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10 Famous People Who Were Homeless

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top 10 of the richest people who were once poor Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/9CwQhg For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] Many believe that the life of a celebrity is enviable; the fancy cars, the big houses, the adoring fans and their picture in all the papers and magazines. At times it even looks like they have every happiness money can buy and then some. They appear on TV and the big screen, cashing in staggering salaries and royalties. We may even imagine the types of lives they lead, maybe even the lives they led before making their big break. When we think about our favorite celebrities however, we do not tend to imagine them poor. It is hard to picture someone like Chris Pratt or Leonardo DiCaprio as anything less than wealthy and well-known, but many celebrities are not born into the Hollywood life. Some lived like ordinary, average people, while others struggled to survive. In this video we will take a look at ten famous people who once were homeless. Rags to riches stories are not unheard of, but more often than not we think of Cinderella, not our favorite actors and actresses. As hard as it may be to believe, some celebrities began their lives in poverty. Growing up in tiny houses with no heat, no food and no foreseeable way out. For some, it was even worse than that; they did not even have a home to call their own. Some of today’s most successful Hollywood icons were once homeless, struggling to survive, before their big breaks came. If it can happen for them, maybe someday, it could happen for others as well. Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheRichest.org Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRichest_Com Instagram: http://instagram.com/therichest For more videos and articles visit: http://www.therichest.com/
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Text Comments (1280)
The Equalizer 867 (1 year ago)
The richest were homeless until they joined YouTube.
Paulie Harrow (1 day ago)
You guys are definitely desperate for viewers.. You lost me...Later suckers !
Glenda Perkins (11 days ago)
You give no brakes.
Hamad Hadi (5 months ago)
The Equalizer 867 was typless until he got a computer/laptop
Missy Shadow E. (7 months ago)
That's why they call themselfs the richest
Laguna Milkman (10 months ago)
The Equalizer 867, hahaha 😂😂😂Best comment!👍
Lovely Rita (2 hours ago)
Why no body help .i wil say come an stay with me well dhat is een reaction ride.what ever i have and shere with you.Nobody shoot bhe homeless.
The Sheeples Shepherd (2 hours ago)
That's a lie Steve jobs didn't invent the iPhone he basically funded the program sad when everybody does all the work and one motherfuker takes all the credit
Paulie Harrow (1 day ago)
If James Franco was Homeless, HOW did he go to college and get His Masters degree?????? Is there just a little fib goin on to get ratings.???
candie cane (2 days ago)
"Steve Jobs-" *literally shows a picture of Michael Cera as a child*
Mathias Eggimann (4 days ago)
Jim Carrey is killed in Dirty Harry: The Dead Pool.1988.
jg johnny (11 days ago)
You call that homeless? Welcome to the common people! It was very common to leave the house between 16 to 18 for travels , self-discovery ,school and work. Of course you gonna hit hard times and mess up such a young age inless your family is rich. Who hasnt squated friends and family, slept in their car , got kicked out,etc ...as a young lad or lassie!!
Carin Reyes (14 days ago)
Oh, so we have it on record who unleashed that talentless thing called Jewel on the world? Damn you, Inga! Damn you!
Xaiever Hill (20 days ago)
Inspirational For anyone that been through being homeless shit not a good feeling 💯 God always send blessings after losses
Wendy Docker (21 days ago)
James Franco has always been rich
Just Believe (21 days ago)
“If you look at the ones that ended up being successful in the eyes of society, oftentimes it’s the ones that loved what they did, so they could persevere when it got really tough.”
Paulo Sousa (26 days ago)
Xxxxf. X x. Xz
Alexander Rlzkalla (27 days ago)
Tyler Perry
Mike K.C, Krishna (28 days ago)
Hai, We respect famous people. Their Symptoms are; Supports Reality, few friends, Fun+emotions, Always positive. In beginning of their Struggle public comments; "you are Crazy". I felt so happy now Bxz similar qualities needs not 1fix name, Right?? Namaste
Alfie Rivera (1 month ago)
you chicky basterd tellin us james franco was homeless just in a movie fuck it
Misty Games (1 month ago)
3:20 Hey I have that calculator, its texas instruments solar powered... forgot the full name lol
Jennifer Abbate (1 month ago)
God bless them
kamrul kib (1 month ago)
you know who is the most beautiful person in the world? . . . read the first word 😉 💀🔫
Game Over (1 month ago)
1o famous people who were homeless. James Franco wasnt really homeless, he was researching a role. So 9 Famous people who were homeless? Make up your mind.
Fontbuena Fleurdeliz (1 month ago)
nice and very inspiring!!!
Gary Indiana (1 month ago)
Homefront / can you smell the wood burning are you connecting the dots .
