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Proactive Monitoring Pack Tuning with MP Viewer for SC 2012 Operations Manager

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A brief discussion of capabilities and benefits of MP Viewer as part of a proactive monitoring pack tuning strategy in System Center 2012 Operations Manager.
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Regardless of the version of SCOM that our customers are working with, it's critical to invest time in MP tuning to reduce noise and ensure that critical, actionable alerts get to the right audience so that they can be remediated. Tuning is a big part of a successful adoption of a monitoring tool in the enterprise. When you get 100's of alerts a day, it's unmanageable and becomes white noise. Once alerts become ignored due to their volume or being unactionable, the value of the tool becomes questionable.
Stanislav (6 years ago)
great screencast Pete. Continue with the videos they are interesting.
Stefan Koell (6 years ago)
What a nice x-mas present, Pete ;) Great screencast!

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