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Oracle DBA Lite: an introduction to Oracle administration, part 1

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CAPTIONS AVAILABLE - This is the first video in a series of 7 for wannabe Oracle DBAs. It uses the (free) Oracle Express edition but what is told will be very useful to you if you are using the Standard Edition as well. Those videos tell you the really important stuff about Oracle, and my purpose isn't to give commands, but to explain what they mean. Even if I use Oracle Express, the concepts are valid with Oracle Enterprise Edition as well ...
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Text Comments (7)
Maurice Misse (5 years ago)
I understand you perfectly.The content is explain visually even if you do not get the words it is written. Truly appreciate it. Merci beaucoup pour tout pour cette merveilleuse explication, monsieur. Du courage.
Colin MacKenzie, III (5 years ago)
I understand you perfectly :)
vuqamnet (5 years ago)
Thank you Sir, for taking the time to produce a good quality video. I understand you very well and truly I like your accent. Finally, the content of this video is interesting and helpful.
Yahia Kandeel (6 years ago)
thanks alot
JC Muro (6 years ago)
I understand you very well.
roughsealtd (7 years ago)
@YoLninYo Constructive answer: when Youtube displays a "CC" logo and the first words in my comments are "CAPTIONS AVAILABLE" in uppercase, I am sorry but I don't see what more I can do. Concerning the English speaking narrator, some (English speaking) acquaintances have argued that in spite of the flaws in my accent my doing the voice over was lending more authenticity to the tutorial. You may of course disagree. I'm still waiting for an English-speaking volunteer anyway.
YoLninYo (7 years ago)
thank you, but please have a transcript and have an english speaker narrate if you don't mind, not to belittle your effort, but i can't understand ... quality and information in your video is very good, but you need to understand accent should not distract from content, please don't be offended by my constructive criticism.

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