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The 11 Supernovas: "Red Flag" X DRAKE

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What are your thoughts on Drake and his unique ancient zoan fruit, do you think he is truly Kaido subordinate or is just pretending? ~~ Links ~~ Vlog Channel ► http://youtube.com/Tekking1001 Facebook ► http://www.facebook.com/Tekking101 Discord ► https://discord.gg/6FfWPhn Twitter ► https://twitter.com/Tekking101 Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for 'fair use' for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use'
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Text Comments (1186)
RichyTV (15 days ago)
“Is one piece gonna turn into Jurassic park at some point? Probably not” oh cringe king u silly fool
King Luffy (17 days ago)
One Piece is indeed turning into Jurassic park 😂
Rafael D. Jesus (20 days ago)
One piece did turn into jurassic park, didn't see that coming did you
Christian leontsinis (21 days ago)
Its a mace not a duadaxe
David Lee (22 days ago)
mine is godzillasaurus
David Lee (22 days ago)
i think x drake turns into an allosaurus not a t-rex
Claw Dragons (29 days ago)
"[Dinosaur feathers] not confirmed yet" Dude. We've literally found a dinosaur tail encased in amber, and it's covered with feathers. A year before this video came out. How much confirmation do you need?
Jacob Westphal (1 month ago)
No it's confirmed that lots of them had feathers, check out Trey the explainer he's up on that stuff
KIL (1 month ago)
Are we forgetting dinosaurs exist in the one piece world? They could've just found the fruit on a prehistoric island like little garden.
RC (1 month ago)
I think this needs a part 2 soon
Interesting fact; that's not an axe, but it is a real weapon. That's a flanged mace with sharpened edges. There's quite a few historical examples, especially from India and the Middle East.
DANCERcow (1 month ago)
X Drake is an Allosaurus!
slenderpan man (1 month ago)
lmfao drake is a dragon
Ameratsu Rivers (1 month ago)
#OdaUpdate Dragon-Dragon Fruit - Prehistoric Model: Allosaurus
Chromwell A (1 month ago)
Syter Kalista (1 month ago)
I believe that is called a mace.
Appolyon (2 months ago)
I have yet to hear someone point out that its not a T-Rex, based on how long the arms are. 13:08
mercy murder (2 months ago)
Sanji and 2 giant guys enjoy cooking t rex
Gol D. Luffy (2 months ago)
I would pay good beri to see Zoro battle a Triceratops Zoan User
Eros Viana (2 months ago)
" As if I am a a freaking archeologist " NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOD PLEASE NO ! Archeologists do not study dinosaurs. Archeology is the study of Human Civilizations' remains. Archeology has more to do with History and Anthropology than anything else. Paleontology would be the one to study dinosaurs, because Paleontology studies fossil remains, and it is more closely related to Biology, Geology and Evolutionary Biology (Including Cladistic and Taxonomy ... If you want to argue Cladistic and Taxonomy as their own fields of study, which I think it is valid). They are related somehow, but not the way you think. Edit: Also a little thing on the discussion of the word " Ancient ". In Paleontology, as far as I know, there isn't a definition of the word " Ancient ", so it is a broad definition by Oda, probably to encompass everything he wants to. In History though, we do have a definition for " Ancient " as a period, depending on the Historiography used, and to what Civilization you are talking about, of course. Like, Ancient Greece for example.
rom ram (2 months ago)
clearly the next ancient zohan we need to see is a sabertooth tiger
Little Bit Of Everything (2 months ago)
I wonder how many of the dislikes are because he said X Drake rather than Dies Drake
Jon Wilson (2 months ago)
Kaido is a dragon!!!! Lol
Jon Wilson (2 months ago)
Just now watching this series
Valgki TUp (2 months ago)
He is a X-Rex not T-Rex
Maria Smith (2 months ago)
I don't understand why Law is angry with Doffy for killing Corazon more then with the world Govenment for killing his entire family and city. I also don't understand why you think Caribou gave drake the information about the mermaid princess.
Helaling (2 months ago)
Quetzals aren't deadly , trust me I played ARK
Matthew Weldon (2 months ago)
You never go full dinosaur.
