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How To TIE-DYE a SPIDER style design. (start to finish)

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A step by step guide to folding and dying a SPIDER style design for a tie-dyed t-shirt. From step one to final wearing... an easy guide. This is a dark dye example, not a bright colour shirt. (PS: You don't have to walk around the table if you make yourself a tool of some type... as long as the spin is tight, that is what matters). FACEBOOK: Addicted To Tie Dying
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Text Comments (259)
Jamie Becker (6 months ago)
Let someone else record please
Miss Anne Thropy (9 months ago)
Darth Vader is your camera man?
toni_ thelion (10 months ago)
Love it 👌 thank you ✌
Jason and Amy Moore (10 months ago)
You take baking soda & bake it at 200 degrees for an hour. Then ya have soda ash.
terese lapree (10 months ago)
I like your videos and your explanation. But your camera person is too unsteady. My brain can't handle the movement. I actually get motion sickness.
Spirit Incognita (1 year ago)
yall need to get over the camera ya little children.
M. Teguh Praruyaga (1 year ago)
I am not born were he post this video I born November 27 2007
Eric Silverman (1 year ago)
Why is michael j fox recording?
Harebrained7 (1 year ago)
OMG!!!!! Use a tripod!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bobby Gene Tummolo (9 months ago)
Harebrained7 And the cameraman is out of breath!
Arlete de Bastos Lemos (2 years ago)
Achei lindo trabalho,parabéns
Harold Christopher (3 years ago)
Awesome work and thanks for the video.
Jeneffer Basa (3 years ago)
i love the designs but the camera is hahahaha never mind.
allan cederberg (2 years ago)
it was 8 years ago common
Becki P (3 years ago)
I LOVE this design! Thank you for doing a video on it. I've used plain table salt in place of the soda ash for setting the color. The least expensive dye if you're making lots of t-shirts is the dry mix (available at Walmart) for $2.77 that make a gallon of dye. I heat a couple of cups of water in the microwave for 5 minutes, pour it in a clean 5 gallon bucket, stir in 1/4 cup of salt until dissolved, mix in the package of dye, add the remainder of room temperature water that makes up the rest of the gallon, mix well and you're ready to use it. I store the leftover dye in clean half gallon milk jugs. Or if you're just doing one or 2 shirts, you can just buy Walmart's bottles of Rit dye for $2.98 for an 8 ounce bottle (Rit dye requires table salt too).
Rory (3 years ago)
Mad shaky cam :(
Alanna Street (4 years ago)
Do you dye the back side?
cmccab01 (4 years ago)
alanna, since no one else has responded, i'll tell you how i do it, which is not to say that it's the most correct way ... it's just how i do it. yes--dye the back side. you can go with the same color on the same area, or you can go with a dark (insert color here), flip and dye with a lighter shade of (insert same color here) ... or you can dye with one color, then dye with another color altogether. i like dyeing with dharma trading's procion fiber reactive dyes. their pomegranate and kingfisher blue are my two favorite colors, and they go *really* well together on a shirt. in my opinion, anyway.
Launie lewis (5 years ago)
@everyone_who_doesnt_know_what_soda_ash_is Soda ash is baking soda
F. U. C (1 year ago)
Launie lewis no it's not it is soda ash, google it
SMILE (5 years ago)
Son of a bitch that is an amazing shirt
Vera Minosso (5 years ago)
Beautiful your t-shirts. I like your voice, it's very very calm.
Patty Castellanos (5 years ago)
is the camera guy on drugs or something bc he won't stop shaking
1-800- GRAMPS (5 years ago)
1-800- GRAMPS (5 years ago)
yeah i know, i dont expect baby boys to know how to type properly. who is that ?
1-800- GRAMPS (5 years ago)
When you put the tie dyed shirts in the washing machine, is it okay to use laundry detergent? And also will the residue of the dyes transfer on the normal white clothes that i have?
1-800- GRAMPS (5 years ago)
what a cute picture!
Oiva Lehdone (5 years ago)
the cameraman should learn not to shake the camera
Trevor Stagi (5 years ago)
cant find any one who can make random black stripes on a white sheet ( like a zebra)? how bout you?
