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我不是在笑 - Leessang (84bpm) by 勁舞團 Audition Beat Up Mode

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我不是在笑 - Leessang (84bpm) Currently the slowest lv. 3 Beat up song in TW audition. 1 bad during chance period...well, i can do better than 1 bad, but really not worth the time recording another trial Woot i made a perfect video transition lol, the cut isn't even noticeable lol.
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Text Comments (32)
Thuy Nguyen (8 years ago)
joaco536 (8 years ago)
noob idiot lag
Kathiee Q (8 years ago)
can any one tell me!~ how do you change it to the beat up version?
ca (9 years ago)
Awesome but no c =S
WA KA KA KA Ka (10 years ago)
agreed ^^
lolayay (10 years ago)
one hand...
RsAOfAnt (10 years ago)
Not available you mean. This is old video already
BuzzcutsFTW (10 years ago)
No enter chance? Leaving it off just makes it more confusing in my opinion..
spikedog123 (10 years ago)
wah u double chance sia =o
spikedog123 (10 years ago)
is two hands difficult @@
22takuto (10 years ago)
wie mies ey so lahm das kann denke mal jeder xD
Sandy Lin (10 years ago)
If you guys are gonna complain about what he did or what he didn't do, why'd you watch this video in the first place? o_o
Lucasdru (10 years ago)
this video is more funny then normal video! my names Morgan, kinda feelin bored if any1 wants to join me on cam or wana chat i will be signed on at __ FriendlyFlirts(.COM) __ my user ID there is Morgan_lrwvojkopga chat soon xx its FR33 to j0in! mwah
meninoB (10 years ago)
actually, this is pretty easy, the speed is just like 168. if you can play 168 fluently, this is nothing but look slower.
Arietty (10 years ago)
lol nice ^^
debbo (10 years ago)
DevilAzite (11 years ago)
inuandkagome4ever (11 years ago)
Yujin Oh (11 years ago)
slow song is more harder XP good job
Heles18 (11 years ago)
You play as would you play this when you sleep o.o respect ^^
stevenboy1314 (11 years ago)
HereIAm (11 years ago)
i play 1 hand as well :D and i could do that song easy
HereIAm (11 years ago)
its not hard to do it with 1 finger
HereIAm (11 years ago)
play with only one hand on the num-pad :D
HereIAm (11 years ago)
very good but the bad wasnt unnoticible :D
Mohammad Bobby (11 years ago)
thanks alot. now maybe i wouldnt have a hard time during beat up >_>
Mohammad Bobby (11 years ago)
I noticed that you dint press anything during chance part... coz I was staring at your hand like during the whole chance time. You dint care about the red arrows but you just pressed the green ones... please answer whether you have to press the opposite of the red arrows when chance...
Gilbert San Jose (11 years ago)
this mode is hard... ive done this using my 2 hands and using #5 as the spacebar... and still it is hard.... this guy is a monster :)
InfiniteDrillWorks (11 years ago)
man this looks facking hard...
eileen lim (11 years ago)
how do u guys train beat up?
MagiteK (11 years ago)
Man.. that's slow but stream...
rikusorakid (11 years ago)
nice good job

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