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Careers in Fashion : How to Sell Design Sketches of Clothes

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Design sketches of clothes can be sold to established companies, who produce the garment under their names, or to department stores and boutiques. Get clothing designs made by selling the sketches with advice from a fashion designer, stylist and model in this free video on fashion jobs. Expert: Pegah Sasani Contact: www.pecosacecela.com Bio: Los Angeles-based designer and stylist Pegah Sasani first established her fashion line, "Pecosa Cecela" in 2007. Filmmaker: Nathan Boehme
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TheFrey96 (2 years ago)
What website can we actually sell the sketches on though?
cuddlesxyz (2 years ago)
can i only sell the designs because i have trouble sewing
deezy breezy (4 years ago)
not really into designs,  but I like to draw characters.  I've made up characters over the years.   The idea of trying to get them put on clothing  that are sold in stores has interested me but I have no idea how to go about doing it.   
Jennifer Funez (8 years ago)
Hi Im a 16 year old girl who likes the fashion design n loves to sketch my own designs but how/who do/should i sell my sketches in order to get some money to save up or so.. ??? Please Help
Bao Thao (9 years ago)
Can you please talk more about career in Fashion design. I am deeply interested.
rinmach117 (9 years ago)
wow im the first to view this?

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