicely Hansen, the owner of the renowned vintage clothing store Decades of Fashion in Haight-Ashbury. Hanson gives us a personal tour, models her favorite fashions from years gone by, and explains why vintage clothing is definitely not a costume. http://Glam.com For more Cicely and Decades of Fashion: http://decadesoffashionsf.com For more videos like this, visit us on Glam: http://www.glam.com Visit us for more! http://www.glam.com Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Glam Friend us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/byGlamInc Check us out on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/you.are.glam/ Get inspired on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/glampins/ Add us to your circle on Google+: http://bit.ly/glam-googleplus”
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Text Comments (619)
Olive Adora (2 days ago)
Yes I Just sadly moved from San Fran and I was lookin for something like this!
Sweetheart Okay (11 days ago)
Where‘s that store i wanna buy Everything 😍😍😍
ValValentine (12 days ago)
I need to shop here
Ann (16 days ago)
man, that shop’s gotta be worth a lot.
Connie Murphy (16 days ago)
OVER 70 STILL GLAMOROUS are you related to MONIQUE PARENT? my closet has 38 yr. young clothes ,the 80,s in it (but no couture ) my own vintage store he he he and I wear it ALL.I didnt shop for one year. thank you connie
Virtual ViVi (25 days ago)
Everyone's fussing about how she acts. Lol I'd shop at her store. I don't care how she acts or if she uses fur. If she has something I want, I'll go.
Anna Nellis (28 days ago)
I love vintage!!!!!! unlike the clothing now but this is class and 1930s and 1920s is my favorite generation :)
Rosalind Kincannon (29 days ago)
Beautiful clothes should live on forever on beautiful people. Wool, silk n linen textiles can last a long amount of time if properly cared for. Today there is an abundance of synthetic fabric not quite th same luxury
Antonio Perez (1 month ago)
Do you have men attired!!!
Yolanda (1 month ago)
I just admire and appreciate your style.👌
STARDUST- ONE (1 month ago)
Oh thats real style Baby !!!
VNem Vee (1 month ago)
Oh my God, her store is a museum, a goldmine, it's uniqueness, it's a one-time chance to actually experience how it feels to even touch clothes like these! It's history and you can wear it, feel the energy of that time. Oh my! 😱
Amy Fowler (1 month ago)
Mom! Adopt me 😆
mizzmolly (1 month ago)
I don't know if I'd wear all of that hot clothing in San Francisco. It's too warm.
Vintage Designer Finds (1 month ago)
Incorrect definition of couture luv.
Rachel (1 month ago)
Somebody call Harry Styles
Sarah Leach (1 month ago)
Your a important collector.
Meriem Alaoui (1 month ago)
What’s her English accent originally from ?
Orange Kitten (1 month ago)
Those prints are hideous.
Felina Maes (1 month ago)
I just love this
Mellisa Emerald (1 month ago)
Seriously I want to live life doing what I love like her
Amanda H (1 month ago)
I could just die!! Loove!! I want to go there so bad!!
Virgo Mood (1 month ago)
Dope af
Overwatch_ Milktea (1 month ago)
I wanna visit the store
Elena Hernandez (1 month ago)
Dress me up please
Ramen Noodle Doodles (1 month ago)
Anyone else here a vintage wearer?
Latte Knowsbest (1 month ago)
"Nothing is sexier than class" this!!
lily (1 month ago)
i love vingate
Annabell A (1 month ago)
I saw her reviews online and they were terrible
Elisa Pagnutti (2 months ago)
she is stunning
Spunkymunky (2 months ago)
I've been to her shop every time I'm in SF. It's fun.
ejgonzal13 (2 months ago)
"Couture is when they are made by a famous designer." Yikes.
Daniel Lovett (2 months ago)
I love everything about her outfit!
TuneOfYourHeart (2 months ago)
Can she like take me in like I love her and her store
TuneOfYourHeart (2 months ago)
Omg I want to go there pleeaassee
jesus is a worm (2 months ago)
dude ive been here its amazing
SummerSong (2 months ago)
Petition to bring back men's 60s-80s fashion and hell, why not bring back greaser styles cause wow their clothing today is so dull and boring. Trust me when I say you will be talked about more if you throw on more color.
Violet Alfred Keenan (2 months ago)
i am a vintage person every thing i ware is vintage i need to go there but i live in australia:(
Anjolina Reyna (2 months ago)
Omg I went to this store in sf
Steve L (2 months ago)
Nobody likes the 80s 😂
Alice Quigley (2 months ago)
I think I watched this being filmed. Hmmm cool
Emma McMahon (2 months ago)
I could seriously spend the rest of my life in that store just appreciating all the beauty that these clothes are.
