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How to Draw Hand Bones - Drawing Anatomy for Artists

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The best way to draw hands is to understand them from the inside-out. This anatomy lesson will give you a “hand-start” on your best art yet! Full lesson at http://proko.com/anatomy Get assignment images at http://proko.com/154 Hands are hard to draw. Understanding the inner anatomy makes it a lot easier. I’ll teach you about the carpals, metacarpals, and phalanges in this free anatomy for artists tutorial. Soon you’ll know the proportions, forms, fingers, and thumbs like the back of your hand! I’ll also teach you a quick sketch shortcut method so you can do gesture drawings of hands with confidence. Related Links How to Draw Hand Bones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJjMiXlq9ns&list=PLtG4P3lq8RHExM4hzeEW2TRZTB88wKKYf Part 1 - Muscle Anatomy of the Hand https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xsqbwu_nMI&index=2&list=PLtG4P3lq8RHExM4hzeEW2TRZTB88wKKYf Part 2 - Details for Realistic Hands! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4qR2J5EL9M&list=PLtG4P3lq8RHExM4hzeEW2TRZTB88wKKYf&index=3 Part 3 - Drawing Hands from Imagination https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kV2e_v5Pqho&list=PLtG4P3lq8RHExM4hzeEW2TRZTB88wKKYf&index=9 Demos - Tips on Shading and Drawing Hands https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cx0a2H33Dfg&list=PLtG4P3lq8RHExM4hzeEW2TRZTB88wKKYf&index=8 Demos - How to Draw a Fist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dd_1hAeQT-U&list=PLtG4P3lq8RHExM4hzeEW2TRZTB88wKKYf&index=10 Demos - How to Draw Cartoon Hands https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-3v1HEmPOo&list=PLtG4P3lq8RHExM4hzeEW2TRZTB88wKKYf&index=11 Full Access to Premium Videos - http://www.proko.com/anatomy Don't miss new tutorials - http://www.proko.com/subscribe Course Package Deals - http://www.proko.com/package-deals Pose photo sets - http://www.proko.com/poses ----- COURSE DESCRIPTION: This free drawing lesson is a sample of the Anatomy for Artists course offered on Proko.com. The premium section has more demonstrations and extended lessons on the forms of the human body. It also has ebooks for each lesson that you can print out for review and has 3d models of bones and muscles that you can spin around, study, and draw from any angle. The premium section for this hand bones lesson includes extra information on the carpus, metacarpus, and phalanx bones plus an extra mini-lesson on drawing dynamic hands. Get the course at http://proko.com/anatomy ----- FOLLOW PROKO: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/prokotv Twitter - https://twitter.com/StanProkopenko Periscope - @proko Instagram - http://instagram.com/stanprokopenko Tumblr - http://stanprokopenko.tumblr.com/ Google+ - http://bit.ly/stangplus Email Newsletter- http://www.proko.com/subscribe ----- CREDITS: Artist | Instructor | Producer - Stan Prokopenko (http://www.stanprokopenko.com) Script - Jesse Martel (http://jessemartel.com), Stan Prokopenko Production Assistance - Sean Ramsey (http://www.peoplewhodrawstuff.com), James O’Shea (jfoshea.blogspot.com) Editing - Dzmitry Tsydzik (http://white-agency.com), Sean Ramsey, Stan Prokopenko 3D Animation - Jijo Sujathan, Essam Kotb,Stan Prokopenko, Sean Ramsey 3D Modeling - Marc Felico Camacho 3D Rigging - Alexander Lee (www.alexanderleeart.com), Ibai Fernandez Actors - Melissa Prokopenko, Stan Prokopenko, Eva Prokopenko, Wall-E Prokopenko, Skelly, Handy Voice Actors - Sean Ramsey Models - Stan Prokopenko, Laura Dasi, Mallory Ownbey, Ryan Moore, Sekaa Music Used with Permission Intro - The Freak Fandango Orchestra Sound Effects - http://www.freesfx.co.uk Jingle Jazz by Quantum Jazz is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 International License. "Jazzy Frenchy" by Bensound Bensound.com Orbiting A Distant Planet by Quantum Jazz is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 International License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at http://www.jamendo.com/en/list/a104389/end-of-line. 04 - Quantum Jazz - Move by Quantum Jazz is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 International License. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ #DrawingPeople #ArtLesson #FigureDrawing
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Text Comments (256)
Connor Fineran (2 days ago)
Gotta hand it to you, proko, I'd never finger you as the one with a hand in this.
Thomas Eulogy (1 month ago)
Rewatched this many, many, many times and drew along, the best thing is to hear drunken Proko on 0,25 speed and draw along. Recommend it! :)
omg the shih tzus!!! i love how they have big butts and jump like popcorn kernels sometimes.
Sukanya Bordoloi (3 months ago)
I was not ready for that slap! 😂😂😂😂
Xchel Hernandez-Zendejas (3 months ago)
The exercises surprised me on how it could be while learning. Thanks for creating this lesson and breaking down the hand to shapes I understand.
