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Celebrities helping HOMELESS people

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A compilation video of celebrities helping out homeless people. See, celebrities have hearts too. Well, some of them.
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Text Comments (355)
John Keeper (1 day ago)
I remember hearing about TI doing that
2 M's, 1 C (1 day ago)
Pachino is such a fucking gangster!
Ovidia Ilie (2 days ago)
Just for the cameras
Bishal Chamling (2 days ago)
Changed the way i look justin before .. that was incredible
Sasha Baran (3 days ago)
Wish someone would help me get to Austria for a stem cell treatment
Derek Duenez (4 days ago)
How to get paparazzi off your ass? Sit next to the homeless.
꧁Lukeson Gaming꧂ (5 days ago)
everyone should help the unfortunate.
Aliyah Patten (5 days ago)
im sorry but the second one is not Justin Bieber
Irma Guareschi (6 days ago)
Marcus Black (7 days ago)
A Celebrity can help me ill accept it. cashapp $payap2400
Crizza Ansong Arat (8 days ago)
Taylor so generous.💖💖💖💖👑👑👑👑
Drew Carrera (9 days ago)
offset, this is why I love you
Bronson 2140 (10 days ago)
I miss al pacino the real wiseguy
ainz ooal gown (10 days ago)
Rihana didn't help shit
Erin Sarkisian (11 days ago)
Tbh not trying to hate or anything but Justin can be a big douche sometimes, especially to his fans.
Dawn break (11 days ago)
No!! You cut off the kid accepting the award for miley???!! How could you cut something so important
MoneyGangQuay (16 days ago)
It’s cool to see them do this without people knowing
Bamformer (16 days ago)
Wow I wonder how much they got paid to do that
Chrissy Zoe (18 days ago)
If you didn't say it was Justin bieber I won't know .... I thought he was homeless too😂😂lol
Queen of Cups (18 days ago)
xmadissxnx (19 days ago)
now where the fuck is x..?
Kiet Vu (19 days ago)
4:15 noooooooooooooooooooooo :(
Glenn Adriel (20 days ago)
Boss money dont bully ppl you ate a bad guy dont do that you will have instant karma just wait
Way Back (22 days ago)
Justin Bieber Wow! Mad respect to u bro
Joe Manino (23 days ago)
That's doesn't look like JB to me
Lee REIVAJ (23 days ago)
where you at drake
Terry Bardy (24 days ago)
Miley Cyrus is accepting this for the homeless. Big deal! How does that help the homeless????
Rita Alicquino (25 days ago)
Hey celebrities you want to help homeless people why not act as one coz you have the money connection and everything build a building fir homeless people give them a small space to live. Not just taking videos giving them a tiny help.
Mariestacyhalluja (25 days ago)
these celebrities are what the world needs!
Justin Bieber the most respect.. Atleast he giv time to talk with her, some people need somebody to talk to them for awhile.
Hayat ve Ben (1 month ago)
Was good shows
CaTcHy Lyrics (1 month ago)
That ain't justin
robert johnstone (1 month ago)
justin who (prick) some how i dont yhink they help
ekifalen estrada (1 month ago)
They just give 0.00000000000001% of what they have...
That's actually not called Helping.. They are asking or might be Begging and they are giving or providing.. Helping could be kind of Justin went there, might have had words and than don't know, helped to solve their problems with home, food, work, making arrangments for stay.. etc etc something kinda of. m SORRY if i hurted.
Alexa GutierrezMarquez (1 month ago)
Yeeeeeeeeeeee T.I. my homie here also almost every single person that I love from the celebrities is on this video
France Richards (1 month ago)
God bless them!!!!!!
Free Fire Philippines (1 month ago)
What if Michael Jackson is alive
l lree (1 month ago)
100 dollar bills are nothing to these rich celebs
Ryan Watanabe (1 month ago)
Publicity 🤮
Channing Hamilton (1 month ago)
Your so nic
I hope they're not just doing this for the cameras. I hope they genuinely want to help.
michael G (1 month ago)
Does it really matter?? Whether they did it for the camera or not, it doesn’t change the fact that they helped these homeless people. So, their intention really doesn’t matter.
Jo smith (1 month ago)
never would have suspected he would help our homeless!
kievit man (1 month ago)
Mike Hernandez (1 month ago)
So phony start a program really help
sub me for no reason? (1 month ago)
...The pinky promise 🍃😂❤
Scottish Maniac 2 (1 month ago)
This is so heart breaking. Every video like this brings me back to the time where I walked past a homeless man, he was sitting in a door way out of the rain and looked so down. I had nothing on me apart from a tube of smarties which a friend gave me for my birthday. I walked passed him instead of giving him the smarties. It haunts me everyday to know that I could have helped him but instead I let him suffer.I never saw him again. I have no idea where he is but I hope that he is doing good now. I’m so sorry to that man for not helping.
