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Magic the Gathering GP Atlanta 2018 Round 13 Modern

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Tyler Wiggins (1 day ago)
the games were good however Reid's opponent made a rather bad decision side boarding in those remorseful clerics. I think there are quite a few people that make mistakes like this one and side board in something along those lines against Jund not realizing that it really doesn't do anything and ins't worth the card slot against Jund or BGx or etc. Cards like this, as well as rest in peace, just are not effective in this match up and focus on the wrong strategy. the kind of mindset you want going into a match up like this one is basically "how can I grind my opponent out longer than they can grind me out". This is what he accomplished with cards like sigarda. Amazing clock, very hard to kill for BG midranged, and has a passive ability that is useful.
WebPocket (3 days ago)
At 11:00, Zhou tapped a summoning sick noble hierarch for mana? Did I miss something?
Corey Fehr (19 days ago)
wizards or anyone reading this, please get rid of the commentator that can't pronounce he T's or TH's. it makes me not watch the videos.
Luke Cowley (20 days ago)
Man I wish I knew he was there. Could have snapped a pic.
FlourescentPotato (21 days ago)
this co commentator is horrible. so bad.
MiauZi (22 days ago)
what happened on 55:47??? is he putting a card from his sideboard in his deck, in front of the eyes of all? wtf???
mehmehxxx (17 days ago)
Looks like he was told by the judge to put it in there. Maybe he had 59 cards after side board... I thought that would be cause for dq but I’m no judge so...
EDH Alters (23 days ago)
I see no big game pros, and I approve. It's about time people with insane skill beat these obvious-play n00bs once and for all!! Kick-Ass Underdogssssss!!!!!!!
Thomas Crosse (24 days ago)
wow the moises alou reference from deep!
Elliot Ness (25 days ago)
whoreezin canopy.
Vzzrdrx (25 days ago)
Reid Duke looks like a thicc version of Vinny from Vinesauce. I love it
Randal 1231 (25 days ago)
G/B is referred to as The Rock.
Luke (26 days ago)
deal wit dis knight anover knight horzin canopy
xcver (26 days ago)
"Reid Duke is the poster child for playing fair decks in any format"...so in Vintage he is known for Storm and in Legacy he was known for elves (fair is kinda stretch there).
xcver (22 days ago)
+ElBizaroyeah the loss of DRS did hurt elves a lot
ElBizaro (22 days ago)
He did grixis control in the last GP legacy I saw.
Micael Cabrera (27 days ago)
Where can i find the reid duke’s deck list?
cbnvhs08 (27 days ago)
that announcer needs to go.
The Grad Bag! (27 days ago)
My boy Reid, Go man Go!
Romero Grinerdam (27 days ago)
Nice Ice Age lands.
7upac (27 days ago)
Or, you know, you could just count the cards types in graveyards like a normal person
Ryan Hines (28 days ago)
One of the best series of games I've seen. So many game turning plays, top decks, and interactions. It's got it all
Blake A. (28 days ago)
In the next Overwatch patch, I wonder if they'll nerf Reid Duke...
Dragracingduleist (29 days ago)
Am i the only person who thinks devoted company is a terriable deck that just has a infinate combo
Dragracingduleist (23 hours ago)
+T Baggins not saying its not powerfull, im saying its a bad deck if u dont have that combo. Its a bunch of underwhelming creatures and thats about it. It has no plan B to win if the opponet stops the combo,
T Baggins (13 days ago)
Decks doing something powerful so its not that bad. Cannot count the number of turn 4 kills ive had with the deck off of company on their endstep.
alfie piper (29 days ago)
i swear the liliana shouldnt have taken damage in game 2 when the knight attacked? the graveyard was exiled and it had the minus 2-1 on it from the lili. so it was a 0.1 when it dealt damage
Petar Miljanovic (25 days ago)
It shoulda take 1 damage from knight and 1 from balista. He removed only 1 counter
alfie piper (29 days ago)
oh shit my bad, didnt see it killed the druid.
Robert Dobbs (29 days ago)
nothing quite like the announcer constantly making incorrect calls
martinrosschou (29 days ago)
Stop saying "Horsing Canopy"...
Ryan Roberts (29 days ago)
Game three decided on that Knight of Reliquary NOT getting the fetch land.
GoblinGang (29 days ago)
That’s what separates the pros from amateurs.
巨型刺蝟 (29 days ago)
That's huge, I guess he didn't fetch to slightly increase the odds of drawing a land?
Peter Slonsky (29 days ago)
Reid, nice beard bro!
daniel hartness (29 days ago)
I'm a simple man. I hear an announcer say "Firtteen" and "I fink", and I click dislike.
Randal 1231 (25 days ago)
The "Th" sound is unique to only English, so if English is the commentator's second language, makes sense that he struggles to pronounce words correctly.
Majestix Heroclix (1 month ago)
Nicolas Sproge (1 month ago)
Love the new life total bar, But you guys still need to fix your thumbnails. You guys need to do it like SCG where they put the name of the players and the decks in the thumbnail, it would attract more people to watch your videos
MiD (1 month ago)
Reid "The Duke" Duke
Nicholas D. (1 month ago)
I feel like the commentators are overrating how good knight is in the deck. Yes, it’s good, but this isn’t legacy. He’s not gonna wasteland you 4 times. It’s just going to be a big creature that will a coup,e horizon canopies and a gavony township, but reid won’t be incredibly behind. It’s good, but not that good.
Craig Henderson (1 month ago)
Deathmark doesn't kill a flipped Avacyn.
