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Pope Francis wants to change the Lord's Prayer

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Father Jonathan Morris reacts on 'The Story.'
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Mister Man (1 day ago)
God is Not the Author of confusion ! The Roman Catholic Church is NOT above the Bible. Blasphemy is claiming to forgive sin. The POPE is the Beast
Nana Hamilton (1 day ago)
I won't stop saying it as it is, and any Pope changing it is blasphemous
King Terence (2 days ago)
Pope has no more authority to change the Bible than he does forgiving one of their sins. Christ and Christ alone and not a man made office called the papacy. Good luck sir.
Sherri Lane (3 days ago)
If he is who Spears he is he don’t won’t your prayers but something else you no what I mean.The four horse men are riding.If you have Kjv hold on to it.the niv is a fancy way of deception.Let not your hearts be troubled
Sherri Lane (3 days ago)
That priest was way wrong
James Thompson (3 days ago)
Another issue concerning this is the fact that all Catholic Bibles, missiles, and holy cards will now have to be reprinted and reissued to accomodate this retranslation.
James Thompson (3 days ago)
You wish that the Pope would stop worrying about how a prayer is said or how it's translated, but as to whether it comes from the heart or if one means it.
Paul V. Montefusco (3 days ago)
Much of this whole ado seems irrelevant; I personally don't like it because the old one was that of my ancestors, but that is really my only objection, if I think about it a bit. The change that is being proposed seems to have the prayer fall in line with the current colloquial usage in, say, Spanish or Portuguese; not having been 'spiritual' since I was a child, in the sense of giving credence to a romantic and to me rather outlandish idea of some non-physical and completely unprovable plane of existence, I am curious, and not facetious at all. This seems to be one of those issues which is being made great hay of, as a diversion from more substantive changes in our traditions and vocabulary and way of thinking that are far more dangerous, but I am here to learn. I remember, as a child being rather put off upon hearing the "debts" interpretation in lieu of "trespasses". It somehow seemed to change "everything", and yet the meaning back or it was the same, as my little Congregational friends could explain to their visiting Methodist friend. What this functionary or so-called "Pope" says is of absolutely no consequence to me, but from outside, I don't see much wrong with either wording. My question is this: are there more substantive changes that are being ignored/hidden/ smokescreened in all of this, or is this really a substantive change being proposed for the believing? Why is this deemed an important/necessary change when proposed by this 'administrator'- one with historical pretensions to being some sort of anointed representative of 'deity', and at this time? I have always thought of the traditional King James phrasing to mean "let us/me not be lead to stray down the wrong path or take the wrong action, to be lead unthinkingly or knowingly to do so" either by our own wilful designs or those of the wills of others", or as is seen by the 'spiritual/religious/faithful', by some immaterial nonexistent entity postulated by the ancients and still seen, unaccountably, by many in modern times as a "thing" or "person", or some "demonic/evil/controlling and anti-good" bogey of the kind common in about every ancient culture. Am I missing something?
Toni Turner (3 days ago)
I’m not in “THE” Judge’s seat, like some feel so entitled, to judge another religion, especially another Christian religion, even though I am a Christian. So many call themselves “Christian” and honor Jesus with their mouths, but the Lord says their hearts are far from Him. (Matthew 15:8) A whole bunch of folks recite that passage like it’s a poem anyway vs. a prayer from the heart, in the manner and the spirit that Jesus taught. God allows us to make choices as to how we will worship Him. His only desire is that we worship in spirit and truth (John 4:24) According to John 3:16, if you are a Christian, the bottom line is that you believe and accept Jesus’ payment for your sins on the cross, and follow His teachings (Matthew 16:24). There are some in every Christian denomination who believe and accept that by faith and some who don’t believe that’s enough. Some believe other stuff. The last time I looked it was the Holy Spirit’s job to make correction, and especially of church heads. (My body follows the leading of the brain located in my head, not the lower parts of my body.). If you find you can’t submit to the leadership in a church, don’t go there. Go somewhere else. I am not Catholic, and as such am not subject to the Pope’s authority, but I will say that his interpretation is not off the mark as far as the intent of that passage of scripture. The heart of God is to be understood, not misunderstood. There are many translations of scripture, and I study several translations just to explore different ways of saying the same thing and for deeper understanding. Bottom line, I say if you don’t like the way the Pope would have it said, don’t change! You won’t be condemned either way. But in the meantime keep your mouth off of this church leader. (Ps. 105:15) Criticism is not a spiritual gift, and is not becoming to someone who follows Christ.
