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Beautiful Girls in JIUJITSU ! JIUJITSU Motivation

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Beautiful Girls in JIUJITSU ! JIUJITSU Motivation I want to thank all of you that are following me. I really appreciate the love and support. If you like my style of videos please SUBSCRIBE to my channel and leave a comment telling me what you like 👍 .......... 😊Donation📣 do you love my channel and want to support me !?💟 Donate to help my channel Grow 😄 👇 https://www.paypal.me/girlsmartialarts/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📌 CREDS📌 ❤ Veronica Macedo ➡️ https://www.instagram.com/veronicamacedomma/ ❤ Leticia Ribeiro ➡️https://www.instagram.com/lettyribeiro/ ❤ Jess Rodriguez ➡️https://www.instagram.com/jessiquinhabjj89/ ❤ Mackenzie Dern https://www.instagram.com/mackenziedern/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- WANT TO BE APART 🔗 If you want to be on my Channel please write to me in Instagram @girls_martial_arts I will look into your profile, or Send me your video 👉 [email protected] -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🚩SOCIAL MEDIA 🚩 📍Instagram 👉 girls_martial_arts https://www.instagram.com/girls_martial_arts/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you enjoy my videos I'm gonna create as many as I can about various interesting sports and especially martial arts videos for motivation.That's all, please subscribe to my chanel, easy for you, but I'm pleased. ?We make these videos to motivate people and inspirate them for better workout and better martial arts practicing
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Text Comments (148)
Nike .x.o (1 day ago)
Ju-jutsu 🇩🇪
Germana Sousa (6 days ago)
Alguém sabe p nome dessa música?
Styron Smith (6 days ago)
Who is the brown belt?
How do they do that with long hair ? I can't even do that with my short hair..... 😕😕😕😕😕😕
Sofia L (17 days ago)
How do i do jujitsu XD
Younes Hotel (19 days ago)
Bruh (19 days ago)
Aaaameeii❤ alguem sabe o nome dessa música é daora treina com uma musica dessas
Dion Thomas (20 days ago)
I love Girls martial arts true legit warriors of their sport
Хороши 😁
Joshua Beach (24 days ago)
These girls can pass my guard any day
(25 days ago)
does that work in real life ?
BigB00tySlayer (25 days ago)
Well if they can beat Royler Gracie like this I'm a little scared : - ) Edit: I'm a dude btw
John Etheridge (1 month ago)
sniper douglas (1 month ago)
as mulheres sao fortes, mais nem todas esplorão seu ponto forte.....
sniper douglas (1 month ago)
se toda mulher fosse assim eu queria ver se estrupador, agressores, homem machista e todo tipo de otários iria se aproveitar ainda 👊👊👊👊
Kylie Minou (1 month ago)
If I'm ugly, can I still practice? The music could use a change.
Vinh Nguyen (2 days ago)
You actually do better if you're ugly. Take it from someone who's ugly :)
oscar cantu (1 month ago)
Mackenzie Dern I'd love to roll with her.
Migel Berchelt (1 month ago)
Jerry Metz (1 month ago)
Jujitsu is for people that can pay .overmarketed and over priced
Elena Villamón (1 month ago)
Jh DaS (1 month ago)
Nome da música do vídeo?
Dante 525 (1 month ago)
Music sucks
Shin Akuma (1 month ago)
laymo0o0oN (1 month ago)
Mariana Maria (1 month ago)
Jiu-jitsu 🇧🇷♥️❤️
Lívia Melo (1 month ago)
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ que incrível! Aaaa
isacc 2019 (1 month ago)
Más increíble tu, eres muy hermosa
Angel Angel (1 month ago)
I’m in love 😍
Manuel Solano (1 month ago)
In love with jiu jitsu
Shokahanna Voz de Trueno (2 months ago)
Como Katanas Samurai...Hermosas y letales
Pasindu kavishan (2 months ago)
Beautiful girl I like your video
Erick Santos (2 months ago)
E q belas quedas 😍😍 Como eu amo mulheres q praticam Jiu Jitsu Pra mim são as melhores 🤤❤
Cintia Ribeiro (2 months ago)
Super casca grossas😍 Amei.