Scottish Maniac 2 (26 days ago)
V thanks that’s comforting and I’m sorry to hear that. Hopefully you will meet her again if you go back but this time I’m better circumstances
V (27 days ago)
Scottish Maniac 2 don’t feel bad just know the next time if you are in a position to help you can and will. I remember travelling in Thailand and being in food market. A very elderly woman was holding toys for sale and ppl kept passing her and I did to and then went back to give her some money but she was gone. For some reason it never left my mind that I should have the moment I saw her.
Tim Partee (1 month ago)
Justin beiber was amazing ariana grande was amazing miley cyrus was amazing they used to be so amazing now its like their different people even tho they sometimes still give
This is called HUMANITY!! India need it mostly.
Hang Geng (1 month ago)
Syphx Jessica (1 month ago)
Justin bieber really cares about homeless people but his fans?
Johnny Ferrer (1 month ago)
It's only 5 minutes long ouch
Off To Road (1 month ago)
Is that Justine Bieber?
Jauhari Sandy (1 month ago)
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nas pierce (1 month ago)
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Jan Jan (1 month ago)
jasmine g (2 months ago)
Mikey Cyrus did the more then just give him money she gave him a chance to be heard<3
Melia Noonan (2 months ago)
These celebs, are pathetic, give a homeless person money, u celebs, only doing it for brownie points... try getting out there n get them into housing u got the dollars for it. Go spend ur time working WITH them to help get them jobs, spend ur time going to the kitchens, spend a little time with them n see wat they need. Spend $20 is not helping them.
Loudlevin (2 months ago)
They are not doing this for good will, they are marketing themselves. They hire people to record them and distribute footage.
Vanolia Trimm (2 months ago)
publicity stunts
Tim (2 months ago)
Funny how these so called 'celebraties' just happen to have a camera nearby.
Linette Poliquit (1 month ago)
Tim of course. That's why they're celebrities, people recognize them and gonna record whatever they're doing or taking pictures. Duh. BASIC 😒😏
its kristy (2 months ago)
Pretty sure this is the wrong title for this video 🤔
It s' Your Amresh (2 months ago)
This all are nothing other than a piece of publicity stunt
FortniteClip News (2 months ago)
Give them 1000 Dollar sukkas
Cherie Dobbins (2 months ago)
most people with it all would keep to themselves. less people give it up not to be even more famous, but just because it heals earth
KJ KJ (2 months ago)
ok now you can't hate justin beber
MooMooCowGirl1 (2 months ago)
Okay, I NEED to become a celebrity so I can spend more than 100k on homeless
Nick Citino (2 months ago)
When they video it and make it be known, how fake and phony can you possibly get ?
Walt Kowalski (2 months ago)
giving moneys not help this is like ''get this and gtfo'' socialism killing the world
Creek Bottom (2 months ago)
i help homeless people but not with money. Its hard to know if someone is homeless cause of drugs or not. I help them buy buyibg them food and helping them fine a job.
Squints20 (2 months ago)
Only reason they helped them out cause someone was recording them you know dam sure if no one was recording them they would just walk past just like everyone else
jeni khojol (2 months ago)
ALIN PATRU (2 months ago)
celebrities helped 1 poor guy , each time . ma nigga T.I feed the whole walmart on chrismas eve . seem's like black people have better heart .. sorry to dissapoint . When yall die , money stay on earth ,u dont take shit with u .
skateboard Pro (2 months ago)
I help a homeless person today and went in safeway and got him some food to eat even though he didnt ask me
Annie D (1 month ago)
I do this a lot myself good for you for actually thinking of others 💕 if your in the UK you may not know this but £5 will give a homeless person a warm bed shower and hot meal in a shelter in most parts of the uk plus I often give them gift cards for places like Greg's MacDonalds so they have it for emergency to get food and drink it's also a good way to make sure they don't use money for drugs and alcohol if you don't like the idea of them using the money for that 😁 there are so many ways to help the homeless but the one thing that means so much to them is sit with them have a coffee and food together so many people ignore them that it means so very much to them when someone takes time to talk to them
Adam St.Martin (2 months ago)
March 18, 2019-- DAMN! Justin Bieber... all the people of hatred of Justin Bieber... Justin Bieber has a good heart to go to homeless lady... that's beautiful... Justin Bieber isn't an asshole after all... Love ya Justin Bieber for doing that.... Good Job Justin Bieber...