Amithrius (5 years ago)
This video made me nauseous. And I work on a king crab fishing boat.
hayhi (5 years ago)
Its a butter fly
Riley Ar (6 years ago)
Woh, anyone else notice that there's this eagle sort of face in the final design?
jane25449 (6 years ago)
awesome! camera man did fine, too!
Holly Starr (6 years ago)
Ashley246 (6 years ago)
It looks like a butterfly
2013jessjp (6 years ago)
Your house looks dirty.
Doombuggy53 (6 years ago)
Your camera guy needs to hold the camera still and stop breathing into the mike.
Aadan Samane (6 years ago)
I would look like the guys with long hair in my school.
Caitlyn Thompson (6 years ago)
Caitlyn Thompson (6 years ago)
Aadan Samane (6 years ago)
You are smart. But I wouldnt walk around with that shirt.
Edie Ballard (6 years ago)
Great video! I'm going to use your technique to make Halloween shirts for my kids.
Leslie Dunn (6 years ago)
Dani The Panda (6 years ago)
Do you wash it out in cold or hot water?
BuildingTheCarpenters (6 years ago)
Omg it kinda looks like a butterfly
soleil lune (6 years ago)
Hold that camera properly i'm getting dizzy!
PuRpLe9HaZe6 (7 years ago)
this video is perfect for going to sleep to
nutterbutt96 (7 years ago)
Your camera was making me sick it moved around to much!
Alicia Larson (7 years ago)
Where did you get that needle dye injector
WolfEchoes (7 years ago)
@TheHippieDips I looked for bottles for a long time, and found these types at an art supply shop. Yes, I also buy the odd "kit" or Tulyp dye set - which comes with these bottle styles too. Thanks, the bottles make everything way easier.
hippie dips (7 years ago)
@WolfEchoes oh yes and i forgot to say! i need to get some of those awesome bottles you have! look like they work really well ! did you actually get that for tie dying??
hippie dips (7 years ago)
@WolfEchoes so glad to hear your using procion mx dye.. i ordered 12 colors last week just waiting for my large order to come so i can start tie dying!! lookin at tie dye videos till i can tie dye and its drivin me crazyyy! haa i just wanna "dye" hahahah! good videos
hippie dips (7 years ago)
@ziphoy no noo i definiatly wouldn't.. soda ash makes this type of dye permanent. i have done with out and it doesnt look very nice at all. it fades as your washing it out :( not a fun sight to watch hahaha but hey you can get real cheap soda ash on dharma dyes.. i got 25 pounds for 20 bucks! way better deal then at the craft stores!! you get it for at least 5 bucks and only makes 1 gallon! a product worth ordering online i'd sayy ha
Alvaro López (7 years ago)
Looks like an angel with massive wings!
Jessica Teasdale (7 years ago)
The guy looks like Chuck norris (:
WolfEchoes (7 years ago)
@EmmyNikol25 Thanks. These dyes are Procion MX dye. Sweet deep color with them...
Emmy N (7 years ago)
hello :) this is very cool :) i wanted to know - what kind of color do you use ? thanks alot, and have a great day! Emmy
WolfEchoes (7 years ago)
@SippinOnSumSweetTea Ya, that was a tough one... but he made it! LOL
Chelcea (7 years ago)
Nothing like walking around the table 5 times
mindfreak001009 (7 years ago)
i like to hear the breathing...
Hanne Snitgaard (7 years ago)
the camera is shaking......
XYChromosome (7 years ago)
@rockisbetter It looks like a spider.
WolfEchoes (7 years ago)
@rockisbetter Ya, but you can get it to look as such... Some call this the mirror fold also. If you get the middle right, it can make a wild looking spider design. Cool either way..
PandalandStudio (7 years ago)
This is a great tutorial. THANKS for sharing.
WolfEchoes (8 years ago)
@theefoolonthehill You can do it either way. The spider can work without the middle portion = you still get a pattern, just not as highlighted. I always do my spider first, but there is no reason it has to be that way...
ljags (8 years ago)
i want to make a colorful shirt with a spider. would i do all the color 1st then the spider? or the spider then the color around it?
