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Phanstiel Lecture: General Michael Hayden “Cold War Revival?”

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Russian expansionism, cyber incursions, and mixed messages on counterterrorism objectives suggest continued instability for global security. A frequent commentator and nationally recognized authority of the subject, General Mike Hayden, former CIA director and NSA leader, explores these and other dimensions of the fragile US - Russia relationship. This lecture was sponsored by the Howard and Louise Phanstiel endowed Chair in Strategic Management and Leadership. Recorded October 20, 2017.
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JOHN WICK (27 days ago)
This Hayden went to school of lying and holds a masters degree
JOHN WICK (27 days ago)
Perhaps someone should behead this cocksucer
peacock trader (1 month ago)
I wanted to be a great amarican but they are coming to destroy me
peacock trader (1 month ago)
What ever i say and do it sticks to me
peacock trader (1 month ago)
Michael they attached me with all strings now now i dont understand wether i am living in simulation or reality save me
Robert Bonneau (8 months ago)
Too bad the CIA didn't shoot W on 9-12; they can make up for that ...
Vincent Poulaert (9 months ago)
General Michael Hayden m I this guy that you call guy did you appreciate my help?Im not russian but i did appreciate their help in WWII may be the things have change now but do not commit any strategical mistake watch also the dictatures of the south and what does precisely happend in europe now about them a colonel and general
oil9vinergar (11 months ago)
In God we trust and in spooks I don't.. You people make accusations and then don't give proof .... I shit on your opinions....
Isaiah Jammes (1 year ago)
General Hayden and the U.S. Intelligence Community (CIA, NSA, FBI) are liars. These people have no proof for any of their claims. Hayden is a Liberal hack. He and his band of brothers are about as useless as a group of mean girls trading in gossip. Examples: 1. The Branch Davidians vs. The FBI Claim: FBI claimed the Branch Davidians in Texas have automatic weapons. Recommendation: We must raid their Christian Commune and kill them all. Truth: There were no automatic weapons, and the FBI killed 50+ unarmed women and children. 2. Iraq War Claim: CIA certified Iraq has WMDs? Recommendation: We must go to war. Truth: No WMDs found. 3. Syrian War Claim: CIA certified that the Syrian President Assad gassed his own people? Recommendation: We must go to war. Truth: The CIA backed White Helmets were caught on camera staging multiple fake gas attacks. No dead. No injured.
Robert Bonneau (8 months ago)
What's it like getting your stupid ass kicked day in and day out.
Robert Bonneau (8 months ago)
No one censors more than conservatives.
323guiltyspark (10 months ago)
General Hayden retired in February 2009. He never worked in the Obama administration.
Isaiah Jammes (10 months ago)
Michael Hayden is a deluded, depraved, and craven Liberal. Recently, Hayden responded to media reports about children being separated from the people illegally smuggling them across the U.S. border, by claiming the Nazis did the same thing and posting a picture of Nazi concentration camps. And yet, Hayden said nothing about the practice under the Obama Administration from 2011-2017. These are the kinds of lying dirtbags that we have been subjected to for the last 40 years. The American people want to be rid of these dirtbags. That is why people elected Donald Trump to be President.
Diginess Unknown (10 months ago)
Hayden's idea of so-called "Democracy" is jihadist Muslims invading the West, raping, killing, and bombing.
shit blew my mind. I was wrong about everything it seems.

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