rmfyi (3 days ago)
I will never accept that my Lord and Savior would ever abandon me even if and when I am caught up into temptation. (he knows our nature, a sinner!) Our Lord's love is too great! He died for us all...to atone for all our sins, now and forever! "Lead us not into temptation" to me is appropriate because I count on the Holy Spirit (our Lord's gift to us) to guide me at all times, even when I have drifted. However, my Lord's love is always and forever! :) Once you accept the Lord into your heart he will never leave...never, no matter what! ♥ I'm a bit sad for the Pope though, I will pray for him, because to me by choosing "abandon" that says to me that the Pope actually sees and feels that our Lord could abandon us...which is absurd! because Jesus would then never have freely given up his life for any sinner! :)
Emanuel John (3 days ago)
He can not change it..is the LORD prayer
Aurelien Gnambo (4 days ago)
If God does not lead us into Temptation, so what does Matthew 4:1 mean ?
Vida Mitchell (5 days ago)
I will say it the way it has always been said! Not listening to this Pope... Something is not right about him.
Alex M (5 days ago)
Satanic piece of garbage . This guy and the pope.
Army Mobility Officer (5 days ago)
Didn't this Pope say everyone would wind up in Heaven too?
Robin Hartman (5 days ago)
And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book. Rev 22:19
getminesallday24 (6 days ago)
Now can you fuckers understand get the meaning that its all man made and can be changed wake up man !!!!!!!!
renee green (6 days ago)
Over 2000 years now he wants to do this!!! Im saying Our Lord’s Prayer like I have always said it!!!
sorel edwin suarez (6 days ago)
I understand the change because I am latin. In South America we pray it as the change he is proposing. The anglo way does make it seem like God wants you to fail.
N D (6 days ago)
Jesus loves me 777 (6 days ago)
Matthew 4:1 Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted there by the devil.
Jesus loves me 777 (6 days ago)
+Ronaldreganfanthere is one more bible verse that contradicts what the preist says Isaiah 45:7  I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.
Ronaldreganfan (6 days ago)
Jesus loves me 777 Very good . I wish that bit of scripture was ask for interpretation by the priest .😇
m jagusch (6 days ago)
boo the pope. He's a homophobe.
Ray Perkins (6 days ago)
No, he just doesnt like them.
Armed Infidel (6 days ago)
What does the pope and Walmart have in common? They both have little boys pants 1/2 off
Armed Infidel (6 days ago)
Pope Francis is a heretic who should be burned at the stake to cleanse his wicked soul
hollyh1969 (6 days ago)
I will never change. I am done with this pope.
Sherri Lane (7 days ago)
I won’t be the judge but I do believe I have read enough to weigh in.The bible says that no man is to add to nor take away from the words therein or his punish will be 7times greater.Its in the book of Rev.not sure of the verse.Its as if they portray the pope as the father he’s not he is a man born into sin just like you and I.mormons add to it with the book of morman. Yes it does appear he is being false but you won’t change the word of God (Jesus Christ)It endures forever and ever Amen.
Corneil Madison (3 days ago)
I agree with you, I don't wanna speak bad against him but I pray for him, it's weird because if he does that then they changing every Bible in the store and that's not good because it can draw controversy, when we have church the true Christian pastor isn't gonna wanna read that part and I don't blame him, they change it in his side not ours, if the Catholics wanna change there Bible then that's them, leave ours alone, I feel people are gonna protest this, it's the end times
Eric Claeyborn (7 days ago)
Who died and made the Pope "God"? The Bible warns against adding to or subtracting from the Holy Scriptures.
Michael A (1 day ago)
No one is adding or subtracting in this instance, 1/2 is the same as 2/4. Not sure why that is so compicated for you to understand.
Deborah Sandness (7 days ago)
Friends, read the last two verses in the last chapter in Revelations. The very END of the Bible. This is much more serious than many people know. I thought maybe I had heard the Poop wrong.
Faye Wike (7 days ago)
The Lords Prayer - Book of Matthew Chapter 6. "Lead us not into temptation." Two chapters earlier, Matthew 4 "Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil." Is the Pope going to rewrite these words too?