Riley Pinington (2 months ago)
A cover I would want to see is X Drake and Kaido fighting Luffy and Lucci
Riley Pinington (2 months ago)
Mammoths are huge and scary that’s what makes them ancient
James IDK (3 months ago)
The fruit holds the spirit Maybe the fossil continues to hold it
FLVDBRT (3 months ago)
If I'm not wrong, every vice-admiral knows haki, so that being said, does mean that Drake were the strongest supernova on the archipelago? Also, could he fought Kizaru? Edit: "Diez Drake" sounds 200% better than just "X-Drake"
Random guy (3 months ago)
x drake or x D rake
Jayden Dove (3 months ago)
I want to see an Ancient Zoan Zou Zou no Mi Model: Naitamie-Norida A Zunisha Zoan...
Jayden Dove (3 months ago)
"Dinosaurs existed in the One Piece world. X Drake confirms this!" Yeah, X Drake confirms this! Not Little Garden. Screw that place, we don't even mention that place!
Krystyn De Bacco (3 months ago)
Does Luffy know he's a dinosaur? He will probably try to recruit him......
Jomart Canlas (3 months ago)
Can he use the sword in t-rex form? Lol
Silent Protagonist (3 months ago)
What about Little Garden?
Javonne Porter (3 months ago)
Lmao with this new chapter Kaido fighting a dinosaur would be even better
Lord Alpha (4 months ago)
It would be more believeable if vegapunk made seeds for the ancient devil fruit or if 1 was in the fossil or whatever, just what I was thinking
Lord Alpha (4 months ago)
It's a veloceraptor tekking
yoga pangestu (4 months ago)
Manga ManX (4 months ago)
Spinosaurus cause it reclaimed trexs sh** uuup
James VerHulst (4 months ago)
Megalosaurus is best Dino
Chase Sherwood (4 months ago)
Has any one told you that you sound like you would make an excellent Jontron impression? (In a hilarious and cool way.)
ninjutsumaster666 (4 months ago)
Since everybody else is ignoring it I'm going to say it myself : X Drake's a first pirate to wear an eyepatch in a story about pirates that's over 20 years old.
iOnRX9 (4 months ago)
since i was introduced to this character i wanted him to be a straw hat.
Heavy Weather Report (4 months ago)
Diego Brando vs X Drake
Gabriel A (4 months ago)
what about an ancient zoan that is amphibious, do you think they would still be able to survive underwater for extended periods? I think a Deinosuchus devil fruit would be nasty. They wouldn't be able to breathe underwater or anything like that, but maybe they'd still possess high levels of mobility on land and sea. Though they'd face other disadvantages that come with being cold-booded like having to warm up in the sun
Turslay (4 months ago)
thats called a mace
Tom (4 months ago)
X drake is a Spy for the marines, that´s why the marines don´t capture any supernova in sabondy. Change my mind
Zackary Nigbor (4 months ago)
They probably find them on Prehistoric Islands like Little Garden where we meet those two Giants
hawaiin420 (5 months ago)
Xanxus is a pretty cool name
Dank_Smirk (5 months ago)
Wait… Drake, 19 yrs: *looks 13* Tekking, 20 something yrs: *looks 15* Tekking is X Drake confirmed
Whyte Shadow (4 months ago)
Dank_Smirk i think thats quite a stretch even for luffy 😂😂
Da-Ja's Quality Crap (5 months ago)
Good discussion all 'round, but one thing just doesn't make *a lot sense* to me.
DeaFest (5 months ago)
well actually.. he looks exactly like an Allosaurus
DeaFest (5 months ago)
which was even more dangerous than T-rex
Phillip Owen (5 months ago)
Tyrannosaurus reX Drake
Micheal Thomas-spink (5 months ago)
I think ancient zoan are from that one island where dinos still live in the one piece world the reason they are so rare is because the fruits the powers reside in are now mostly none existent and can only be found there and that other types of devil fruits from that era no longer have there respective fruits to inhabit so they themselves are extinct
Xpatriate (5 months ago)
When Tekking said 'imagine X Drake vs Kaido, ANIMATED' my first impression was X Drake transforming into a dinosaur and coming up face to face against Kaido only for Kaido to swat X Drake with a fly swat aggressively
NeumanProductions (5 months ago)
Sealed in amber like the mosquito in JP
Xavier Dhc (5 months ago)
A video complementing my name gets instantly liked
ThatGuy -Yaya (5 months ago)
Looks more like a mace to me
Siam (5 months ago)
Thats a cool devil fruit but i feel bad for his hands 😂
Jared Dopps (5 months ago)
Rip X
Another X name *Xenia*
legion Angel (6 months ago)
He is a Raptor
Allosaurus and dakotaraptor
Isnt the quad axe a mace
NDT 0728 (6 months ago)
dmandrakes Studio (6 months ago)
the t-rex
nightmare corn (6 months ago)
if there are dinosaur zoans doesn't that mean there could be a Godzilla mythical zoan?
