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Funny Videos Tik Tok US UK Ironic Memes Compilation 2019

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Funny Videos Tik Tok US UK Ironic Memes Compilation 2019 My Videos: https://youtu.be/tjInmBuvn7c Thank you for watching🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 If this video has some mistakes hope you don’t mind it.!!!!
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Text Comments (1122)
Diffy Castillo (58 minutes ago)
1:48 so cool
Awesomegirl 103 (8 hours ago)
Scuse me, WHaT?!? Hi
A4JBurrell (11 hours ago)
I love jdrou
Joelboi (17 hours ago)
5:01 when I have friends at home and nothing to do!
Vania Melo (2 days ago)
Lindo esses super herói ❤❤
gamehunter Intes (2 days ago)
I saw Anna the yutuber
Eleuteria Flores (2 days ago)
Dalia Abdelaziz (2 days ago)
Cheers the motherfuckin tea!
Dalia Abdelaziz (2 days ago)
One side she is crying the other side somebody poured on her a big bucket full of water!
2:07 pliese music
Estaba re copado ese el ultimo
Можно песню на 1.55
nnell Nayli (3 days ago)
I saw momotaro does all tik tok videos everyday and kedamono too he does all tik tok videos with momotaro!!!we all sooooo embrassing!!!
Angel Bartolay Diaz (3 days ago)
Cloud Gabrielle Lopez (3 days ago)
So good video
Kristyna Fuimara (3 days ago)
Si tu veux le poster Youtube c'est pour fait sur YouTube ok je veux faire un truc de Tik Tok fait ça sur Tik Tok ok ma mère elle a rien compris voilà
gamehunter Intes (3 days ago)
I can flip the bottle on our classrooms blackboard
gamehunter Intes (3 days ago)
Maybe I can make a channel
Catherin Espinoza (4 days ago)
I like the first one and third one
Denise Strose (4 days ago)
The first is brasilian
Neto Passarela (4 days ago)
Leyla Yildiz (4 days ago)
The First one is Not funny
GAME JoB BoB (5 days ago)
Меня не нужно запугивать я почивать ложусь
shanna plays (6 days ago)
How did he do bottle flip
Elizabeth Reguera (6 days ago)
1:17 song canción??
FortniteTv Decker (6 days ago)
1:23 god i love that hair And everything :D
cyklix 209 (6 days ago)
01:00 acuaman?!
GachaYT Kwai Gucci (7 days ago)
3:23 he doesn't seem so happy...
Lieven Salomez (8 days ago)
Omg de.shark was so creepy end de clown 😓
Vanessa a Kukuric (8 days ago)
2:24 i love ittt 🖤🖤🖤😎😎
ElizPlayz Games (8 days ago)
1:20 song pls
Indie Dalquen (8 days ago)
What the well dude !!!
e m a a a a (8 days ago)
A nugget
Like si viste 3 spidermans
Juega con Migo (8 days ago)
Lol so cool
Rilla Soriano (8 days ago)
Batiehope MSP (9 days ago)
1:26 laurnzide called she wants her hair back
Afide Polatdemir (9 days ago)
Lol the chicken nugget
Ruth drennon (10 days ago)
Yes you did read my mind
Rozsa Sarai (10 days ago)
0:55 music?
Jhessel Tormis (11 days ago)
1:51 song please???
Novedades Luana (11 days ago)
I love😘😘😘😘
Vera Manders (10 days ago)
2:29 😱its a chicken nuggit!!😂 Edit: OMG i got a ❤️
Novedades Luana (11 days ago)
José Souto (12 days ago)
Extraño los viejos tiempos en tik Tok ☹️☹️
Haleigh J (13 days ago)
Anda al sofá de Miguel entonces vino el mago
Lilian Lord (14 days ago)
3:20 HahaahahahahahzhzhahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahhaahhahahahaahahhahaahhahayayaayayyayauauahzhzhzhHhahahahahahahaaaa hhaahahahahahahhaha hahahhahahahahahahahhahahaahahha. Ilaughed until i cried.
