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Best of the SCG Tour: Gregory Hatch VS Chris Kapica [Magic: The Gathering]

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Admiral Bill Bocket (5 days ago)
This is the best match in the history of the SCG tour, and it sounds like the most fun Cedric and Pat ever had on coverage. I wish legacy was like that, not just all the same decks all the time. Oh and game 2, back to basics showed up.
Marcus Dagostino (8 days ago)
that was amazing
Lars Markson (8 days ago)
I've seen the original about 5 times. Still great here.
Alexis Rodriguez (8 days ago)
Wow now I have to make that deck
Tim W (8 days ago)
Aah the days MUD was still a thing in legacy. Loved those decks 👌
Kaleb Hardy (9 days ago)
I miss the good ol days when chalice didnt push decks like mono blue martyr out :/ Been in love with this deck since the day this aired lol
Bruce Harrison (8 days ago)
Got an up to date build? I am thinking about making it myself.
Jake Chapman (9 days ago)
This is easily one of my favorite matches of ALL TIME.
Austin Brantley (9 days ago)
Sweetest deck ever.

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