Jeff Champlin (6 months ago)
People ever think that X-Drake possibly has enough control over his devil fruit to make minor modifications to his full and hybrid animal forms so as to make them more combat effective, such as three talons instead of two for better grip mid-combat
MathiasNightlord01 (6 months ago)
I'd say it's less of an axe and more a bladed/flanged mace.
Soldier 17 (6 months ago)
My name is Xavier tekking called my name cool😂😂
BloodKills (6 months ago)
Honestly, I would say T-Rex or Allosaurus
BloodKills (1 month ago)
I called it, he's now confirmed to have the dragon dragon fruit: model Allosaurus
MaestroAlvis (6 months ago)
17:00 and like you said, Vegapunk is REALLY good at his job.
MaestroAlvis (6 months ago)
10:07 I think to term is caber.
Rane (6 months ago)
Wasn't it said that Drake had his power as a kid in Ch.767? As for his reasoning I think he's one of the most disappointed and disillusioned with the way the world works and life. Unlike Luffy and Law who we're "saved" by people who loved them. Drake came from a shitty childhood only to find out the marines/ goverment is just as bad as the pirates they fight against. So to change to the world who better to team up with then the biggest bully on the block Kaido. Rebuild the world from all the ashes?
The Great Irish D4C (6 months ago)
Spinosaurus. A bit basic but i like it
citatel (7 months ago)
Do you think its possible for vega punk to create ancient zoan fruit by taking dna of dinosaurs from little garden and make the fruit?
Dimitris Doritis (7 months ago)
Xemnas, Xehanort i actually got two names starting with "X"
Big O (7 months ago)
I'm X nuts. DEEZ NUTS
Cathylburn (7 months ago)
Kinda think of it... Kaido x Shirahoshi.... 😫 Ugghhh would be annoying to see shirahoshi getting fucked by Kaido
Claudio Leuch (7 months ago)
it could also be an Allosaurus or a Giganotosaurus because the arms are too long for a T-Rex
Kimchi G (7 months ago)
Maybe ancient devilfruits are simply moved on just like other fruit. It is rare since not a lot of fruits survived the flow of time. But the ones that were found before the death of the fruit, survived
Nathan kagoro (7 months ago)
to be a real threat his arms would have to go 3rd gear
Bobble HatGaming (7 months ago)
love how you call big things "fuck off" didn't realise it 'twas a commonly used mem
MrSnipah (7 months ago)
did u notice the eyes of x drake when he is in the t rex form?
HydraHYD (7 months ago)
quetzalcoatlus and gigantoraptor are awesome
Merrit131 (7 months ago)
raptor zoan fruit with hakied toe claw that would be dangerous
Jared E O Speedwagon (7 months ago)
Maybe carno
AnaxErik4ever (7 months ago)
Xerneas, Xerxes, Ximena, Xigbar, Xemnas, Xaldin, Xenophilius... just offering up a few more names that begin with "X".
AnaxErik4ever (7 months ago)
Seriously kids, there are more dinosaurs and pterosaurs than just the Tyranosaurus Rex. Gods, ancient Zoans/mythical Zoans are tricky to pin down.
gamewizard2008 (7 months ago)
2:00 I guess you never played Kingdom Hearts II? :P
King of Fire (8 months ago)
I love the therizinosaurus
patrick turtle (8 months ago)
Hey tekking what if there are Egyptian ancient zoans
TheMr. Dime (8 months ago)
Jurrasic park is frightening in the dark
TheSilentKing (8 months ago)
I love the spinosuarous its larger that the t-rex, has stronger jaws and is far better at swimming.

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