Ronaldreganfan (6 days ago)
Faye Wike It depends on their version of scripture . I do know this . If you read the 10 commandments in the KJV the second commandment forbids “ graven images of anything in , on ,or beneath the earth . The tenth one says not to covet your neighbors wife or house . Now if you look at the catholic bible they omit the second and divide the tenth in two . Reason for this is that way they can justify images of Mary and the apostles and assorted saints (statues ) which also they do pray to them for certain wants . They still have the ten as far as they are concerned . Now people in that church really do not have any idea about this so as far as they know their bible is scriptural . I remember reading the commandments one evening that was painted on the wall in the chapel at the Oregon state prison . I was there years ago with a prison missionary preaching the gospel . After which really started to study more and if something did not sound right I try to do my best to dissect to see if it is biblical . Satan is slick and deviant. Because let’s face it , the bottom line is to deceive and turn people away from the truth .
celticgirl88 (8 days ago)
Of cause he wants to change the words to his EVIL 👿 ideology! Who does he think he is? That’s what FREE WILL is? It’s YOUR choice!
Matthew Bucko (8 days ago)
When One World Oder starts The Catholic church will be the one world religion and the Pope will be the false prophet. How did the pope get into china a communist country that was all Hinduism, and put Christians and Muslims into re education camps (brain washing in other words). He's preparing the way for the anti Christ. And now changing the words of the bible.
Sharon Halbirt (9 days ago)
Jesus didn’t speak English? Does this fool really think Jesus doesn’t know English? He is not Christian, this priest is blasphemous
Jai Maa (10 days ago)
hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha 🤣🤣😋🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
Joseph Mccracken (11 days ago)
Try to change the actual words of jesus. Dispicable
Joseph Mccracken (11 days ago)
Of course hes trying to change the lords prayer. Hes Catholic and hes the Pope. He thinks hes better than jesus. Thinkers hes better than god
Joseph Mccracken (11 days ago)
God created everything. Including the devil. The devil is a fallen angle
Clint Fenton (11 days ago)
That man "Father"....(AND MY ONLY FATHER IS JESUS CHRIST!!)....... Johnathan Morris is WRONG for dressing up like this it is definitely not OK he's a bad guy just saying, learn more on what the words don't take Gods name in "VAIN"!!!! Seek out thee word "VAIN" in the STRONGS Definition and you'll see he's in the WRONG!!!! ~ He's taking on the reputation of "God" in "FALSEHOOD"!!! Shame on him.
potent1895 (11 days ago)
1Timothy chapter 4 ... Read it
potent1895 (11 days ago)
nothing like watching the evil one run through the catholic church... for those of you who are Catholics read 1Timothy chapter 4 ... Stop falling for doctrines of demons.
Walter Kopecki (11 days ago)
The pope is lost
Elvira Reis (11 days ago)
Daily F (11 days ago)
Pedofila rapes of children . No I want deliver of evil like Pope and JESUS name.
Jay Alvin Dreza (11 days ago)
The snake are you thinking! Who are you? 🙄like snake you have permission to do that? You have permission?. Oh i see it's made by human not God haha! Don't you read BIBLE? It's stated that Lord's word is absolute so it means no human or any living has the right to change it's word😏🙄. Unless God itself. Like who do you think you are stands before God
Joshua Johnson (11 days ago)
Do NOt Let uS faLL inTo TemPtatIon
Samuel Dunegan (11 days ago)
He just said jesus existed.... jesus does exist!
Cotton Hill (12 days ago)
Stop following these heretical teaching's of the Catholic Church, Jesus is the moderator between God and man, follow Christ get away from these heretics fast. Jesus Christ is the only one who can forgive sin. Jesus is the only way to heaven. ✝
Raffy Domingo (12 days ago)
That confirms it. This Pope is Luciferian.
j c (12 days ago)
Blasphemy! Revelations last chapters.
A Ezra (12 days ago)
The pope has some nerve trying to change God's word. And this guy trying to justify it is disgusting.
A Ezra (12 days ago)
Jerrod Lopes (12 days ago)
So the Pope thinks his wording is better than Jesus' wording? If that isn't arrogance and apostasy, I don't know what is. BTW, if you're Catholic and reading this, let Francis know that he does NOT speak for all of Christianity.
