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World's Dumbest 911 Calls || Funny Compilation

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Keep It Real (4 hours ago)
Found it 😂 Watched this video a while back and told my friend she said "" No one is daft enough to call the cops on themselves for a hash plant"" Obviously its went to his head his personal stash " Fuck you " for taking my marijuana plant 👌💯😂😂😂 Buckled
Sumi Manan (8 hours ago)
People are really lonely lol Most callers are only About Mcdonald😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 That is some serious issue
Dabunny Rabbit (17 hours ago)
There should be harsher penalties for misusing 911.
Christopher Jaleco (17 hours ago)
Like calling mermaid man and barnacle boy through a conch shell😂😂😂😂
Dabunny Rabbit (17 hours ago)
5:48, 8:18, No problem sir, we already have a car on the way to assist you.
Lily Steel (21 hours ago)
The thumbnail 😂
D Mac's Opinion (1 day ago)
4:30 it’s funny someone’s in her shower. OMG! Some White People Trips Me Out!!!!
Martha Lucia (1 day ago)
0:13 why is this man's voice so soothing?
gazzaa chic (2 days ago)
Smoking a blunt rn....Mike just why were you high at the time.....wtf its a seedling😂😂
i give you cookie (2 days ago)
Dru Tyra (3 days ago)
You gotta get a dui to get some tacos😂😂😂
Deine Mama (3 days ago)
Why doesn‘t he upload anymore?
Ric Lou (4 days ago)
Yellow suit at McDonald's
IB McCarver (4 days ago)
Holy hell
IB McCarver (4 days ago)
Lol kitten in a strip club
Gerald Omalley (5 days ago)
I agreed with more than one of the fast food complaints...just not the way they handled them These fools coulda got gift cards instead of jail.
Kimberly Graham (5 days ago)
Grandma just could have just said no,that she didn't want to babysit. Can people get any more idiotic? I swear I think these people were dropped one too many times.
Chris Riley (5 days ago)
Fuck our society
Chris Holley (5 days ago)
No more faith in humanity. Seriously.
Claudia Rose (5 days ago)
I don't like what is for supper. So call the cops, lol
Chaka Tasby (7 days ago)
Yo Everyone need to be arrested except 10:45
Leah Lewis (7 days ago)
The kitten one 😂😂
Infinitejester 420 (7 days ago)
The guy who called about his plant was great. Like, wow
Alvizoman (7 days ago)
You know, for every time a 911 operator has a traumatizing and horrifying phone call, there’s a phone call that would make the operator laugh until they piss themselves at the stupidity of these callers
Joseph Beckmann (7 days ago)
They done stolled a MikeChicken out my bag.
tx7750680 (7 days ago)
Most of these people are minorities
Marcus W (8 days ago)
Omg you Americans lol 😂 you’re so funny. You wanna hear swearing come to The U.K. haha
Jerry Dalrymple (8 days ago)
YG G (8 days ago)
Yea umm to umm I took some umm a ummm pills umm
rachael does that (8 days ago)
Notice how it's all black people with the food calls? I used to work at a to-go Coney Island in Pontiac, and twice the Oakland County Sheriff Dept got called on us.. once over their toast not being buttered and another for charging a quarter for a cup of water. They wanted an entire refund, which I wasn't allowed to give and management was not there at the time. From personal experience, they do think their money is more important than anybody else's.
B Woke (8 days ago)
"7 Mike Dubbles, 1 Chicken, 1 fry"
Tara Gragg (8 days ago)
I called the FBI. Some guy keeps taking my picture like a pip-bomber. Oh wait they are just meth dealers or witness tampering.
taylor sharay (8 days ago)
The drunk man with the munchies....lmao lmao he said can you just call taco bells manager
taylor sharay (8 days ago)
I thought his country ass said 7 boogers...... Lmao petty
Eda Black (8 days ago)
People please don't call 911 over dumb stuff like some of these ones 911 is for emergencies only think of it like this you could be calling that number when someone who really needs it can't get help because of you.