Jin-Yan Liu (3 months ago)
i love u.proko.
한끼식사 (3 months ago)
best tutorial ever
Depressed Guy (3 months ago)
4:04 Suprised me and made me laughed!!😂😂
luke davis (1 month ago)
Depressed Guy 😂 lol just saw that part
Magnificent1393 (3 months ago)
inspired by Ash vs Evildead!
Dromaeosauria (3 months ago)
The hand puns in this comment section hit like a *punch*
Sirkusdyret (3 months ago)
Cinematic master piece :')
RAFI SARHAN (3 months ago)
Your videos is fun to watch!!!! Youre a great teacher!
Ruth Vasquez (3 months ago)
Hahahahaha 4:04
ajay v (4 months ago)
proko sir is this only for artists or for mbbs students
Proko (4 months ago)
Intended for artists. I wouldn’t perform surgery based on my courses.
Michael M (4 months ago)
The middle finger gag might be my favorite joke so far! Thanks for these!
Shivam (5 months ago)
Skelly proko😂😂😂
Black Pikachu (5 months ago)
The Ending 💀+🖕=👋 😂😂😂 This is high level techniques right here! My mind??? Is 💥🤓 This is going to help me alot! Im sooo sharing😍 You are a hand anatomy God😲😱👐👏👏👏
ODElfo dos Mursa (5 months ago)
maquininha do fodase
ink ella (5 months ago)
Sage Ariya Ray-Morey (5 months ago)
Oh great. Either my hands are too small, or my head is too big. :/ Won't mother be proud. Lol
A. Aljohani (5 months ago)
i always avoided proko for being "too detailed" but wow dude, your work is awesome and assignments are surprisingly fruitful.
Pa. (5 months ago)
the intro was so AWESOME. You are the best <3
EYTPS (5 months ago)
Skelley giving the middle finger was the best part of the video
Malone Samuels (6 months ago)
Stan, ALL of your teaching is a blessing!!
Хуй с Горы (6 months ago)
Wtf why my hand smaller than my hand
Raphael Castro (6 months ago)
Stop abusing skele UwU
eru iluvatar (6 months ago)
4:04 8:13
ThatOneEggplant (6 months ago)
0:35 tfw you punch your dog in the face
Hiro (7 months ago)
Brooo how could you slap him like that. Oh my gosh you cold. P.s love the video your amazing keep it up
DemonTrash Boii (7 months ago)
Skelly fksfhskjfs
Design Mind (8 months ago)
Greeeeat, thanks for reminding me of Coraline with that opening animation. Still, great video.
Flynn (9 months ago)
who else thought that the clapping @ 2:52 sounded like cracking bones at first?
Zosia Abratowska (9 months ago)
Wow some really nice CGI there owo
monkeyTroll Mab (9 months ago)
Funny when it was the middle finger coming up
Saem G. (10 months ago)
loveliest drawing lesson ><
Top Shagger (10 months ago)
Skeletons with eyes freak me out
Jhean F. Scott Fitzgerald (10 months ago)
Proko is abusing that skeleton by physical and emotional violence!!!
Brianna (11 months ago)
poor skeleton 😂
Skeleton Lemonade (11 months ago)
Carl Travers (1 year ago)
thanks for that. Both the science and the application are more interesting and helpful than I've found previously. I've been attempting to sharpen my skills with books, but either I somehow missed big chunks of them or they somehow manage to skip over all the salient points. My anatomy book simply shows how to shade in certain things, making its title completely innacurate
Maitha Al Khayat (1 year ago)
Such a great video
Mohamed Imadh (1 year ago)
i came here to learn how to draw...but i also learned a bit of biology
Jacob Childers (1 year ago)
I've always wanted to get better at my hands, and tried to do so by drawing skeleton hands in the past, but it never worked. The way you broke this down really helped and I'm inspired!
Nastya Lebedeva (1 year ago)
I think that Stan is a very talented teacher beside being an artist. Thank you, Stan. And I like your oil paintings very much. It is quit rare nowadays that people paint this fine way. Would you teach us painting?
Nura (1 year ago)
Can't believe I just found this channel! This is amazing!
tem palar (1 year ago)
WAIT wait plz , my mother will kill me of i draw those boddys :| 7:14
Jorion Edwards (1 year ago)
And that's why I wait 'till 1am to start practicing with NSFW models.
TBEE BEATS (1 year ago)
mahn you really funny thanks for the tutorial i used to have tough times with hands
Mohamad Lee (1 year ago)
i can't get over the puppy punch at 0:34 , i need an official apologize, like if you agree.