《 Kath Nicole 》 (2 months ago)
Alguma Brasileira, pra honrar o "Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu"? 💖🇧🇷
Roseane Lima (2 months ago)
My Love jiu jitsu
Bombastik derTeutone (2 months ago)
does anyone know the name of the technique at 1:27? the sort of roll over back take?
ronin 777 (2 months ago)
Eu deixaria elas me darem um triângulo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Lanas Lasagna (2 months ago)
great music choice!
M. V. O. S M. V. O. S (2 months ago)
Dave C. (2 months ago)
Patti Fontes? Mayssa Bastos? Kristina Barlaan?
Elemental Welding (2 months ago)
i want all of their instas and all of their snapchats especially the cutie in at the end
GlasgowBlueBear1690 (1 month ago)
You gonna have a wank mate?
Maria andriele Franca (2 months ago)
Bjj. Jiu jitsu
vini tirola (2 months ago)
John Etheridge (2 months ago)
Blocked from being downloaded
Adrian Maldonado Jr. (2 months ago)
Oh how cute. Stretching, smiling and kata.
Datti Fereguetti (2 months ago)
É ótimo! Treino às duas modalidades Jiu Jitsu e Judô! Oss
isacc 2019 (1 month ago)
+suellane karla hola princesa
suellane karla (1 month ago)
Anderson Nascimento (3 months ago)
Muito top ver mulheres que levam a sério o Jiu Jitsu 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷😎
Mikasa_ la mas shida (3 months ago)
What is the name song????
Karolina Santos (3 months ago)
CARACAAAAA, Qual o nome dessa faixa marrom ??????? (Se for possível, quero o Instagram da mesma)
Antonio Gomes (2 months ago)
Verônica Macedo, da Venezuela
Livewire (3 months ago)
Seems to be the rage these days to just do BJJ for a Instagram following.
Kamil Ciezak (3 months ago)
Dobre cos dla mnie jeszcze jak patriotka a nie konsumpcjonistka i możemy trening w każdej wolnej chwili raz na tydzień dwa po pracy
Aniket Bhalerao (3 months ago)
Strong and great moves .... Very inspiring ..... And who is the lady at 00:12, very beautiful
Daniel Amado (3 months ago)
Congratulations girls
Daniel Amado (3 months ago)
Nossa meus parabéns meninas
Ninjamaster77 (2 months ago)
I think some of this is at Gracie Barra in Rosebery,Sydney?On 2nd thoughts,i think it was Gracie Barra in San Diego?lol.
Menina de Nata (3 months ago)
🇧🇷 Jiu-jitsu ❤️🥋
Catarina Pacheco (2 months ago)
+hrrr peta BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)
Khaleesi Dove (2 months ago)
hrrr peta (3 months ago)
Jiu jitsu from japan
Jellybean Queen (3 months ago)
I do BJJ and this video just inspires me to do better and try never give up
Andre Ribeiro (3 months ago)
Que furacão é esse
tatan626 (3 months ago)
The best.
crazy.funny,dumb, jerk (3 months ago)
AL Lee (3 months ago)
To be honest I was like throw me down anytime girl when I was a boy a kid. Couldn't tell my instructer. I was hypnotized by her. Yea I had to get out of there. As a man matured. Having a women helped me a lot.
AL Lee (3 months ago)
I can't fight a girl. It'll be to much of a distraction. I have to be gay if I did.
número diesiocho xd (3 months ago)
Luis Alicea (4 months ago)
Emilly Adriane bjj (4 months ago)
Alcides Rodrigues (4 months ago)
Mackenzie Dern
Agung Purwantoro (4 months ago)
instagram link Jess Rodriguez get trobel bro
R H #1 (4 months ago)
Very impressed an honorable to watch videos with super women in all martial arts to inspire other women to take part to become super women 😎
Crow000 (4 months ago)
Muito bom
viri cis (4 months ago)
Wow!!! amazing💖
Sëm________Chørø (5 months ago)
What's the name, dear girl?
