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best moments girls workout & Calisthenics motivation

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best moments of awesome strong girls calisthenics and workout . 📱 DOWNLOAD ANDROID App: https://bit.ly/wrktapp ------------- 💖 Support the channel to make more videos : https://www.patreon.com/workoutfaysal credit to music : 1) Inukshuk - We Were Infinite [NCS Release] link : https://youtu.be/VEyTsJQGYqM ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2) Sekai - Cave (feat. Lynz Munich) LINK : https://youtu.be/qAT5JYjXTyQ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * If you would prefer to see your work here, please write to our email : [email protected] , and the video will be added in a few hours’ time. ==================================================== you don't know what's street workout this is first time you have watch it ... so let me tell you : Street workout is a physical activity performed mostly in outdoor parks or public facilities. It originated in Ancient Greece, but became a popular movement in Russia, Eastern Europe,[1] and the United States, especially in New York City and Baltimore's urban neighborhoods.[2] It has now spread all over the world. It is a combination of athletics, calisthenics, and sports.[3] Street workout is a modern name for bodyweight workouts in outdoor parks. Street workout teams and organized competitions exist. A typical street workout routine often consists of physical exercises such as pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, dips, muscle-ups, sit-ups and squats. Street workout also involves some static (isometric) holds such as the human flag, front lever, back lever and planche. Street workout can be divided in two branches, one being strength training and the other dynamics. Strength training includes the isometric holds like: planche, front lever, back lever, etc. Also, strength training includes single arm pull ups, hefestos, muscle-ups and many others. Dynamics includes movements like 360's and its variations, switchblades, and an incredible variety of tricks developed by the athletes which are connected with other moves in order to create routines or sets. Some of the main benefits of street workout activities are: It is completely free It can be performed anywhere outdoor or indoor No training or gym equipment is required It promotes a healthy living and a desirable physique can be attained with it It is a social event.
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Text Comments (46)
Krastava Zaba (14 days ago)
Okay, i am quitting doing workout anymore
Mahel Rafes (1 month ago)
Who is the straddle planche girl please ?
Mahel Rafes (1 month ago)
Super girls strenght
Sr Dlay (1 month ago)
Imagine as possibilidades
xyz (4 months ago)
Name of girl at 07:21?
Luca Zizzi (4 months ago)
3:41...what’s The name? Is fantastic
Isaac Antonio LM (4 months ago)
4:58 uff😍
Bamboo Training (10 months ago)
why do all of these types of vids have this shit techno/gay/disco/electronic faggot music?
Cedric Sanfal (11 months ago)
4:48 obviously it's fake weights, 6:38 too lol she is smiling
nitai matan (1 month ago)
yep noticed both too
Dude Ette (1 year ago)
That baby at 4:31 is basically doing the same things as the woman. She's gonna grow up strong asf. It reminds me of a baby chimp holding onto her mom to develop strength
Magda lena (1 year ago)
4:50-4:55 what a faaakkkeeee
So can any girl accually do a full planche
OtakuBlazeN (1 year ago)
Girls add so much aesthetics to everything they do
Esther (1 year ago)
2:20 holy moly
NoGRAVITY.WORKOUT (1 year ago)
Kuz Montenegro (1 year ago)
Mas video.. Menos intros ;)
KaranbaTv! :D (1 year ago)
CATO (1 year ago)
That girl on 3:10 can do a front lever and i still cant do it <3
joe (1 year ago)
WTF are those muscle ups with like a hundred pounds hanging off of her?
Mostafa Farweez (2 years ago)
Roy Wardenaar (2 years ago)
6:50 - That place looks amazing! Also props to these girls!
nappyboii91 (2 years ago)
This is gymnastics
When Will You Learn? (2 years ago)
nappyboii91 Gymnastics is a subset of calisthenics. Calisthenics includes equilibre, yoga, et cetera.
Calistenia Monstro (2 years ago)
Salve salve Monstro !! Like
Isidro Glez (2 years ago)
Just girls power! awesome strength..hat off!
Nav En (2 years ago)
girls are just so impressive... the amount of strenght vs size.. damn...
Spoon (2 years ago)
Daaaaamn hunny your lever game is impressive.
super Villain (2 years ago)
Freakin cool!
David Houma (2 years ago)
Damn that girl doing finger pull ups on her door hinge... Love it! Strength right thur!!! #RockClimbingBadAss
Just awesome! Girls are amazing!
Heesun Lim (2 years ago)
whats the intro song?
Real Boy (2 years ago)
jurisprudens (2 years ago)
Maddelisk is the best
JNith (2 years ago)
damn those door hinge pullups were proper
jurisprudens (2 years ago)
Who are the girls at 6:05 and 6:20?
FreeYolow 0-0 (22 days ago)
Did you find who she was?
jurisprudens (2 years ago)
+Fayssal Allaoui thx
Hiphop101ize (2 years ago)
So many Monstetrs out there, I'm scared
JNith (2 years ago)
lol so true. just when you feel you got stronger you see youtube videos of people doing even crazier stuff.
Avalanche City (2 years ago)
Who's the first girl?
Ismael Batista (2 years ago)
Ismael Batista (2 years ago)
yes beutifu
H Vo (2 years ago)
How much were those muscle up
Oggy Oggy (2 years ago)
Hien Vo Yes
Bruce Brothers (2 years ago)
Just super impressive!

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