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What type of bride will you be quiz | Pick one love test | Bridal quiz | Wedding personality test

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Take this bridal personality quiz to discover what type of bride you will be. Just 10 questions - pick one image at each one and add up your score. See what the results reveal in this fun love test and find out exactly what kind of bride you are going to be on your wedding day. When you are engaged, planning your big wedding can put a lot of stress on you. Many brides take it in their stride, able to plan the event down to the smallest details, but a few brides-to-be turn into a real bridezilla, finding everything just too overwhelming. So see how your wedding personality will handle it all with this fun personality love test. Make sure you LIKE this video and SUBSCRIBE to 90 Second IQ Boosters! Thanks for watching - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFLqqGVE_E8G3Sn-nhKmkAQ Music Credit: "Never Give up" by Nicolai Heidlas Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/nicolai-heidlas Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Vercittyfilms
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Text Comments (2539)
90 Second IQ Boosters (1 year ago)
*Enjoy the video!*
Candice Lin (3 months ago)
Luv your vids
Dara Awesomeness (5 months ago)
The fun-loving bride🖒
Stolen Skeleton (10 months ago)
Me: The Perfectionist Bride Sister: The Princess Bride
Maite Romain (11 months ago)
90 Second IQ Boosters cats 🐱 are better than dogs 🐶
Shefa Hasan (9 days ago)
the fun loving bride
Hiba Hiba (13 days ago)
The princess Bride
I am 'The princess - bride'!😍💖💝
Cendeline Metelus (1 month ago)
ι gσт тнє ρяιи¢єѕѕ вяι∂є
sha fee (1 month ago)
The princess bride😩😊😊😊
Borhan Uddin (1 month ago)
The perfectionist wedding
Subhechha Neupane (1 month ago)
Milla Pasanem (1 month ago)
The perfektionisti bride
Rosa Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Uh i got perfect bride
Say4 What (1 month ago)
I love these
Farah ain (1 month ago)
The perfectionist bride
Milla Pasanem (1 month ago)
The princess bride
Aaralyn Mullins (1 month ago)
If u got the princess bride make this blue 👇🏾
Rosalinah Hj Md Salleh (1 month ago)
princess bride
Aryan Mishra (2 months ago)
I got a Princess Bride 👰 and I loved it Hit like if you got princess bride
Allena Hand (2 months ago)
I was the perfectionist Bride
lady jazmen Arol (2 months ago)
I probably got confused to choose between the night and day ?🙄😒 Who else ?liķe down below👇
Princess Saniyah (2 months ago)
90 points The Fun-Loving Bride. Who else is like me ???? Hit a like here 😁😁
The Stop-Motion Lady (2 months ago)
I am a sentimental bride... I don't know what that is! 😂😂😂
Mira Al Shoum (2 months ago)
The Result Is The Sentimental Bride.
kripa eldhose (3 months ago)
U should do a which colour dress will I wear on ur wedding
Qihong Liu (3 months ago)
A princess bride for me
itz.me. jae (3 months ago)
Imma perfectionist bride!!!
milla pasanen (3 months ago)
The perfectinist bride
milla pasanen (3 months ago)
The perfectionist bride ❤
Jasmaine Stephens (3 months ago)
u should make a....what kind of sex position u would most likely be in...video
Mamta Jain (3 months ago)
Am perfectionist bride it's really true😍😍😍 beautiful
milla pasanen (3 months ago)
Perfectionist bride 💖
weesing chin (3 months ago)
I got 90 out of 100
Titi Brunken (4 months ago)
I got 40 points and I'm The Perfectionist Bride😍😘
Envious but Prideful (4 months ago)
Perfectionist bride!👰
khadeejah bismillah (4 months ago)
50 = the perfectionist bride
Rizwana Parveen (4 months ago)
I got 50 points it is the perfectionist bride
Tegan Show (4 months ago)
I’m the “princess bride”
sudeshna HAZRA (4 months ago)
I got Princess Bride👸👰🌼🌼
Dark Blue Diamond (4 months ago)
My answers: 10 10 0 10 0 0 10 0 0
Jazmina Fakova (5 months ago)
Princess bride
trashbox (5 months ago)
Only have 10 points, I just like causal and simple stuff in my opinion.