Carli Rush (8 years ago)
Holy fuck hold still DDD: Awesome video though!! :D :D :D Loved it. thank you!
kingacobra1 (8 years ago)
I have piano and percussive songs on my page that I have done. My favorite one that I put up is called "My Path". Come check it out and comment! If you like my stuff, spread my videos around to people you know! I will put knew videos soon. I wrote a song called "Marijuana" and will be putting up a slideshow video soon along with a video of me playing. Peace, Caleb
Haliegh N (8 years ago)
@xMiss2Dopex its basicly baking soda thats been boiled ata really hot temp. for a while. it helps the chlorine atoms in the dye connect to the OH and HO atoms on the shirt.
Seneca (8 years ago)
what ink are you usng?
WolfEchoes (8 years ago)
@Mascaught Some are from an artist supply shop... some from kits I had used. You should be able to find them at a better craft store - maybe search online.
Khidmystic (8 years ago)
nex time use a ruler to twirl it
WolfEchoes (8 years ago)
@xMiss2Dopex It is an ingredient in the Procion dyes, and a few kit dyes too (but those are usually premixed). It is what makes the dye permanent on the material. You don't need it for all dye types (like RIT or Dylon).
WolfEchoes (8 years ago)
@UnmatchedEDragonKing It can really look like a spider, but it all depends on the dye application. I just always call it that...
UnmatchedEDragonKing (8 years ago)
the Pattern looks Legit :) still not seing a spyder though still a cool vid:)
WolfEchoes (8 years ago)
@VeredaRustica Awesome my southern friend!
VeredaRustica (8 years ago)
Yeahh Brother! =D It's so cool! Thanks for sharing, i'm your fan =P Greetings from Mexico.
Zach Jobe (8 years ago)
@mobskater313 ya that would be sick and do a video on it too!
Zach Jobe (8 years ago)
Could yu do it like a bleach way? Or not!
MOTHER WISDOM (8 years ago)
@WolfEchoes Thank you...
WolfEchoes (8 years ago)
@Spiritree41 Some art supply shops will have them. A craft place like Michaels - or similar should have them too. I have used eye droppers and medicine droppers too... You might find them online through a mail order place. Maiwa Handprints seels them I think, and they are online - but in Canada. I am sure you can find them in the USA too.
MOTHER WISDOM (8 years ago)
Where can I find that syringe?
Embcii Bee (8 years ago)
that is fuckn BAD ASS! DUDE!!1 :D
Burning0Lilac (8 years ago)
woot calgary!
WolfEchoes (8 years ago)
@ilove2learn254 I get mine in Canada (Maiwa Handprints). But many get the same dyes from Dharma Dyes in the USA. Go to the FaceBook group, there are some links there for these dyes...
WolfEchoes (8 years ago)
@xX1blueyeschica2Xx A kid filmed this for me. It was just a cheap, close to your face digital camera, and he had a cold... so... But the vid got quickly popular, so I have just left it all this time. New version is in the works though...
WolfEchoes (8 years ago)
@Breannarenee6 Another version is coming... a bit updated... and no kid breathing. LOL
WolfEchoes (8 years ago)
@Shana221 Yes... you can make it look more like one by changing how you apply the dye.
Taehen (8 years ago)
it kinda looks like a butterfly ...right?
WolfEchoes (8 years ago)
@irfan160395 Procion MX dye powder....
MsJjx (8 years ago)
boihaggos1 (8 years ago)
Lisa Cantrell (8 years ago)
Thank you for the video <3
Lisa Cantrell (8 years ago)
Thank you for the video<3
WolfEchoes (8 years ago)
@ttony678 Ya, a little kid was on camera then. But the message is still there... LOL
WolfEchoes (8 years ago)
@baek7 Only with these types of dye. Other dye mixtures don`t need soda ash... Procion MX (and Dharma and related types) use the soda ash as a main `fixing`agent. RIT and Dylon and those type do not need the extra.
Audrey Martin (8 years ago)
Thats a really cool design!
Cailyn ur mom (8 years ago)
did the camera man just run a marathon....
Graham Russin (8 years ago)
looks great, can't wait to try it
David Kim (8 years ago)
you should sell some haha or give em out in a contest
sjgessay (8 years ago)
easy killer, hold the camera steady.
machotacreuse (8 years ago)
Great !! Thank you so much. The cameraman also was great, bravo kid.
Ilma Antunes (8 years ago)
Camera man, stop shaking.

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