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Esme Bianco from Game of Thrones | Fashion Interview

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Shop now: http://bit.ly/theOutnet Game of Thrones actress Esmé Bianco talks about personal style, Hollywood glamour and her must-have LA accessory. Click to subscribe: http://bit.ly/1EySTCX Follow THE OUTNET.COM: Facebook: http://on.fb.me/10UWpYM Google+: http://bit.ly/1qp5pdB Twitter: http://bit.ly/ZfXgSx Pinterest: http://bit.ly/10UX24M Instagram: http://bit.ly/TpeSZg
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Text Comments (68)
marcos mengele (1 month ago)
Sandeep Raj R (1 month ago)
I hope she dont get typecasted after playing Ros. Hope to see her in many memorable roles in future. 👍🏼
Eric Lewis (2 months ago)
She is so sexy I would kiss her feet and smell her farts.
Sub To PewDiePie (6 months ago)
Oof you just hear Eclipsa’s voice
Yayo' Ariowibowo (7 months ago)
My liege, Eclipsa Queen of Darkness.... May the Blood Moon bless your Majesty
Ras Alghul (8 months ago)
She is so beautiful
Lumthaipou Kamei (8 months ago)
George martin killed her very soon, I accused him of murdered
Justin Time (1 year ago)
So Sexy!!! :) 7 dislikes?? Pfffft!
Lisette Garcia (2 months ago)
Probably from the Magic high Commission...
Saiyam Sharma (1 year ago)
Love her sex scenes
DarthCipient (1 year ago)
Fucking hell. Utterly beautiful.
Nathaniel Jefferies (1 year ago)
Bunny Singh (1 year ago)
her face is like a moon in a dark night😊😊 I wish I can meet her just once in my life
Idont care about tour dress... Unwearet!!!!
Max Hartzenberg (2 years ago)
I love her cheeks.
Umid Israfilov (2 years ago)
3 manata bosaldarsan?
Dave A (3 years ago)
God Almighty.... HOTTEST REDHEAD  in HISTORY.....  she is the cure for Erectile dysfunction and impotence.....
GameOf FLEONS (3 years ago)
Esme Bianco's voice is so adorable i want to listen to it more.
Arkantos 250 (3 years ago)
Es una mujer muy hermosa, me enamore de todo ella
Shiva Ranabhat (3 years ago)
It's funny how the most beautiful actress is prostitute and lame actresses are queens in game of thrones
too bad, her scenes are quite few and her death was too soon :(
Balik GodX (3 years ago)
I love her <3
Marc O'Neil (4 years ago)
I want to fuck her.
J C (2 years ago)
Šime Zubčić (4 years ago)
Thank god for Esme and her tits.
Stargazer (4 years ago)
She's so beautiful.
Simo Lämsä (4 years ago)
She is my only reason to watch Game of Thrones.I only admire her amazing body...
Manshiro (4 years ago)
Finally, she's clothed! I have to say this coz most of us here definitely had seen her fully naked body in GOT
Dreamer (4 years ago)
Her boobs is so big, and very beautiful
vordman (5 years ago)
I hope she doesn't become too L.A. That cheeky English twinkle-in-eye thing she has is what makes her special.
Hamzh K (5 years ago)
she perfect <3
Skepticktok (5 years ago)
She seems like a really cool person. She's beautiful too. 
Swastikano (5 years ago)
She showed a lot of skin in GOT may be because her character required that.Expect her to see in some decent roles.
Trisha Rivera (5 years ago)
it's weird to see her fully clothed lol
Lisette Garcia (1 month ago)
Not unless you see her in Eclipsa's clothing.
El Doriguez (4 years ago)
Yea i know right.... Coz she was mostly naked in game of thrones
Hung Solow (5 years ago)
the time I watched her killed by bastard Joffery, I jerk a big load to pay her respect and moan
Patrik (5 years ago)
That proves he's gay O.o
Patrik (5 years ago)
Hottest actress in Game of Thrones. Pity she died...
cinegraphics (5 years ago)
If she plays it smart, she could easily have me.
Krak3n _ (5 years ago)
Ésme Bianco i love you, you are so hot, why tha motherfucking Jofrey killled Ros I LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOU ARE THE HOTTEST WOMAN I EVER SEE
yakkayakka (5 years ago)
Bianco + Rose Leslie (Ygritte)...what a combo that would be.
MrBuzzmeh (5 years ago)
Joffrey pumped her full with crossbow bolts
Afonso .Curval (5 years ago)
joffrey could have fucked her, instead of that he killed her...that just goes to show how fucked up the priorities of the little bastard are.
happycrawlingmaid (5 years ago)
I love her character, was my favorite..and when i found out she is a burlesque/cabaret performer i started to like her even more..she is so beautiful..i would really like to have a lesbian experience with her..i want to be her friend and girlfriend or lover..
uc1hamadara13 (5 years ago)
Damn it where are my coins!!!!
NaCeWh (5 years ago)
damn right she's sexy she used to be a burlesque dancer then she was discovered for a role in the movie Crowley.
Kmac LA (5 years ago)
I definitely agree! I was thinking Spartacus but not.... I'm leaning more towards Game of Thrones
cantonboi2 (5 years ago)
something with the way she moves her mouth...
Lolko (5 years ago)
Damn you Joffrey! DAMN YOU!
Nethwaethor94 (5 years ago)
I saw her naked hehe.
Bumblybee256 (5 years ago)
Just a tip for you, it is common knowledge that men who refer to women as 'females' are generally total creeps.
Danfitz2010 (5 years ago)
She's from a model background... I agree with you, but it's to be expected in her profession I guess. I was surprisingly impressed with her acting in GOT though to be honest. Models/Singers/Rappers/Celebs not known for acting suddenly transitioning into an acting role are normally fucking awful and she did surprise me.
deathmindwhite (5 years ago)
omg i love her
Anetron (6 years ago)
Yeah, actress, my foot.
Mathuna (6 years ago)
Am I the only one who thinks she's coming across as incredibly pompous?
IcarusTuga7 (6 years ago)
im in love :|
Vinci Taylaran. (6 years ago)
Totally agree with you. Esme, Roxanne and Nat Dormer are way too fine.
Albino300 (6 years ago)
R.I.P Ros! THat character really left a mark in me. Even though she is not in the book she felt like one of the best characters to me.
Moseh Khayim (6 years ago)
Classic beauty.
Ian Castro (6 years ago)
RIP Ros. You aimed too high, but didn't play it discreetly.
Zacofonix (6 years ago)
holy FUCK
gregor clegane (6 years ago)
Orom Isdtr (6 years ago)
true, although Emilia Clarke, Lena Headey and Natalie Dormer look much better in reality..and Esme too..:)
paradox2776 (6 years ago)
I love her voice. it's very soothing.
Adil Beegun (6 years ago)
Yes I like that about her. Always look your best! I love looking at her. I will check them out too.
drepop803 (6 years ago)
yes i know. i love that she loves dressing up too. i love looking at her. her roxanne mckee and natalie dormer are just to fine.
Adil Beegun (6 years ago)
Do you have any idea how long I have been waiting to see an interview with this beautiful woman? She is so unbelievably sexy.

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