Drizzle Marouise (5 months ago)
Perfectionist bride! 🙋🏼
Juliana Tascon-Sarasti (5 months ago)
Yesss right on the dot! Perfectionist bride!!
JOJO HUANG (5 months ago)
I got 50 points!
Alivia Arnold (5 months ago)
Mine was the princess bride. I got 70 points
Abigail Miller (5 months ago)
I am the perfectionist bride!! Like if you have the same!! 👇🏽
Sophie Adori (5 months ago)
The perfect bride
Regine Bruza (5 months ago)
40 the perfectionist bride.. Because I really want to be all perfect on that day
Angelica Dag-uman (5 months ago)
why would you let me choose a puppy or kitty? 😭😭😭
Rinneea Jepma (5 months ago)
Horribly wrong with mine, I got the perfectionist bride but they couldn’t be more wrong😂
Alecia Saxophonist (5 months ago)
The princess bride
Kate Camarista (5 months ago)
1000 point
Ice Bear (5 months ago)
Ruby Salvame (5 months ago)
30pts. "The Perfectionist Bride" TRUE! I'm currently planning my own wedding too. 😁
Princess (5 months ago)
Princess bride
Uday Sikder (5 months ago)
The Sentimental Bride..😞😞👍👍♥♥.......
Paula Vitha (5 months ago)
I got 70 The princess bride 😄 and the detail should be perfectly as I want😎😋
D.I.Y Projects (5 months ago)
Arooj Fatima (5 months ago)
haylie Fenton (5 months ago)
David goliath (5 months ago)
Princess bride ❤
Mee Mee Pautu (5 months ago)
Sentimental Bride 👰 💕
Sofia Sandstrom (5 months ago)
Non other then the princess bride
Priscila Alcontin (5 months ago)
hahhaa....the perfectionist bride...its correct....
Berna Umali (5 months ago)
Princess Bride ❤️
Drip Girl (5 months ago)
I’m the princess bride
Shorty Family (5 months ago)
“The Princess Bride”😍♥️
Audey Yoyeyn (5 months ago)
Perfectionist. hahahaha
Tamipiriye E. (5 months ago)
The perfectionist bride! Very right!
Baz 98 (5 months ago)
Princess bride
Nisa Rahman (5 months ago)
The perfectionist bride 🌸
Lovely Girl (5 months ago)
I'm the Perfectionist Bride and that's really truth....Anyone who is same as me?
Gairika Roy (5 months ago)
80 points
Gairika Roy (5 months ago)
80 - 90
THE COUNTRY MAIDEN (5 months ago)
60 😁
Meena Akki (5 months ago)
40 points is true
Nathalie Cas (5 months ago)
I’m a sentimental bride omg
Jeanyvonne Clarde (5 months ago)
So i'm the perfectionist bride ? Haha LOL
Syeda Zainab (5 months ago)
Okay so I'm 15 I don't even have a boyfriend so what am I doing here watching this at 1:38 am in the morning?
Rupika Biswas (5 months ago)
I got 70😅
Shafika Amansha (5 months ago)
The perfectionist bride
Dionne Prescott (5 months ago)
70 Princess Bride
Habeeba Ishakk (5 months ago)
What kinda people are this for dogs 10 for cats0 thats not true both are same they are animals duhh!
I am a sentimental bride😢😢😢
Pandalyne M (5 months ago)
The Perfectionist Bride👰😘
Nae level (5 months ago)
I got the princess bride
Mitali Shimpi (5 months ago)
Princess bride
mehak s (5 months ago)
I would be a 👸 princess bride😝
Ren Pestaño (5 months ago)
Bryleigh Parkinson (5 months ago)
The princes bride. 💕💕❤️
Lexie 060701 (5 months ago)
60 points - the princess bride!
its nyancy (5 months ago)
i just angry why kitten is 0 point
Gayle Noble (5 months ago)
Got everything right! ❤
Whitney Allen (5 months ago)
prodea emanuela (5 months ago)
I'm happy with perfectionist.
DAISY SINGHA (5 months ago)
It's true in case of me... 30
Mud Princess (5 months ago)
The Perfectionist Bride ofcourse. Not sure if it's bad but planning doesnt sound like bad right?
Amrij Khan (5 months ago)

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