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Worst Magic the Gathering Apology : StarCityGames 1099

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Text Comments (15)
Endless Phantasy (19 days ago)
How much motivation Stevens needs to establish every morning to get out of bed and have a normal day...
Endless Phantasy (19 days ago)
So Todd Stevens wrote the worst apology? Not his best friend who back stabbed him? What do you think Todd Stevens should write?? Brian Kibler cheated????
Sean Nissen (29 days ago)
The reason it's a bad apology is because it isn't one because he isn't admitting blame. As far as I can tell what is known right now is basically there are accusations... and holy hell to have a good friend throw you under the bus because of some random accusations boy with friends like that who needs enemies. And the way the community automatically assumes guilt and goes on full blast is also makes it a giant why even be a part of a such a community. The whole thing smelled very carefully worded like a PR statement careful to not reveal much but still say I'm sorry you feel that way. Could be he has something to hide or could be he can't talk about it for some reason.... like if this was me I'd definitely be persueing legal action which would make it hard to talk about. Or he's just afraid of the cruxification that an outright denial might entail. Can't contradict the believe her movement
Compete ToDefeat (1 month ago)
If only they cared as much about all the cheaters and pedophiles as they do about ripping people off on overpriced cards that will curl up within days or even sometimes minutes.
herman darmawan (1 month ago)
I didn't see Rudy involved in drama between Unsleeved Media and Tolarian Academy. He talk about finance and his channel is still growing. Not all people love drama.
BlazenJester Games (1 month ago)
The thing is as long as they keep stirring up the pot the quicker it boils over, is there proof that this guy did anything ? I’m not trying to take sides here looking for facts about this ordeal. As for the other guy who we shall not name he brought that on himself he blatantly got cheating right on camera and then lied that he didn’t and after seeing all the footage they had on him he then said okay I did it ban me like smh do you think your saving your hide by doing this? No your just painting a bigger target on yourself, he was pretty much feeding everyone more and more crap to just bury him with.
Edgar Campos (1 month ago)
Aye!!! Get em 🦁 Lion
NPC #76409543 (1 month ago)
Other than grabbing a drunk woman's leg, what did he do? Is he the guy who raped desolater?
Christopher Rue (1 month ago)
you are not a drama llama....you are a drama queen
Leone Kaiser (1 month ago)
And yet here you are.
David Luke (1 month ago)
to many tangents...stay focused...
Dhosti (1 month ago)
USD 30.000 is not a "ton of money" in Brazil. The minimal wage is BRL 1.000 monthly (13.000 yearly), which today is worth about USD 250. But it is important to keep in mind that the USD price is always changing. Back in 2009 it was between BRL 1,5 and 2; during 2016 it reached BRL 5 due to the impeachment. Last month it was BRL 4,3, but after the elections it dropped to BRL 3,7. A recently college graduate will earn between BRL 16.500 and BRL 55.000 yearly, depending on the college, english skills, region of the country, etc. But you have a career and have the opportunity of make way more than that after 10 years of employment.
Dhosti (1 month ago)
I Hate Milk that's pretty much it. But in 10 years it has been worth between 2x and 5x the BRL. Keep in mind that most things are cheaper in the US than in Brazil and you'll see that it isn't always so awesome to make what a pro mtg player makes, despite being in USD.
I Hate Milk (1 month ago)
Also, if 13,000 is the "average" in your shitty country, wouldn't more than double a years worth of pay be a "ton"?
I Hate Milk (1 month ago)
All i gathered was that usd is worth more than Brazilian real.
Todd Riverden (1 month ago)
I don't mind waiting like hours. But now it's days? Come on, just post this a day before, not 3 days before. Not mad, just annoying when it's that long of a wait for something like that. Love your video's though. But don't tease us for so long. :P

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