TheBladeWizard :j (5 months ago)
The first girl shown https://youtu.be/09vZs4Fo9pw
Rod Rob (5 months ago)
Girl power! respect
frekazoide sauro (5 months ago)
Jiu jtsu Life 4 ever
frekazoide sauro (5 months ago)
# family oss
Ryan Dravinski (5 months ago)
Not only do they have decent groundwork but some nice takedowns. That's great to see, most bjjers are trash standing.
Cycuśϟ (5 months ago)
0:29 best moment
grumpysquid (5 months ago)
Ugh. Ruined by the music
hacks with jaff (5 months ago)
Bet most of these people that clicked this are dudes
Britishness Learner (1 month ago)
I'm one of them 👍
Steve Priest (5 months ago)
Is that Royler's daughter?
Catherine O'Shea (5 months ago)
Yeah, I tried it for a week and still haven’t went back. I need to return the Gi but too afraid to show my face lol I sucked so bad.
Stephanie Palmadesso (4 months ago)
Everyone knows the struggle. I'm sure they would be happy to see you if you go back. Oss!
Moku Kaaloa (5 months ago)
It does suck in the beginning because everything is new for body your body and your brain. Keep going and one day it won't suck and soon after that success will start to happen for you. It was like that for me for a good 6 months.
Jack Herer (5 months ago)
Great video, to bad about the shitty soundtrack!
Shaunyr (1 month ago)
Shitty? Excuse me, that’s Neffex you’re talking about. Some respect for the “shitty” music, thanks
Peter Farquharson (1 month ago)
True. There was no need for the crappy music. The video speaks for itself.
Brian (5 months ago)
Tim Travasos (5 months ago)
Great video. But I can't stand that black ghetto music. That is the antithesis of jiu jitsu intelligence and strategy.
Noeton (2 months ago)
+Ashli Casey truth hurts
Ashli Casey (5 months ago)
Wow your a racist asshole. Definitely not a student of jiu jitsu. Go sit your bigot self down before someone wrecks you.
Hi guys...can you subscribe in our new youtube channel 😃😊 we share awesome sports MOTIVATIONAL videos 👌💗 https://youtu.be/8PdFGPV3rtc
Gavin Fisher (5 months ago)
fuckn hell
Dimitri Tribble (5 months ago)
GOOD VIDEO 🙂🙂🙂👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Dimitri Tribble (5 months ago)
Can you subscribe me and I'll subscribe you to
BRUCE LEE (5 months ago)
StrenPro helmet (6 months ago)
I love
Nicole Pascual (6 months ago)
I do that and im a girl. girl power
Maksim Kuzyakin (6 months ago)
Faiz Ali (6 months ago)
kızıl madalya Gul (6 months ago)
Strong qirls
Travel totoro (7 months ago)
the girls are strong and brave 🤘🏻👊🏻💪🏻
Travel totoro (7 months ago)
the girls are strong and brave 🤘🏻👊🏻💪🏻
Kamil Ciezak (7 months ago)
i na lody dla ochlody po treningu :)
Kamil Ciezak (7 months ago)
no ładne panie i jeszcze dodatkowo robią cis pożytecznego a nie tylko konsumpcja kasa zabawa bo wszystko dla ludzi ale ja lubię ćwiczące po pracy w wolnym czy w weekend
TechBeast (7 months ago)
Who's the purple belt girl at 2:50?
Lin Gan (7 months ago)
pls touch me
French Bulldog 1 (7 months ago)
Sparring set up she has nothing .
Scott Anderson (5 months ago)
I notice you on alot of Jiu Jitsu videos talking trash about people you don't even know you must really dislike people who do this sport or you tried it and sucked really bad or had a son who got beat by a girl point being you just hate an alot their key board cowboy it's not good for your health just need to chill little buddy 🤙
aleia long (7 months ago)
What song Is this
Ryan Dravinski (5 months ago)
+Girls-martial-arts Explore the future great band they have other great songs. Unstoppable is good too
neftex soldier

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