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Searching for a girlfriend on Russian Dating websites

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I am on the lookout for a girlfriend with a good sense of adventure andwho relishes the fact that I'm a primal Alpha Male, I thought Russia may be a good place to find such a woman.
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Text Comments (698)
Kingkong Khaira (13 hours ago)
Declan Lucas (18 hours ago)
Fucking pedo she looks 15 u child molester
Rayan Chellali (1 day ago)
Thus guy a mong
Jack Francis (1 day ago)
tic taç
lookitsmack (1 day ago)
Callum you are now classified as ... a giant creep.
Coffin Shield (1 day ago)
With a hat like that and that tic tac head, all the girls will say Yes!
Bettney 14 (2 days ago)
Your a pevert and yo ass looks like a cheese puff
Harvey Clarke (2 days ago)
You well don't look like a nonce
Konrad Haas (2 days ago)
Bodball123 (3 days ago)
I like his beard
but ton (3 days ago)
Fix your teeth ya nonce
Marcus Bentley (3 days ago)
A GOOD time over it
Danny Stewart (3 days ago)
Tic tax peado
Comrade Corbachev (4 days ago)
Feel bad for Callum that he's struggling to find a woman that can accept his alpha male-ness. Women hate alpha males
Vodeer s (4 days ago)
11:48 is photo shopped as the hair would be hanging down if she was upside down sorry cal
Noah Santiago (5 days ago)
You a kinky tic-tac aren’t you
Scrawny Alien (5 days ago)
In the whole video the camera isnt in focus to his face but the shutters in the background
iMXoSMaLLVoWeLZoX (6 days ago)
Fuck me your standards are low
RUMBLESLUG (6 days ago)
Callum is a PRIME alpha male
Yashdog Z (8 days ago)
Callum come to russia you will be welcome here
Sophie Faulkner (12 days ago)
Fucking table manners , can’t stand people without them
YourAverageHuman (14 days ago)
callum is a big sodding tic taccy loner
Jasper ward (16 days ago)
That’s a cool cap
luminor007 (18 days ago)
No offence intended.. but you sound more gay than Alan Carr!! are you sure you like women? women might be confused as well.. so you might be better off telling them straight off the bat that your not gay.
Super LB (18 days ago)
.your the best callum
jellibean (27 days ago)
Sorry Callum. People arnt usually into tick tacs :(
Chameleon (1 month ago)
You were looking at... pictures of girls you ginger nonce
Callum Sutcliffe (1 month ago)
Loxley Smithett (1 month ago)
Chase Burgess (1 month ago)
Next level thumbnail
Luke Ashton (1 month ago)
there's some nice little pieces on this mate go straight in pal no regrets
xxOP_PVPx x (1 month ago)
Lol why would someone go with you?
Jessi's World (1 month ago)
Love the hat! ❤️
Freestyle_ ES_SWV_JO (1 month ago)
Why u call her babe then
Mr Rowland (1 month ago)
Big wagwan tictac tings
Callum Shelby up to some noncery?
alan blundell (1 month ago)
What a pedo
Ibrahim Rizwan (1 month ago)
What a legend
fizzy gamz (1 month ago)
This thumbnail reminds of this movie a charter from this movie on Netflix when they go on and get there friends dick back
NightmareGames (1 month ago)
8:38 Omg I’m dying
nojkud_ gaming (1 month ago)
that man is what I would call a slav man, but that was not a bad video.
Ammar El-Beik (1 month ago)
Your videos are incredibly entertaining
Jirapat D (1 month ago)
Ur hilarious lololol
Joseph Osnovianenko (1 month ago)
Luan Melo (1 month ago)
callum is scared to say something bad about a woman
Aidan Garside (1 month ago)
boprogamer xd (1 month ago)
Pain au chocolate in one hand, coffee in the other and I'm looking at women online ahaha
Connork 123 (1 month ago)
Tic tac
BUGz (1 month ago)
How is he keeping a straight face 😂😂
Luke mcnally (1 month ago)
You look like a right nonce
Oh Well (1 month ago)
It looks like a dildo if it is Callum it’s called a dildo
Energiser1 (2 months ago)
Y were u looking at women on the internet
Berzerka (2 months ago)
Adrian Poenar (2 months ago)
He is definitely a 50 year old virgin
Daniel Straughan (2 months ago)
That girl in the thumbnail is Callum’s type of girl 😂
Filip Majdanski (2 months ago)
5:23 Emm Callum I think she means something else 😏
No noncens
Tommy (2 months ago)
Berzerka (2 months ago)
8:47 he said n word 😂😂
Claire Jackson (2 months ago)
Mermaids are prostitutes
Sean Wedgwood (2 months ago)
Boom Boom
Lieutenant pigeon (2 months ago)
Pano chocolate and coffee. Man of good tastes
HMF Football (2 months ago)
“I typed in Russian dating sites and I couldn’t understand any of it it was all in bloody Russian”😂😂
mr cheesenugget (2 months ago)
Oh no he's is a meme and still makes vids ohhhhhh noooo
Naif (2 months ago)
Good luck.
mr cheesenugget (2 months ago)
Whatever floats your boat buddy
Bloodpug (2 months ago)
Mental mogomloids and mingers wtf
Maxwell Voss (2 months ago)
The first girl was way out of tic tac's league
Oscar Keeble (2 months ago)
You have a strange taste in women tbh
Fayé Łouise (2 months ago)
U ain’t no alpha your a tit tac calm down 😂
Specca (2 months ago)
11:47 she isn’t climbing, she has just taken the photo upside down in a flipped room
ImELFY (2 months ago)
all the people are ugly as shit but 8:42 is the only one that looks good
This video is proof that he is one of the best trolls on the internet. Sir you have my respect.
Camel Herdet Herder (2 months ago)
I'm searching for girl from Russia for dating
Craig Skinbap (2 months ago)
I'm lost for words XD
dave the sheep (3 months ago)
4:00 stunner
outsun gaming (3 months ago)
Mate finally you embraced the tic tac
Oliver Tyler (3 months ago)
Your focus is kinda fucked up mate
xMerciless (3 months ago)
All these comments about the hat 😂
Cba with a name yet (3 months ago)
Massive age difference? She wasn't that much younger than you.
slippyslide (3 months ago)
tic tac man
Illuminati Member (3 months ago)
Respect the waman
Love how he doesn't make fun of their appearances. Bless his lil soul 🙏😂
Nathaniel Tesfaye (3 months ago)
Right your not crazy and cool because you like to eat your food in front of the tv
Ado does Gaming (3 months ago)
Sodding tic tac hahahahahahaha
feeLings (3 months ago)
Fag Git (4 months ago)
U have no standards Callum pal
Offensive_Lemon (4 months ago)
please make that video of you on tinder and/or a Russian dating site.
xam wuz here (4 months ago)
Tbh the one on the thumbnail looks like a good hug
Finger licking Good (4 months ago)
Guessing you crushed peanut on the football pitch
Lil Squeak (4 months ago)
callum you'd fit right in my gopnik looking friend cyka
finbo fc (4 months ago)
*You naughty boy*
Charlotte Kane (4 months ago)
Get away from me
Callum Hindhaugh (4 months ago)
You’ve lost the plot mate
The Danimal 1302 (4 months ago)
he looks like a chimney sweep
The Danimal 1302 (4 months ago)
aye up
Donland (4 months ago)
Nice cap!!
RED SKULLZ (4 months ago)
fallout gamer 222 (4 months ago)
So you were referring looking at porn

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