Johnathon Hiner (1 month ago)
I "Fink" Think....and now we up the ante with "WHORE-Zin Canopy" Ho-Ri-Zon.....there's no end to this...….is there not anyone applying to do commentary that has proper or hell even LOOSE English (Hooked on Phonics)....this is so bad its laughable...if this guy would just try to open his mouth to pronounce a word....but again a solid turn out once you get past this nonsense....the Wing Man at least carries us home with his clear commentary.
Ray Karkman (25 days ago)
+BBrecht Dude - that mush mouth has no business do commentary. And, J Hiner's punctuation is perfectly acceptable, despite his affection for ellipsis
BBrecht (1 month ago)
Perhaps you should try mastering the art of punctuation before complaining about someone else's English?
hundredpercentjuice (1 month ago)
Reid looks just like Sarkhan in the preview image. Casual Cosplay.
Dj Norwood (1 month ago)
Qumaden JG (1 month ago)
The “other guy” commentator is fucking awful. Calm down fella, people know how to count tarmogoyf
BBrecht (1 month ago)
Has anyone ever seen Reid and that guy from Supernatural in the same room?
maouthunder media (1 month ago)
BBrecht my wife said the same thing hahaha
Peris r34 (1 month ago)
Can someone please cut dukes hair?thanks
xMiiasma (27 days ago)
His hair is absolute dog shit.
thechris312 (29 days ago)
You're probably one of his opponents, just want him to lose his power...
Christian stinespring (29 days ago)
MiD (1 month ago)
no way...its the source of his wisdom and power
William Stanton (1 month ago)
The dukes hair is perfect
Miguel Nosesabe (1 month ago)
where i can see reid duke decklist? someone know?
Rest In Peaches (1 month ago)
He was streaming with it last week on channel fireball
Complain Or Gain (1 month ago)
Imagibe if those Bob's where tirless trackers
kaleb esancy (26 days ago)
+Complain Or Gain except jeff hoogland isn't that good... just do what reid duke does if you want to play midrange.
Christian stinespring (29 days ago)
Complain Or Gain I don't, I just believe in faster value cards in a unfair fast meta.
Complain Or Gain (29 days ago)
+Christian stinespring also you shouldn't base everything off of what one player thinks
Complain Or Gain (29 days ago)
+Christian stinespring that's not what I'm trying to say, tireless tracker should be a 4 of in that deck because it is a better card the grim player and dark confidant
Christian stinespring (29 days ago)
Complain Or Gain I've watched them all, Jeff isn't half the player Reid is. Reid has been been on the top 5 magic players for years now and mid-range is his thing. Ill trust the most successful mid-range player in the world over a amature pro.
Ben Rehbeck (1 month ago)
Reid might make me switch teams...
PP Hyjynx (29 days ago)
Canis Major depends on where you live tbh.
Canis Major (1 month ago)
Don't be afraid to swing for the other team. We don't live in an era where you are persecuted for homosexuality.
benyura (1 month ago)
At 4:16 does he sac the fetch land with knight of the reliquary? That is a fetch land, isn't it? Isn't that a misplay, it's not a plains/forest, and why wouldn't he fetch and then trigger the knight to get 2 land cards in the graveyard?
benyura (1 month ago)
+etru6 Thank you, that makes a lot more sense and I don't know why I didn't consider that it was just attacking.
etru6 (1 month ago)
I'm pretty sure it's an attack with the Knight and he just uses the fetch land to increase the Knight's power - a bit later you can see Duke Assassin's Trophy it to avoid taking damage. They are just super slow about it.
lorenzferido (1 month ago)
I'm a simple man, I see Big Daddy Duke, I click.
GoblinGang (29 days ago)
Big daddy duke “junding em”
Mox Avenger (1 month ago)
I see Reid with a beard I click even harder!
Andrew Shaw (1 month ago)
This announcer knows some good things, but needs to calm down a bit and maybe realize that his lines aren't always correct.
FlourescentPotato (21 days ago)
+Ryan Roberts Goyf tech, lmao
Ryan Roberts (29 days ago)
I appreciated the Goyf tech, that's useful stuff.
Craig Henderson (1 month ago)
+Qumaden JG I liked his methodology of counting Tarmo's p/t. You have so much time to talk about the game you kindof need to talk about niche things.
Tim W (1 month ago)
+Qumaden JG Yeah wtf, just count the types... Is he really giving us advise on how to count?
Qumaden JG (1 month ago)
100% agree; less is more. Telling people how to count goyf?
Ian M (1 month ago)
The poster child for trying to play fair decks in any format? His favorite vintage deck is storm!
YaBoiBigSmoke (27 days ago)
He also played exclusively elves combo in legacy for a long time and that’s an inherently unfair deck
Tyler Rossiter (28 days ago)
+Mark Atkinson Miracles was fundamentally a "fair" deck. Just a broken one. 😂
Aidan Durrant (1 month ago)
Kind in mind that fair is format dependent.
Mark Atkinson (1 month ago)
+Andrew Shaw Idk he used to play Miracles in Legacy a lot before the Top ban and I wouldn't call that deck particularly fair.
Ben Rehbeck (1 month ago)
Reid has also stated that his version of storm isn't even that good relatively, he just plays it cuz it's the most fun version
IGN DarqEspada (1 month ago)
Woah, look at the beard on Reid!
SPOILERS (26 days ago)
MaeseEidos (1 month ago)
+IGN DarqEspada I would argue that the haircut is awful but Reid could look good with a dead racoon over his head anyway so it doesn't matter.
+IGN DarqEspada I'm a bit jelly.
IGN DarqEspada (1 month ago)
Reids hair is a national treasure, anyone hating on it just sounds really jealous* imho.
Andrew Shaw (1 month ago)
Thank God his glorious haircut is still the same. It's been the same for his entire mtg career.

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