Jessica Reichard (2 months ago)
I wish I lived there! 😓
Rainie Veronica Tan (2 months ago)
i have always love everything in the 1900s. ❤️ she’s amazing
Juliemer Garcia (2 months ago)
Where is this? 😍
eric payne (2 months ago)
I love you!!!!! I love, love, love you. I love you
Sarah M (2 months ago)
Dita can go in the back allll she wants, I bet...LOL!
Andrea G (3 months ago)
I agree that Nothing Is Sexier Than Class. How true! Forget cheap trashy slutty ill made clothes! Wear what Cicely wears!
Morgan Olfursson (3 months ago)
The great thing about it is that it is MIGHTY ecological. It is recycling at its finest . And i'd rather have someone by a vintage fur than a brand new cotton shirt , and HELL KNOS i am against fur . (I'm a veterinarian) , but vintage fur, the damage is already done and i'd rather the animal skin didn't end up in a trash . So i couldn't support more people who wear vintage second hand clothes , these people are doing the planet a huge favour and deserve our respect . Besides , you look absolutely stunning . Personally i think nothing is sexier than intelligence , not class . But maybe true class requires intelligence so it might not be so contradictory . And Ms or Mrs Hansen if you ever read this , you are more than welcome to spend a weekend at my grand mother and great grand mother's house in London and relieve us from decades of clothing , i thing the oldest pieces we have date back to the Victorian era and i mean 1850s . Except for the wedding dresses and court dresses (old British aristocrats without the stuck stuck up attitude and the broom up our ,.... we have to work for a living) , we would gladly let you pick up anything you want as i don't think it will survive me . My grand mother is old and doesn't care much about clothes she or her mother wore in the 30s and 40s , my mother is a beatnik of the 60s and wears basically organic linen which goes with her vegan diet so she won't mind , and as for me , i am married to another man and at 6,5ft none of the clothes are ever gonna fit and i am not on a journey anyway so i'll stick to male clothes . We would gladly provide the accommodation for the time it would take you to choose among the many relics we have tried to keep for the past century and a half , and won't ask for a penny as long as you take care of the sending fees to California or the location of your choice . And we would also equally gladly introduce you to friends whom i am sure would not object to parting with some of their oldies . Antiques made of wood ceramic metal , stone etc are easy to keep as they require no maintenance , except a good polishing and dusting once in a while , but clothing , shoes and other pieces of accessories require a lot more care , and a lot more energy so , you would truly do a favour to the people, especially here in the UK or Friend of ours in France who are living like hoarders because they feel bad about throwing things with sentimental value or somehow attached to their family, but also spend a pretty penny every year to keep it all free from mold and insects or try to just protect them from the passage of time (those old houses are not the best place to keep clothes in optimum conditions). I would especially be ever so grateful to anyone taking these furs away. I may be a vet and a vegan but my grand mother and her ancestors were most certainly not and for them animals were something to eat or wear , end of the story so sadly , there are furs and skin of the most exotic and sometimes extinct species on the planet. Something i don't take any pride in owning but can never bring myself to throw as it would be even more cruel , so if at least anyone wants to wear or use these and take them off my hands and sight i would gladly give them away if it can spare even the life of even one animal alive today . But i will not give them to anyone who deals in fur feathers or skins, i will only gladly give them to a vintage shop like yours . If you want to contact me here , i will later on give you an email address you can contact me and see where we can go from there . The offer is serious and honest . Now to the other people out there , if you are not this lady or do not run a shop like this or are not ready to come collect things directly in the UK, do not send me any request please . And i am not opening my grand mother's house for people who want to browse for days and leave with three pieces . Come with boxes, ready to pack and send and evidences that you are not trying to inject more fur on the market . We have been contacted by countless fur dealers who know that the old British and French aristocratic houses are filled with rare and impossible to find furs from even extinct species , and every time we have declined the offer and i personally walked them out of the property , explaining to them that i'd more easily skin them alive than sell them anything . So vintage shop owners only and you can be sure i will double check everything about your business activity and its affiliations . But you Lady Hansen , have carte blanche , because i truly love your genuine passion for vintage clothing. And you clearly do not solely do it for the financial aspect of the business , but evidently take great joy in the activity itself . And something tells me that you are not unfamiliar with gay entourage !
Janice Lambert (3 months ago)
My happy place, I love the stories around each piece ❤️❤️❤️
ShanePreston (3 months ago)
She reminds me of cher, i love her
Cade Del Rey (3 months ago)
I love her omg
Venus Gillespie (3 months ago)
Next time I go to San Francisco, I will live there and in natural history museums
CuteSimpleThings (3 months ago)
I could live inside her store. I love anything vintage!
