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ART, SCIENCE, AND CASTELS - Touring Faber-Castell's Factory

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Get your own ant plushie before it’s too late, two weeks only: https://shop.makeship.com/products/kaseythegolden I had the honor of touring the Faber-Castell pencil factory along with testing some supplies in Germany! This was such a fun experience and I am so thankful to have given the opportunity... and not, ya know... kidnapped in someone's basement. I hope you don't mind that this content is different than my usual videos, I shared some footage on instagram and there seemed to be a lot of interest for a full video, so here we are! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- REDBUBBLE: https://www.redbubble.com/people/KaseyTheGolden STORENVY: http://kaseythegolden.storenvy.com/ PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/KaseyGolden TWITTER: https://twitter.com/KaseyTheGolden TUMBLR: http://kaseythegolden.tumblr.com/ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/kaseythegolden --------------------------------------------------------------------------- MATERIALS USED: Faber-Castell Watercolor Markers Faber-Castell Watercolor Pencils iPad Pro 12.9" Procreate --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I GUESS I GOT A PO BOX. PO Box 5394 Victoria B Victoria, BC V8R6S4 Canada --------------------------------------------------------------------------- MUSIC: https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired
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Text Comments (899)
Kasey Golden (8 days ago)
If you could get a behind the scenes look at any art company... which would it be?!
Insider Outsider (7 hours ago)
Kate Hanchon (1 day ago)
Either Prismacolor or Staedtler.
Lizzy Lou Who (2 days ago)
@Lucy M-Watson *SHE SAID ART COMPANY!!!!!*
Stay Strong (4 days ago)
Larissa Lohse (4 days ago)
Schmincke :D
AngelChase24 (1 hour ago)
I am currently use Faber-Castell for my watercolour pencils and I love them. A brand I would definitely recommended
Cal Is Uhh (5 hours ago)
Ooooo you could do characters based around the time period of the house you visited 👀 and use the appearance of the snacks!!
Slasher Gatcha (8 hours ago)
I always wanted to go to Germany. ;-;
Bailey Losse (19 hours ago)
Paint inanimate objects from the German Treats!
I love faber castell! Their watercolour pencils are the only set I have the full set of. I want to go to the tour now!
FoxBlox (1 day ago)
Germany !!! Someone else german? Schöne Grüße ♥
daryan jbr (1 day ago)
I live in Germany 😂🇩🇪🇩🇪
Rezwana Khan (1 day ago)
Maybe magical girls for the snacks? (cater to us weebs you beautiful potato you)
Cantabile (1 day ago)
Did you really have to give a baby gigantic testicles?
•Pink lemonade• (2 days ago)
can you try to draw a furry?
Birch pelt (2 days ago)
I am from Germany but at the moment in living in the US Cx
Very cool!
Super Noot (3 days ago)
Okay but your fear of being kidnapped I have a similar fear and reaction to dying like I today "oh this is fun well I'm gonna fall and die out of this raft.
candy panda_15 (3 days ago)
u could design monsters based off of the snacks or mythical creatures
Abby Kettler (3 days ago)
Kasey- so people don't die from chewing on pencils Me- chews on pencils while watching video T-T
Sawyer Jillian (3 days ago)
mostof the health stuff is so faber castell doesnt get sued
Konnor The Pig (4 days ago)
What art tablet did you get Kasey? I’m trying to decide which one to get and I kinda need some help 🥴. So...do you have any recommendations??
Courtney Craig (4 days ago)
How about German beer garten people (the suspenders and knee high socks) who knows what they're really called. Oooh, and how about the royal ones that lived in the castle?!
Amber Ingargiola (4 days ago)
Will you be talking about the watercolor markers in a different video?
Isadora Bzie (4 days ago)
You should do kings and queens for the snacks because Germany has loads of them
Sushi_gamer_ 236 (4 days ago)
I live in Germany 😍😍😍🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪
Yves George Sanchez (5 days ago)
You know you're fancy when you get to tour to another country for free.
Bri K (5 days ago)
For a behind the scenes, I would love a Copic tour. For what you should do with the snacks, maybe draw them as people? Idk German snacks as German people seems really cool for some reason.
Drew Kerner (5 days ago)
Create characters of royalty from the German snacks with a few peasants and noblemen.
Marcus Wyett Pespes (5 days ago)
PLS Try Prismacolor!
Vince_ Bee-Z (5 days ago)
My old Faber Castell watercolor box had the two jousting guys holding pencils. I just wanted to let you know that I still had that 10 year old box...
Katelyn McCaigue (5 days ago)
Looks like you had an awesome trip! Congrats on the opportunity! So my first thought for drawing with the German snacks is drawing Germans based on the food! Hear me out...just imagine a cute old German man based off maybe like a chocolate bar or whatever you picked up hahahah Or an Oktoberfest waitress or party goer!