Nashton Snarr (13 days ago)
I agree
Jon L. Garton (15 days ago)
I am a Catholic and have been all of my life. I live a prayerful life, and try to do the best I can. In no way do I want to attack the Holy Church of God. The Lord's Prayer should never be changed. This prayer has been translated and looked at by theologians and language scholars for over 2000 years. It is what it is, and should be left alone. As for the theology of Francis comments about it, he is just wrong. The Pope, you, me and everyone else is sitting on planet Earth, in the "Great period of Trial" per the Book of Revelation, and who IS the prince of this world? This means that we have already been sent into temptation. It also means that we were purposely sent here to learn God's Love amid many trials and pressures from the evil one. As many times as we cry out to God "lead us not into temptation" it seems that we let Him know that we are on board with His agenda, so that makes it a good thing. It sounds like a very small change of little significance, but it's much more than the outer appearances. You see if Francis can change the Lord's Prayer, then Jesus was just wrong. He is subject to error, and that is a lie. The Pope has already suggested that Jesus has sinned by separating from his parents when he was found in the temple of Jerusalem. He said it was dangerous to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ among many other heretical statements, and he's happy adding to that list every time he opens his mouth. The evil one conquers by a series of many small victories. Francis is the one that needs corrected. .
Joyce Pollard (15 days ago)
Jesus was and not a failure who do you think you are and Satan has you in his court people listen to you and they can’t think for them self GOG gave us free will so when a person like you call My GOD A failure and people still think you are a pope they need too read the KJV not that so call stuff you call a bible and there is no mention of a pope in the Bible Satan has you he knows were he going God is real like sin is real The church has did some horrible things to boys and still doing them today but when JESUS comes back you and all those so call priest will have to baid
Joyce Pollard (15 days ago)
Pay for your sins and Satan is paying you no mine why because He has Your SOUL pray and ask GOD too lead and forgiveness we all need GODS Forgiveness we need GOD GOD doesn’t need Mankind.
hiroshi kamada (17 days ago)
the pope is demon why he wants to chage words of god? hes like satan? why because he wants to king of throne he wants to higher more than god. god said of 10 thou shalt have no gods before me..
Dominic (19 days ago)
He wants to diminish GOD and CHRIST even more!
Melanie Clark (20 days ago)
No, everything doesn't come from God. Satan lives in the world also.
Kabugho Lydia (20 days ago)
Pope is the beast of revelation 13
Dallas (21 days ago)
Once you try to change or distort Jesus you become a Cult
Mlg Pug (21 days ago)
It’s white father Gabrielle
Robert Ellis (21 days ago)
Unfortunately, the Catholic Church is very powerful, and gullible people believe everything the Pope says. Sad, but true. The Pope puts on his pants everyday just like you and me. Some people believe he is next to GOD, but he is just like you and me, a sinner. Whether he is saved by the blood of Christ is another story, but for conversations sake, we will think he is. The Bible is very specific about people who change the word, in any form. Deuteronomy 4:2 is a great verse for this abomination. Luke states in ACTS 17:11 to not believe me or any other christian, but to search the scriptures daily to prove theses things be so.....Just an observation on how deceiving Satan is....
Ms Jay (21 days ago)
No! No change should be made because the Lord’s Prayer came from Jesus Himself.
Elis Rebeca (21 days ago)
I am Brazilian and in Portuguese it is "fall into temptation"...não nos deixes cair em tentação. .in these case he is not trying to change Jesus' prayer...in these case.
Karen Hollm (22 days ago)
He has no right to change God's word. He is a false teacher.
Michael A (22 days ago)
People that can't understand what the leader of the Catholic church is doing probably be in math class like, YOU ARE WRONG 1/2 is different than 4/8, it has less value because the numbers are smaller !!!!!
Michael A (22 days ago)
pope can pretty much be translated into the leader of the catholic church.. There is nothing wrong with leadership. Something all the protestants don't have.. that is why there is so much division amongst them. Protestant, Baptist, Apostolic, Non-denominational, Evangelical.... the leadership the Catholics have is the reason for their strength and the reason they make such a difference on this Earth in the name of Jesus. They do so muc for the homeless, the priests devoted their lives to God, Christian priests still like to fiddle with everyday life get married and go to disneyland every summer. Catholics are service machines.
John Iglesia (22 days ago)
Respect them triggred Christians Who call themselves a Christian but not loving their Neighborhood. So much hatred on your heart.
Counter Occulture (23 days ago)
Did they change the Greek manuscripts? No? Okay, then, calm down. That’s a perfectly valid reading of the spirit of the text, considering word for word translation is always inaccurate in terms of meaning.
levi wadleigh (23 days ago)
another sign the devil's deep in the church no matter what congregation we belong to if they're preaching the Son of God the chosen one is named Jesus that is the devil talking. so many people are on educated in scripture. the chosen Messiah was never named Jesus they have pulled us away from God's word to lead us down a wide path to hell.