Ronda Jin (3 months ago)
That's classic, but absolutely CLASSY and BEAUTIFUL!!!
Rachel Hagen (3 months ago)
WOW, I want to work I. Her shop
zola khadijah (3 months ago)
This is wonderful, keep up the good work, love it.
Maple Cookies (3 months ago)
This would make me go out of my mind ! I want to go there ! Oh hell ya !
Mayen Ekarika (3 months ago)
Where ?
Amber Soos (3 months ago)
omg I must visit
Queen Hihi (3 months ago)
Someone take me there
Maribeth ruban (3 months ago)
yes!!! nothing is sexier than class😍😍😍
karrie baker freeman (3 months ago)
I think u ate fabulous I feel bad cause I live in Rochester NY. I wish I could oder from you
Maritime (3 months ago)
she looks like Blanka Matragi
Juniva wilson holloman (3 months ago)
I love you 👍💕
DecorBy Z (3 months ago)
I want to go just off of Cicely's energy🤗 Love all that makes this store many blessings
HeKeptDying (3 months ago)
She’s giving Sharon Needles vibes.
Lulu Daniels (3 months ago)
You go honey!!! I wish I had that confidence!!!!
Erin Lyons (3 months ago)
This is my life goals. Gosh!
Sam Shepherd (3 months ago)
This is a very passionate woman! What a wonderful store too.
Lian (3 months ago)
I admire your passion!
Divaliciousbeauty123 (3 months ago)
"Vintage clothes dealer" sounds sketchy though. Like she's dealing drugs lmao
Erum Rana (3 months ago)
Vocal fry is excruciating on the ears. The rest is just lovely! Great work she is doing!
Daisy Colvin (3 months ago)
If any of you are my size and want to swap or but clothes off of me dm me on my Instagram (@ww0twc) I have tons of 1920 French Quarter attire because my family is Creole and lived in New Orleans. I also have French Vogue style clothes, etc.
Deniz I. (3 months ago)
I've worked with Cicely for a 20's fashion show before, and I absolutely adore her! She is incredibly knowledgeable, and being a history buff myself, her shop is definitely worth a visit!
nicky starr (3 months ago)
She was arrested for selling illegal furs like Monkey cheetah etc...
Victoria (3 months ago)
I read her Yelp reviews. I'll pass on this store.
Random Girl (3 months ago)
20-30 <3
Jebbie (3 months ago)
That lady is so "up" it would be exhausting to be around her for more than a few minutes at a time; imo opinion anyway. And even though I do love the collection she's created she lost me when she turned her nose up at 80's fashion.
Chelsey M (3 months ago)
There's a store like this in Salt Lake City called decades. It looks very similar to hers. And they have clothing dating all the way back to the victorian era.
Brandi Cerra (3 months ago)
The owner of this store has been sentenced to three years probation and 500 hours of community service for illegally selling coats from endangered species...
*FR E SH A VOCA DO* (3 months ago)
I don't know why but, I really love her voice.
YouTube Star (3 months ago)
I love this store! Always go here when I’m in SF.
LadyAdalicia (3 months ago)
Can we bring some of this style back because I’m living for these outfits!!!
CupcakKe Queen (3 months ago)
Jay Al (3 months ago)
It's not even stored right . The smell ... 😪
joanna noel (3 months ago)
Absolutely fabulous....wish I was in the US.....
charles southerton (3 months ago)
if i hear any period between 1965-the present day...blah anything prior to 1965 yaaaasss
Bucky Bun (3 months ago)
I'm drooling at all the 20s clothing I love that era so much
josie (4 months ago)
I want so badly to dress like this
Claudette Debussy (4 months ago)
I absolutely love this, vintage clothing is beautiful and I enjoy wearing it, want to visit her shop so much
Clearwater Guy (4 months ago)
Nice look but a hat looks better when your hair is not hanging down!
Patty Feb (4 months ago)
I Love you!💗 everything looks so beautiful
Miss Masonya (4 months ago)
Well all right now! Yes mam
Joeisawildchild (4 months ago)
Check out Playclothes vintage the store in Burbank California! Honestly the best store in California in my opinion!
Nikki Reign (4 months ago)
How much fun would it be to raid her closet! She's got great taste!
Megan Violet (4 months ago)
I’m in love w/ her & this store 😍
Fanatik (4 months ago)
Is she selling the clothes to crossdressers because this is the best time for us
Julia (4 months ago)
I love it💓💓

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