Hannah - (5 days ago)
Mythical character design!
twicebitten thasme (5 days ago)
To start, congratulations for getting to to go! Thanks for the tour(?). Very interesting and a bit enlightening. I was familiar with the scientific end of things as I had worked in a paint and chemical factory making custom paints and such but I was unaware of the rich history behind the Faber-Castell brand. This was enjoyable. Of course, my jealousy now demands I despise you and your good fortune. Ahahaha! Not really. However, I do wish I could've gone. Having been adopted from there, I really would have enjoyed it as I haven't been back since I was brought to America. I am slowly learning about my past (yes, I am a slow-learner) so your trip and this subsequent posting just added to my hunger for more. As for ideas of what to design for accompanying the snack reveals, how about characters that reflect the essence of German life. Before all the stupid stuff, of course. A bugermeister, or townsfolk... something in lederhosen, like Hansel and Gretel? Or perhaps something of the landmarks and/or some of scenery which is Germany. My ex was from southern Germany and her mom always sent us snacks and candies from her town. We loved the Kinder Schokolade and Haribou treats and which are now available here, so a taste of home is always nice. I sent some to her for her birthday...we're still friends. The Kinder eggs were banned for a while because the little toys inside were considered too dangerous. Choking hazards, eh. You struck veritable gold with your haul!!! Anyway, your videos are entertaining and enjoyable and I do look forward to watching them. They are inspiring... I did a sketchbook of imaginary characters based on "slanguage". Some day I may reveal what an "Ellifiknow" truly looks like! Thank you so much for sharing!
CityKanin (5 days ago)
Holy shit! I am obsessed with Faber-Castell! Never clicked faster on a video! So envious, i want to visit their factory too! >W<
Rikardo Rvszo (5 days ago)
god, your nose... I supposed to read subtiles but I couldn't... Damn it
They made pencils because they wanted pencils so they made pencils, Yeah great script there Kasey
Girlly animates (5 days ago)
13:14 is that a wee wee?
Charlie Ashtrashs (5 days ago)
I love Faber Castell this is so cool I would love to see the castle
Aurora Borealis (5 days ago)
This is soooo cool!!
Mellow Caramel (6 days ago)
Thank you for making this video! The sciency stuff was really cool and informative, but it also made me feel closer to my artsy boyfriend who I’m currently doing long distance with 💕
Layla Fauth (6 days ago)
Seren Cian (6 days ago)
Royal family with knights and stuff inspired by German snacks. I'm so happy for you for getting this opportunity. Gives me life goals worth striving for. Keep it up~
Sizzling Grill (6 days ago)
I hope faber castell keeps their old fancy style because it’s great it makes it unique
Jennifer Stay (6 days ago)
Beyond jealous!!!
A H (6 days ago)
about the lead being stronger than most that is so true! i dropped my faber castell pencils before and they did not crack unlike my shitty prisma
Justin Eaton (6 days ago)
Very cool
Zaccura (6 days ago)
"I'm going to be kidnapped and kept in some old guy's basement" is literally exactly the first thing that would pop into my mind if anything like that happened ever XD Impostor syndrome is a b. This was so cool though! I actually have some Faber Castell stuffs that I haven't tried yet, now I'm gonna have to give them a go. ;D
Paige Lay (6 days ago)
How old is she
capn_nyleve (6 days ago)
2:21 I see what you did there AHAHAHSASHASHXJXNKSSMD
Violet Rose (6 days ago)
You can make stereotypes in any nations of people. .. or dogs ??
Sylvia Gray (6 days ago)
You could character design eagles because they're Germany's national animal!
Bnhahardcore Fan (6 days ago)
Omfg seriously???? I scrolled through the comments and saw a comment that says (and I am not kidding) :” you are ugly but your art is good😊”……the fucc is that supposed to mean
Raise The Roof (6 days ago)
Kasey: Draws naked baby with balls Youtube: Accepted Someone: Says shit Youtube: DEMONITIZED
Ella Lundqvist (6 days ago)
Make summer people out of the German snacks! :D
Ravenpotter (6 days ago)
I’m going to be getting an iPad Pro later this summer when I get enough money :) is the 11 inch one good for art? Also I never knew about the science side of art supplies! That is so cool!!!! That would like be the best job ever!!!! Who needs Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory when we have Fabre Castel and the Art Supplies Factory!!!
Jon Mahashintina (6 days ago)
"scientific" well, its all chemistry in't it.
Bleh Bleh (6 days ago)
Or knights
Bleh Bleh (6 days ago)
Bleh Bleh (6 days ago)
Or knights
Loct (6 days ago)
Im excited about those watercolor markers
Custom Things (6 days ago)
I live in Germany and I would have loved to see you ;w;
TaraBoo Art ARMY (6 days ago)
I can totally appreciate the rounded end, because when I was in second grade my pencil fell off my desk and I reached down to grab it but it had landed on the eraser end and my hand smacked the sharp lead and to this day I have a black spot in the pad of my palm beneath my pinkie finger where the lead went in.