boss money (2 months ago)
Justin Bieber looks homeless him self LMAO 😂
Drew Carrera (9 days ago)
+Pumpkin the Wonder Pug staged
Stallone Konje (9 days ago)
+fareda mostafa hey idiot, look at the last message of mine dummy! Read the comments carefully and then comment! 🤨
fareda mostafa (9 days ago)
+Stallone Konje its the old one dummy the justin that had a beard
Stallone Konje (1 month ago)
+Bieebs CNCO_Moy nope.. well, i just found out that he is Justin Bieber. It didnt look like him at first. But just found out now. My bad
Enceladus Eve (2 months ago)
Black Guys simply talking looks like they're fighting.. Wtf
Irene Nabitaka (2 months ago)
Giving them what? Create jobs. This does not suprise me, it just makes me think that it is a show off. Sorry celebrities. I am diducting 99% credit. 1% is for stupidity.⬇⬇⬇⬇↩.
Chari Yuvi (2 months ago)
Why and how can u miss drake?
Demon Wolf (2 months ago)
Wait... so Justin Bieber isn’t that bad??
RF Strait (2 months ago)
OK, today's lesson. 1st thing 1st. Some of those "Celebrities" are NOT a True Celebrity. Having a Famous parent, being on a reality show, or having a 1 hit single doesn't make you a Celebrity. Yes, it's Great that they offered to help someone, but if there were no carmas what would they have done?
Diane Puri (2 months ago)
@gretchen. thx you so * much * for highlighting my comment. yes people do care !
Mithilesh Bhandary (2 months ago)
Wtf is this ?
Joseph_3 (2 months ago)
Why does Justin Bieber look like Logan Paul?
aleena patrick (2 months ago)
Why are y'all hyping these people up? They are helping the homeless like everyone else does/should. They are not God people. They are just people.
SISTER SHOOK (2 months ago)
Umm just saw my Queen
Diego Montenegro (2 months ago)
How could people dislike this?!
tuborg carlsberg (2 months ago)
They are from OREGON lol
genetic gamer (2 months ago)
I don't think that was bieber
Banshanlang Kharbuli (2 months ago)
😂😂that was beiber
Lambert john De gracia (2 months ago)
Lol if they realy help them... it's better that they gave them a home at least than giving money...... if they save all the money for home for homeless people... it's better.....
Azim halim (2 months ago)
I thought it was pewdiepie
Pumpkin the Wonder Pug (2 months ago)
Rihanna didn't buy that rose..
hello my friend youtube (2 months ago)
Goodness jb
hello my friend youtube (2 months ago)
God blassed you all
🙏🙏🙏🙏 we love y’all
Bieebs CNCO_Moy (2 months ago)
Justin's part is the best
Bieebs CNCO_Moy (1 month ago)
+Stallone Konje 😂😂😂
Stallone Konje (1 month ago)
+Bieebs CNCO_Moy yeah just found out he is Bieber. My bad.
Bieebs CNCO_Moy (1 month ago)
+Stallone Konje WTF? He is Justin if you're a Belieber you can find
Stallone Konje (1 month ago)
0:44 not him.
Stallone Konje (1 month ago)
That is not Justin Bieber. Look at his side view, his nose and eyes. Compare with the real one(side view). Definitely not him.
Bieebs CNCO_Moy (2 months ago)
Just saw my king Justin and came here
Terriney David (2 months ago)
Emily Baker (2 months ago)
I didn’t think Justin Bieber could do anything that selfless.🙂 I like you 0.1% better now.🤫 p.s. Kendal I like 101% worse, now. You r selfish
Karl L (2 months ago)
That one with Miley Cyrus I cant find the actual video of it
Diane Puri (2 months ago)
here in the pacific nw / if anyone needs access to housing / food resources. the redmond regional library / redmond is home of microsoft. open to all. the redmond regional library hosts government agencies on wednesday afternoons with needed info. others pls post your cities and resources available.
Julie Davis (1 month ago)
I wish there was a share button for ppls comments. I.e yours
Sp Hayward (2 months ago)
Nonsense celebrities, the can't get house for the homeless people. Giving out nonsense money, that can't even help them for anything. I hate every one that show as a celebrities. Fools.
Alice Cupeles (2 months ago)
Niggas reakly handing out hundos

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