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Differences between Perfume Body spray,Body mist and Perfumes|Louis Cardin|

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Differences between these fragrances 1. Perfume Body spray 2. Body Mists 3. Perfumes All from Louis Cardin Brand Shop Located in Osu behind kona Cafe Social Media handles: 1. Instagram; @honoras__ 2. Facebook: Honora's If you are a Perfume Company you can contact me : [email protected]
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Text Comments (5)
Bimal Pokhrel (10 days ago)
You are so sexy
GUUD KELLY (9 months ago)
Loved it...
Honora Mensah Bonsu (9 months ago)
GUUD KELLY yeeyy thank youu
BERKOH DAVID (9 months ago)
Whoop whoop.... Thanks for the education.... Loved it
Honora Mensah Bonsu (9 months ago)
BERKOH DAVID Thank you dear

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