Mira Byler (6 days ago)
This was so cool! I loved seeing how much work went into their pencils. The paint drying room was sweet! I’m really proud of you for getting such an amazing opportunity. You work so hard, and deserve it! Everyone go buy her ants!
Connor Hatch (6 days ago)
it would be super cool to see a castle inspired by each snack. ooh with a candy dragon XD
Oreo Duckling (6 days ago)
You should make German snacks as mythical creatures
karthik Rao (6 days ago)
You are so beautiful ❤️😜
Juliane Lust (6 days ago)
Oh my gosh I am German but I didnt know this event existeeeed
Doro Egger (6 days ago)
Omg you were in Germany?????
Piece Of Kei (7 days ago)
I’m wondering what kind of did u use to draw on tablet and what kind of brush too? Pencil?
Leela Tomar (7 days ago)
Kasey in a previous video : I use waterproof fineliner. Kacey now : I love this rat, he is my baby. I'll line it with watercolour pencil.
vyna lemon (7 days ago)
how about based off the texture of the snack or the history
Ciara Phillips (7 days ago)
More punk animals for the theme of the German snacks 🤘🏼😎
Babyboy ari (7 days ago)
Kings and queens/ royalty or animals
Cathrina Andrus (7 days ago)
Did she just zoom in on...dragon genitals? *rewind, replay* Yep that's a dragon penis.
Kyle Harrison (7 days ago)
Something cool that she mentioned for doing the Germany snack video was doing something like taste character or appearance character I think it would be really cool if she did a kind of like mother daughter type situation like ones the taste and then once the appearance but they’re like from the same family type deal I don’t know that’s what was in my mind
Patricia Osterhout (7 days ago)
Who’s we?
Patricia Osterhout (7 days ago)
Yay!! For the snacks!!
Patricia Osterhout (7 days ago)
Did Dave go too?
Kyoko Inuneko (7 days ago)
German Royalty from snacks!
Marren Kirkpatrick (7 days ago)
We got punk rat, can we get his buddies based on German foods?
pnemonima (7 days ago)
Make stationery items inspired by the German snacks!
Aim.fire. Miss? (7 days ago)
Just when I thought u couldn’t get any better u do this. 💖 ur channel keep up the good work
Jessica Witney (7 days ago)
Weird chubby angel babies (though repetitive)
Melissa Aldosari (7 days ago)
This was soooooo awesome!!!
smallishkae (7 days ago)
Does anyone else remember those DVDs that Faber Castle used to provide as an extra when you bought certain pencil/connecter pen sets (mid-2000s)? The host gave a simplified tour of the factory as well as demonstrating different ways of using their products. I loved those DVDs!
Jessica Witney (7 days ago)
“Not” a sponsor.
Cerise Min (7 days ago)
Blueberry toaster strudels are really yummy °^°
EQ (7 days ago)
Art Supplies inspired by the Germany snacks.
John Choi (7 days ago)
I too have an ant infestation over EVERY DAMN SUMMER
peg korom (7 days ago)
Make different bears from the candy....polar, grizzly, teddy, gummy, sun bears, black bear, brown bears, baby bears, yogi bear boo bear, panda, etc
Luis J Bultron (7 days ago)
Impostor syndrome I can relate to that many times we tend to feel like that. Im also a artist!
Ellie (7 days ago)
please do fairytale characters for the snack characters ^^
Ruby Ruby the Dog (7 days ago)
Hey Kasey it's me that kid from penti con go check out my vid
gacha monster (7 days ago)
my friend had a dragon named waffles and showed you I'm jealous I couldn't go to penti-con haha
GhoulKey (7 days ago)
You should make different types of knights from the German snacks! With different weapons and colour palettes and banners!
cowlufoo2 (7 days ago)
I went to Germany 2 years ago and I stayed up for 36 hours my first day there. It was a 12 hour flight, which I could not sleep on, and we arrived around noon in Germany. The lack of sleep, and combined with the summer heat wave they were having, I was exhausted and fell asleep around 7pm.
Verniya Sutton (7 days ago)
The dislikes are ridiculous
annarchy.ink (7 days ago)
Oh no! If I only knew you came to my hometown I would have kidnapped you in my basement :(
Puppet Bunny (7 days ago)
i think for your artstyle using watercolor encil for lineart looks better and great video btw
Malin M (7 days ago)
Faber Castell pencils were my childhood
Beer and sausages? Can they be adapted to snacks' flavours?
Cookie And His Crew (7 days ago)
I love going to Germany so much! Also you are lucky! From where you live the flight is 10 hours, but for me it is 14!
Andrea Vissepó (7 days ago)
for the snacks you should make creatures from german folklore!
Paulaa_aaa (7 days ago)
How do you NOT have 1mil yet?!
Joyce Porter (7 days ago)
Wow this was so neat and educational. Thank you for taking us with you exploring the museum and factory. I wonder how much is automated and changed compared to 100 years ago since its the same formula but has had to be upgraded since then.
Imke Schneider (7 days ago)
Design babies (they don't have to be human babies) based on the snacks?

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