Como se llama la cancion del 1:50
Como se llama la cancion del primer tik tok
Helen Ifopo (14 days ago)
I hate the first fuckin girl because she's freakin ugly that has pink hair
Muffin (14 days ago)
Please tell me how the putting on lipstick is funny?
Janae Fung Loy (14 days ago)
That straw can never can get out of there
Vane Mendez (14 days ago)
La primera muchacha está bien fea👽💩👾😵👧🖕🙍
Zuleyfa citra (15 days ago)
0:08 the power of make up
ExoTix Panda (15 days ago)
1:00 I’m looking for a DC character so I can get angry
cake pie girl (15 days ago)
thanos vs all 😂😂
Allison solorzano (15 days ago)
Can someone please explain 4:19 ?! How can this happen 😱
Stop at 3:36 lol 😂🤣
Gj47 (15 days ago)
0:51 he's got a lotta spiderman figures
glitter girl (16 days ago)
Some of the things were funny and I couldn't breathe 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Brandy Witherell (16 days ago)
who got scared at 2:09
Freya Vince (16 days ago)
Omg 0:55 is *DEDICATION*
Rarotonga Retreat (16 days ago)
1:00 I saw aquaman
Julian Alambar xd (16 days ago)
Como se llama la cancion del minuto 2:04? Plis
Amelie Jassmine (16 days ago)
2:25 Eleven Stranger Things😱😱😱😋😋💁💜
Alex Castro (16 days ago)
Bay wtf
DJ stephanithefox3 (17 days ago)
i love tik toks
Brandy Witherell (17 days ago)
Wooo W
0:12musik плз
Pablo Chanona (17 days ago)
6 6 parese la de rosario tigeras como se viste y el tatuage
WolfieKitty (18 days ago)
A'mirah Weatherford (18 days ago)
pupps and kittens the pover of love I m glitter piece
A'mirah Weatherford (18 days ago)
that is glitter piece
A'mirah Weatherford (18 days ago)
glitter force
Daniel Di Lullo (18 days ago)
The very first song does anybody know?
Lol Koko (19 days ago)
*2:45** not funny😒*
Emilija Blagojevic (19 days ago)
4:50 how to do that???
Meganciata2009 Cardoza (19 days ago)
Me gusto el primero jijiji
Rade jukic (19 days ago)
Ruzna si ka kurac ove
A'mirah Weatherford (19 days ago)
no no no no NO!!!!!!!!!!!
A'mirah Weatherford (19 days ago)
that first one was sad I'm going to cry😭
Ram Mia Cojette (20 days ago)
3:20 easy challenge all can do it thumbs up if you can do it
Ram Mia Cojette (20 days ago)
2:45 the boy is a thief do not believe that im warning !!!! your things is gone 😳😳
psycho fann (20 days ago)
00:01 song plis ?
Happy Life (20 days ago)
good video
Raquel Fabiano (21 days ago)
Iiiiiiii. Uuuu
Latavia Lee (21 days ago)
0:51 ima cryyy😢😢
FLAVIAN WRIGHT (21 days ago)
2:30 😆
Amil panda geek (21 days ago)
2.25 elevenn stranger trings
Tabatha Houck (21 days ago)
I subscribed on all your vids don't forget
Tabatha Houck (21 days ago)
I love all your vids
Sydney Malm (21 days ago)
The one after the Avengers thing the song in the background is called seven nation army
Léna Monville (21 days ago)
C est tros bien tik tok
魏慶 (21 days ago)
Hfchffhhfhxbcb can w Hf you egg hunt at these7hkdhdjdfi86BBCncxjxbxhvxhxxbccbcbcjcjnchcbcjcbbcc Ncncncnjcnfjcnf by the time I HD video is weft you use Otto I don't want that too but I have no r
Lavinia Kaypiti (22 days ago)
No4 hahahahaha(but very ugly laugh)
Asad Bilal (22 days ago)
LMAO XD 4:33
Zinah Bassam (22 days ago)
💗💘I hate Cathy. SHE IS SO ANOYING
Kpop Queen (23 days ago)
0:50 top lip?

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