Johnna Houseman (23 days ago)
God does not tempt!!
slavicastevin1 (25 days ago)
Vatican and it’s popes have changed so much from the beginning until today so this doesn’t surprise me at all.... popes have always fancied themselves as gods on earth so they don’t care if they have changed anything from the Bible or this prayer..... Vatican popes have murdered millions of people since beginning of their rule in Vatican over ancient Europe and now the world.... the’ve changed so much from Bible as it didn’t suit them and how they wanted to rule of the world.... they are false prophets and Vatican is New Babylon as it’s been described in the Bible... but we will let God deal with them at his appointed time!
Raatic Empire (26 days ago)
After so many thousands of years, why is it now that he knew the prayer wasn't correct why ? The time is now and the fulfilment of the scripture of our Lord Jesus must be fulfilled, so don't be surprise because so many is still to come and will be changed.
Raatic Empire (26 days ago)
For those who know their God shall do exploit. Read the Bible and ask God for understanding and you will not be deceive
Rya N (27 days ago)
Ya cus he worships the devil
yick yack (28 days ago)
Iberian Lion (28 days ago)
The title was a click-bate. The title should be: Pope want’s a better translation of the ‘Lord’s Prayer’. Before you comment watch/read the story first. A lot of the comments twisted the story.
hob kabeer (1 month ago)
This is why Quran is unchanged .You have to think twice chritians
Nation (1 month ago)
Why do people look up to this man??
SeanTheGreat (1 month ago)
Matthew 7:15 Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly they are ravening wolves
Tracy (1 month ago)
Well he can change for Catholics if he chooses but not the rest of us Christians. He has zero power except for Catholics.
James Nelson (1 month ago)
I feel like everybody saw the title of the video and commented their emotionally charged denominational beliefs without actually watching the video.
Emeka Emmanuel (7 days ago)
they don't have enough data to watch the video
Rachel Garcia (1 month ago)
Latest news : he changed it. And people still defend him ...
Eric Bornman (1 month ago)
Satan is his lord
Maurice Brown (1 month ago)
He has already changed the sabbath, but only for some people. He is pushing for the one world religion. Shalom
He shouldn’t do that, as the original version says « lead us not into temptation » plus is sounds better
Jestoni Salvaña (1 month ago)
I commend your ignorance! please be evangelized not criticize!
Jellysaurus Rex (1 month ago)
God allowed the translation to take place - so be it. Any man who declares himself holier than others and has some people kiss their hands or bow or something as if they are Jesus or God is no man I support. May God forgive him for anything he does against him.
oscar ocampo carrillo (1 month ago)
Jesús is horseshit
VIP TEAM (1 month ago)
Pope is EVIL!!!
Apsara V (1 month ago)
Pope is the antichrist. Wolf in sheep’s clothing. Pedophile creep.
micah hook (1 month ago)
The bible actually says God creates evil. This guy is deceived
Galaxycoco Lacey (1 month ago)
The words leads and fall have two very different meanings. I will NEVER say the Lords prayer any other way than Gods words . Ppl please dont be brainwashed.
The Catholic church has been influenced from the outside by some evil forces and infiltrated by other evil forces. Pray for us all. Pray that the church will shake Satan's grasp over it
bcnkng (1 month ago)
I see all of these comments and I'm just confused. I thought some of the same things when seeing the title, but after the video I felt like it was alright. I don't think this is really changing the scripture. It seems more to me like it's updating a translation and making it more accurate isn't it? That's what it looks like to me. If he were changing it in the original language that would not be okay, but this seems to me like he's trying to make sure that the translation is more accurate in portraying the original scripture. Correct me if I'm being but those are my thoughts after watching this video
dafe Akpos (1 month ago)
Who is he to change it. The devil is about to come out from Rome .
Louis Maritz (1 month ago)
This guy is evil personified.
Taylor King (1 month ago)
I don't prey that way anyway I prey to God as if he is "MY FATHER" who is ruler of HEAVEN who gives all people THIS DAY to live ...
Taylor King (1 month ago)
He can change what ever the hell he wants in his own faith because he is an anti-christ the bible states "call no man father." so this man is clearly demonically guided. Let him play pretend he is something special.
steven berry (1 month ago)
False religion.
Wednesday's Child (1 month ago)
If you remember in Wikileaks POpe Benedict is forced out and replaced by Francis. There you go...Pope Francis is a globalist sock puppet.

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