Lck Flaming (1 month ago)
Iam homeless until 30years of my age, no matter what dont give up so easiliy guys
ThA MAN C MAcK (1 month ago)
This is a bunch of bs. I don’t trust your vids anymore. Especially Franco alone, his whole family is in the industry including his parents.
Christopher Law (1 month ago)
Do not forget the Chinese Emperor Hongwu, he was born into a peasant family in 1328, lost his family to famine and disease at a young age and then became a wondering beggar. During his mid twenties the Red Turban rebels were formed to overthrow their oppressive Mongol overlords, he joined the cause, rose through ranks. Later on he decided to defect from the main rebellion and then formed the Ming which became one of the most powerful dynasties in Chinese history.
katrin P (1 month ago)
"So good" - james franco Spiderman 3
Olivia Maffucci (1 month ago)
Hmm funny how ed Sheeran who was “homeless” could afford a flight to Hollywood. He purposely made himself homeless to try and make his music sound better. His family has plenty of money and he could have just stayed at their home. But he chose to be homeless so doesn’t really count
BTS Army (2 months ago)
The clickbaiy
doug g (2 months ago)
stallones story is by far the best and most inspiring and stallones and his movie's rule !!!
Steve Anthony (2 months ago)
Ed Sheeran still looks homeless. You think with the amount of money he makes he would get a proper haircut and look more respectable.
ferociousgumby (2 months ago)
William Shatner lived out of his truck for a year after Star Trek. He had been typecast as Kirk and thought he'd never work again. Now he's 87 and still working and going strong!
Steve G (2 months ago)
What a FUKIN JOKE.....
Nigel Nix (2 months ago)
Homeless my ass!
Captain FALKEN (2 months ago)
Some are lucky. Some earned it. Some may have lost themselves along the way.
Cleopatra Starseed (2 months ago)
Living in a van is not homeless ... crashing on the floor or a friends apartment is not homeless. None of these people actually lived on the street.
Dogron Gamsay (2 months ago)
Daniel Vargo (2 months ago)
THAT was cool JAIME Fox ,helped him record MUSIC 😉
Zenbitch Edvard (2 months ago)
Ed Sheran must be so angry with world so this is his Revenge on humanity, his music.
Unknown Knight (3 months ago)
This is why I love James Franco as an actor; because of how passionate he is about his work
1st to 3rd World (3 months ago)
Y'all see them puzzle teeth Carey was rocking 👀
Roderick Molasar (3 months ago)
I made bank reading my own poetry on Hollywood Boulevard. In front of the Museum of Broken Relationships. Formerly Frederick's of Hollywood. Thanks peeps.
AxeL/Lorinser (3 months ago)
TheRichest, u need to know between homeless who are really is, and homeless by purpose.. Those guys are homeless by purpose for making a movie, they are not been homeless ever in their life.. How u can miss this important thing ?? And btw, homeless and houseless are two diferent things in one main reasson - brokeless..
Maiaynoose’s Comment (3 months ago)
0:28 the meme where the guy is looking back to another girl
Eric C (3 months ago)
Rocky won best picture
Shylan Paris (3 months ago)
all bs these people had parents to run home to so they didn't mind running around acting homeless cuz they were sent money western union if they needed it and Franco probably had a winabago near by while investigating a role all these people had parents that had money don't believe any of this most famous people most not all came from money that's why you see so many talentless clowns that are famous and the ones who didn't come from money had a relative or prostituted themselves to get famous that's it
Aamer Zaido (3 months ago)
Everything good is possible but only in the USA. Love from Iraq
Mysterious Stranger (3 months ago)
For every formerly homeless star that makes it, one million wannabees remain homeless losers for their entire lives. This is the equivalent of winning the lottery. Don't bet on it.
Washington Mothapo (3 months ago)
Rasputina29 (3 months ago)
Sure anyone can become famous if they're willing to suck enough d**k that is smfh.  :(
Abdullah Al Muti (3 months ago)
What about RDJ?
Cosmo Jones (4 months ago)
One night I told my girlfriend to kiss my ass and walked out on her. Slept under a bridge in the middle of town. Only slept rough 1 night but I still didn't go back to my girlfriends. Can't imagine it as a way of life, felt kinda lost next day when  woke up.