Anthony Sturdivant (8 days ago)
Chris Jacobsen (8 days ago)
No hope for humanity
lishia red (9 days ago)
Its not a mac double its a mc double
Jasmina Vellucciano (9 days ago)
Do people not understand 911 is only for emergencies only. How would they feel if they were in a serious danger, or was having a heart attack and couldn’t get through to 911 because a bunch of idiots calling 911.
Buzz Droid (9 days ago)
My landlord called 911 to tell them she goes to concerts and is a rockergirl. She's 71 and also called because the police won't escort her to any concerts after she lost her driver's license.
Roger Smith (10 days ago)
Mayo and mustard cost nothing when you go in to most sandwiches subway. He really thinks they charge 2 dollars for mayo mustard ?? Its annoying you didnt get it but you did not pay extra for that shit.
Preston Jones (10 days ago)
911 whats your emergency? Me: I’m tired of baby sittin
Mindofthebrick (10 days ago)
Bernadette music
Sunlight (11 days ago)
ImperialRadioYT (11 days ago)
any of these stupid fucks should be shot. wasting valuable time, when someone could be ACTUALLY trying to get through. shame on these useless pathetic excuses for intelligent homo-spapiens
joshua Davis (11 days ago)
Only stupid ass people. 😂😂
Elijahjsmith22 (12 days ago)
Yeah...I’m pretty sure all theses people are single.
Corey Parker (12 days ago)
That last one😂😂😂
Squaresun (13 days ago)
why is it Missouri
Miroff Jack (13 days ago)
cut out ending wthf
Valerie Moore (13 days ago)
Tony Parks (13 days ago)
Is crackhead.
Sloopzi (14 days ago)
YoYoKey9 (14 days ago)
1:05 That’s a good question! Here is another thing, I think people call 911 because they think they have answers to every problem but when they go to jail, they will learn that 911 is only for emergencies
JAH7885 (15 days ago)
Food orders gotta be RIGhT & tIGhT ya heard!?🍔💪🏼
Andy Miller (15 days ago)
Advertisement for adult abortion we are getting dumber as a species
Terb (15 days ago)
Nothing was funny
DuneMountainTrip (15 days ago)
Fucking hell there are some idiots in this world.
Lorne Johnson (16 days ago)
Must be the Democrats are getting to them
nicholascremato (16 days ago)
These guys are not criminals they are mentally ill
Jan Flink (16 days ago)
That one with viagra... it actually says in the ducument following the medicine the you should Call 911 if something like he experinced happens... eh I have heard 🤭
M Dawson (16 days ago)
Michelle Muller (16 days ago)
I'd say it's dumber to drive drunk than to drunkenly call the 3 digit "help" number for an escort. It was silly, but least she was attempting to problem solve and had enough wits not to jeopardize lives.
SourMelon News (16 days ago)
Re: the subway sandwich. If he stole 2 sandwiches, they would have called 911. So....???
SourMelon News (16 days ago)
That yellow jacket. I love it.
thug outlaw (16 days ago)
They should give a ride we pay tax so they can have a job. all the other shit is just str8 dumb
XXGamer Best (16 days ago)
I’m up here at McDonald’s up here. And I ordered like 7 burgers and I went to my vehicle right and I came back and they took a burger from me. But after he said that it changed to him face to face to the camera and he said he got his bag and went to the car and then looked in the bag and there was only 6 burgers how dumb is that I swear people are stupid
Linda Chestnut (16 days ago)
This world is getting crazier by the day
i wonder what number you call when you need medical assistans or an ambulance...
iwoodnot Wood (16 days ago)
6 mike doubles
Autumn Lewis (16 days ago)
Some people are so ignorant smh. I just can’t
Jodiann Walker (10 days ago)
A mad people dem! A bloodclaat mad people dem! You know, the two of them that complained about McDonald's getting their orders wrong (the 7 burgers one and the chicken nuggets one), could've never ordered what they said they ordered. They're just trying to get money from the store or free food. And that's the same thing for the one that complained about the Chinese food in the first clip. They really know how to steal over there.