Garret Harris (1 year ago)
poor skellintong
Filius Zect (1 year ago)
>NO Lol. best
Cristian Guzmàn (1 year ago)
what a lesson !! thank you so so much !! It's always a pleasure to learn with you. cheers
Jason Huntley (1 year ago)
LMFAO!!! ;)))
Ling Ling (1 year ago)
4:04 Brilliant XD
0uo (1 year ago)
youre so awesome
Jakira Jurosawa (1 year ago)
Nabiha Ahmed (1 year ago)
4:05 Hey mom
提米单 (1 year ago)
4:04 LMAO!!!!!
drawing studio (1 year ago)
do you know markcrilley?
Kaylie Walkergirl (1 year ago)
Hi I'm Regina Phalange
Benedito Paulo (1 year ago)
você é casado com uma negra?
Troi2liddle (1 year ago)
Stan, you're just awesome. Not only are you an awesome teacher but you're freaking hilarious. Whenever you bring in Skelly I just know I'm gonna end up cracking up
j woolfe (1 year ago)
I'm totally calling skeleton protective services on you Stan...
Amir Bostani (1 year ago)
Hi Proko; thanks for the videos. What apps do you use for the 3d skeleton?
Oscar Ortega (1 year ago)
Nuevamente felicidades!
Ruben Honer (1 year ago)
thank you so much for making this video, I detected what i did wrong and now I can study hands correctly (^-^)
ZeTaki Z (1 year ago)
OrdinaryPen (1 year ago)
I didn't know Skelly was really mischievous. lol
Dawn Bursi (1 year ago)
This is honestly better than what all of my art teachers have ever taught me, thank goodness for YouTube
Neil Wilson (1 year ago)
OriLOK2 (1 year ago)
An artist saying "thank you Science" and a cheeky, disembodied voice saying "yoooou're welcome~" is why I watch this channel.
Mikee Way (6 months ago)
OriLOK2 it's actually "no problem" but yeah
Daniel Lee (1 year ago)
2:37 lmaooooooo xD
Neah Nyman (1 year ago)
can you do a tutorial of how you animate skelly
Sapphira Glow (1 year ago)
Woah you learn hard for this
TubeCentral (1 year ago)
Dude you explain this well; Love this channel
Jillian Crawford (1 year ago)
I feel like there's hope for my future of drawing hands now, thank you!!!
525600M (1 year ago)
something else you can do is that you can trace your hand then draw in the bones. it helps you if you're a beginner, like me, at drawing hands.
Sapphire Drawings (1 year ago)
Anyone else remembered "Friends" with the phalanges?
Chance W (1 year ago)
skelly is honestly goals
Dominick (1 year ago)
0:35 oh that was rude
Doodle Cat (1 year ago)
4:06 XDDDD that look on the skeletons face
Michalexo (1 year ago)
well, it's very good video with a lot important information, but also edgy as fuck :|
Youtube Sucks (1 year ago)
damn finally i understood what that bump on the thumb is. the damn first bone. JEEZ.
Dina Salem (1 year ago)
I found this very difficult to apply actually, wish you would have done a step by step as to how to go about drawing the boxes and the spheres :(
Plastic bag (1 year ago)
i felt bad for skelly
mahder berihun (1 year ago)
please I need your help, could you please send me your email address ?
Koalten J (1 year ago)
The funny part starts at 3:53
liionard Severes (1 year ago)
only 3 dislikes, this is one good video, thanks dude
Wanderson Lira (1 year ago)
04:03 ha ha ha!
lol (1 year ago)
I knew it was a mistake looking at the comments THE PUNS
cat catian (1 year ago)
4:00 Aww poor skelly! He just wanted to express himself!
Isaiah’s Bias (1 year ago)
cat catian 😂😂😂
cat catian (1 year ago)
+dan lolwatermelon Yes fuck you
dan (1 year ago)
cat catian (1 year ago)
+dan lolwatermelon Okay, I have no idea if you're trolling or not because I run into annoying people like you on the internet all of the time, so I'm going to assume you're joking. If you aren't joking, fuck you, male and female skeletons are different physically. Accept it and move on with your sad life.
dan (1 year ago)
Ayah (1 year ago)
Proko makes an art student life a thousand time easier!
TheHugglesist (1 year ago)
Thanks Proko! We could say that you've really lent us a hand ;)
Akira Leelarapin (1 year ago)
I'd love to join the premium section, but I'm too poor lol
Coasilous 03 (1 year ago)
lord, this helped me so much
srivardhan karnic (1 year ago)
Lucas Lukbebalduke (1 year ago)
Awesome video!
Anna Van Schaijk (2 years ago)
You deserve more views, your tutorials have been the most helpful to me over the past few months!
Tapa Hoover (2 years ago)
these videos are similar to crash course in their functionality. watching helps, but only by going further into each topic and practice will let you really understand
Andy Rosebrook (2 years ago)
Nice shih tzu
shakilah walker (2 years ago)
I don't normally make comments on videos but your videos have truly helped me with my proportions and gestures overnights. Of course My drawings have improved after just one afternoon of practicing and watching your videos. I can't believe it. Plus the videos make me laugh. Thankksssss

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