Paula Peter (4 months ago)
Ed sheeran😱😱😱
Azra Safuan Bin Azman (4 months ago)
when you are poor....no body wanna to be friend with you...when you are rich and have a lot money people will come to You...and where the fuck people come from in your life you did'nt know and their just want your money only....so becareful with this people..they just want your money....Ignore this people
adnan iftiaz (4 months ago)
Subbura 1988 (5 months ago)
Jewel mmm i’ed would pay serious money to get my hands on her jewels 😍😍😍
MishuTaste (5 months ago)
Who did the research for this? Chris Gardner didn't buy a Ferrari while he was broke. He bought it after he became financially successful.
jayram dahal (5 months ago)
wow great
Hello Hi (5 months ago)
Who the fuck jewel
J N Morgan (5 months ago)
Well, I've been homeless, and now I'm working on my writing. Not yet enough to pay the bills with but it's certainly earning me decent supplemental income, most months at least. This past March was my best thus far at over $200. Earning that much for doing something that I love? Fuck yeah... my modest goal for 2018 is to make at least 4-figures for the entire year. I'm pretty much on the right track for making that medium-term goal, my main long-term goal at the moment is to reach 5-figures a year, I can live off that. If I can ever reach 15k per year then I'm living comfortably. At 20k per year, I'm laughing. Still need to reach 1k per year however though technically I've made that much in a 13-month period if memory serves from mid-March 2017 to mid-April 2018.
Bohemian Bee (5 months ago)
Jenny from the block still can't act but she's good at being a self obsessed celebrity.
Sukhwinder Singh (5 months ago)
Alin Alin (5 months ago)
Such a hard working people they are
mariah shalberg (5 months ago)
I live in Portland Oregon
zak Sarwari (5 months ago)
Very inspiring ✌
Terence Jay (5 months ago)
William Shatner after the first season of Star Trek.
Xyz Xyz (5 months ago)
If James Franco never really was homeless (5:2), why is he mentioned in this video?
TM Lean (5 months ago)
Nopainnogain Hurts (5 months ago)
Rip Steve jobs. Just to let you no the government has fucked up once again and destroyed a good device. There getting greedy.
Nopainnogain Hurts (5 months ago)
We no if you want to be rich and famous you can go Hollywood and sell your soul it works. Shit breath
Funky Mango Girl (5 months ago)
I love you guys sooooo much! You guys make my day everyday! Keep up the good work!
mlawson41102 (6 months ago)
How could you possibly do Jim Carey and not mention his time spent on "In living color"? Shame on you!
Rosetta Williams (6 months ago)
Y'all didn't add jim carry tv career on in living color
Yolanda Soro (6 months ago)
I always say God is good God bless them they became good actors and of course they making a lot of money
Jesus Saves Loves You (6 months ago)
Crystal Gonzales (6 months ago)
Franco doesn't count and you did a lousy job on Carrey's career timeline.
Falguni Roy (6 months ago)
Gougoulina 20 (6 months ago)
Christopher Gibson9mm (6 months ago)
Where my riches I'm tired of the rags
Goat Style (6 months ago)
why do famous people become homeless?????
lux morningstar (6 months ago)
salute to the people who helped them reach their dreams, no man is an island.
Gigi Bubblegum (6 months ago)
Trust me, it's not hard to become homeless... but when you are there, it takes a miracle to help you out again. Everyone thinks it could never happen to them. But things change in a heart beat. Appreciate who and what you have today. For tomorrow, they may be gone.
jacie9799 (6 months ago)
my oldest son, who was born in the year titanic came out, loved that movie as a child. He called the movie "Jack and Ha-Ha", I think because of how much Rose laughed in one scene.
Monvixelaaz (6 months ago)
I came for Corey Taylor
# Guiltless (6 months ago)
YuTen Go (6 months ago)
Eugene Sinyov (7 months ago)
with J lo its a lie she worked in manhattan as a waitress and was spotted by a producer. i lived a few blocks away from that coffey and herd the story few years later .
Rib (7 months ago)
This proves that selling your soul is possible..
listener01 (7 months ago)
"the technology steve jobs 'created'"
James Gaèl (7 months ago)
Rico Moreno (7 months ago)
who were ONCE homeless.
Peter Johnson (7 months ago)
Ray Charles, even though he passed already. I have the movie Ray, he grew up extremely poor and became, well, most of us know about Ray Charles.
Troy Kidd (7 months ago)
So how did they afford headshots, and all the other things supposedly needed??
aure, wiliam y jose (7 months ago)
Franco was in spider-man
Gamer Chika (7 months ago)
James Franco a very smart human being. Also, a very Sexy PaPi.
kyussman76 (7 months ago)
Lies,lies,lies. You make 90% of this shit up.....
real talk (7 months ago)
What a shit channel
§paethon (7 months ago)
Rupert? Who gives a flying fuck?! Retarded ass ending to this video
§paethon (7 months ago)
Steve Jobs didn't create shit. He marketed.
josie lopez (7 months ago)
What happen to ed sheeran?
At&c Thickboi101 (7 months ago)
How about James bond
Rhienmetall (7 months ago)
Living on a dorm floor with a roof is not homeless.

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