Martha Vaughan (17 days ago)
If they would charge these boneheads with real crimes and fines perhaps it would not happen again. When interviewed they seemed amused.
Megan Green (17 days ago)
Medical emergency with the Viagra... it’s an emergency after four hours, let alone FOUR DAYS?!?! Geesh
Megan Green (17 days ago)
They stole her food?!?
ganiaj87 (17 days ago)
Why he hair look like Gossamer from Looney Tunes in that booking photo?
r c (17 days ago)
“she jus doin her jOb”
WullisTheFish (17 days ago)
6:35 this guy is trying so hard to keep a straight face
Backpacker One64 (17 days ago)
_"I ordered 7 _*_Mike_*_ Doubles and went to _*_Mike_*_ Truck and saw I only had 6 _*_Mike_*_ Doubles."_
DanDB (14 days ago)
OK Big Smoke
B Laws (17 days ago)
Ifidahanamanaham. Wtf is she saying???
Cobra KaiSTL (17 days ago)
2:47 something big smoke would call the police for
joy bergemann (17 days ago)
Smoking is totally gross 😝 All smoking dose is Kill people and animals.
Selina Sanchez (17 days ago)
I mean you can't really punish people for not having common sense or in some cases an extremely low IQ.
Andy Miller (15 days ago)
Really? They gotta learn somehow
Kharina Næsby Kjær (17 days ago)
If you shut down fast food restaurants, the police would have a break.
Leen KK23 (18 days ago)
911.... yes i cant find my undies...😂😂😂
KevinShinwoo (18 days ago)
I just want some tacos. That's it.
Kaptain Kid (18 days ago)
I think part of the problem is that the general public, at least many of them, like Trump supporters, don't really understand the 911 rules . . . it's use is to be used ONLY for emergency situations. The problem is, everyone remembers 911, but nobody knows the phone number of the police departments. How they solve that problem is up to police departments, or they could pay me as a consultant and I will solve it for them.
Wesley Nash (18 days ago)
Damn stoners 😂😂😂😂
ginniejo D (18 days ago)
People who ring 999/911 or any other emergency numbers for anything other than a genuine emergency should be fined. I honestly cannot believe how daft some people are.
gerry o sullivan (18 days ago)
In this country anyone of these people can but an assault rifle.Think about it
Megan Green (17 days ago)
Go rewrite the Constitution... it wasn’t based off of the most dysfunctional of society, open your brain 🧠
DroidXPhone (19 days ago)
😂😂🤣🤣 Americans have got to be the craziest motherfuckers on earth!
Diane St-Jean (19 days ago)
I'm glad they get charged for stupid stuff like......idiots
Daniel (19 days ago)
1:20 what an idiot.
Khiry Parker (19 days ago)
F that I give u your food back u give me my money u don’t that’s stealing I should be able to call 911
Jai Norman (19 days ago)
That is some crazy shit like really people. 😂
Tanasia Lovelady (19 days ago)
The grandma was right them kids were abandoned at her house after she said NO... that's a legitimate complaint !!!!!
B Laws (17 days ago)
It is in no way a 911 emergency. Not by any stretch
Helen MK (19 days ago)
I nearly called 999 because I found a massive spider in the middle of room...Luckily my landlord came over to save me while I was standing on the table...
Jayraj Mehta (19 days ago)
Yellow suit... is what..we need to call 911
Julie Sunshine (19 days ago)
I bet Andy Griffith would have served all of those calls
Deja Vu (19 days ago)
Bernadette Music: Never trust some one with a crazy name😹
Ultimate Paine (19 days ago)
Deja Vu seriously Music is a weird name? Not Dudash?

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